Guess Who’s Back, Back Again . . . Silver’s Back. Tell Some Friends.

Alright. So I forgot to comment on my diet “experiment” recently. It happens, where I have nothing to comment on, and therefore, I forget to tell you. To be honest, this week’s report got lost in the way that I forgot to record what my new weight was. That happens too. The sad fact, is that I just realized that I didn’t even write it down. Just in time for the new week. I believe I managed to stay even with last weigh in. No proof of this, but there you go.

This week has been composed of yours truly trying to get a job. Other than that, not too much new stuff has happened in my neck of the woods.

I suppose I’ll try to do some writing soon. I promise you. I think I’m done procrastinating. Also had a dream about my characters last night, so I think that was my sign to continue the storyline.
See you in another couple of days or so.

Later Gator!!!

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