Another One Bites The Dust . . .

Yes. That’s right folks. My younger cousin is officially a married woman now. Good for her and her new husband! Not withstanding all the little things that went wrong with people not getting their meals with the rest, grandfathers complaining about not getting his coffee, me coming home with a monumental bruise and a few blisters on my feet or people not getting a table to begin with; it was a wonderful weekend. We all had SOOO much fun. I’ve never seen my family dance as much as they did. I myself knew that I would be out on the dance floor for most of the night, which I was. You see, 2 hours on the dance floor is the reason I’m all bruised and battered, but it was all worth it in the long run.

I’ll admit to you now, that I’m somewhat jealous that she found someone who doesn’t drag his feet about wanting to marry the girl of his dreams. Or confuse the hell out of her about what he wants from her. Or even question that the relationship is even going to work out, considering all the shit they’ve gone through in their relationship.
I think I’ll just let you wonder what the hell I mean about that. . . It’s time I went to bed. Later.

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