Silverluna, the philanthropist.

Yes, folks. I think I’ve decided what I’m going to do to better my community. I don’t really have the ability to sit still while I’m watching TV or doing something else that requires me to sit still for hours on end.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start Knitting lots of scarves for Cancer patients and bring them to a local cancer wing around Christmas. If anybody wants to join in (even if you don’t knit; I’m willing to teach), let me know. Either on the delivery side or the knitting side. Help is needed badly . . .

New Look.

So, what does everyone think of this look? Too pink? I’m going to try it out for a bit. If it’s too much for my usual readers, please let me know. I’ll change it back. Anyway, gotta go get my beauty sleep for my sister’s birthday party and my dad’s soccer game. Yes folks, people over 40 play soccer too!!!

“Saving” Remy Zero

If anyone’s seen my Facebook profile message and was confused as to why I had to save Remy Zero, I guess I need to explain. Remy Zero is the band that sings “Save Me” for the Smallville TV series. I’ve been watching the first and second seasons over the past several days while I’ve been spending alot of time searching for Hatchlings (a Facebook game I’ve discovered). So, there you are. . . Anybody else a fan of Smallville? Let me know. . .

This week’s weigh-in: 209.4 lbs. I can officially say that the plateau has been broken for now. AWESOME!!!

I’ll celebrate by going out to dinner with Marc. Then for a Tagalong Blizzard from DQ. Till then, later!!!

I Officially Work Part-time, I think.

Alright. So I worked with my Uncle this past Thursday. It was the best time I’ve ever had. Believe it or not, I actually LIKE order in my place. Because it isn’t there, is due to the fact that Empty and I both live there (from time to time). I get lazy, like everyone else. Then I get sick of it, and try to restore order by cleaning the place from top to bottom. The job Thursday felt like that to me. It was okay, though. I kept thinking, “Okay, how clean would I want these windows?” Or, “How little would I like to see spots inside my fridge (and did, in case you were wondering; eww. . .) inside my future fridge when I moved in?”

I have to tell you, these questions are perfect ways to make sure that I kept moving. And believe me, I was kinda starting to get dizzy and sick from chemical fumes and the cold that I later came down with. Yes. Yours truly is still getting over it, but I’m willing to work when my Uncle calls me back. I’ve come to the point that I need the money. (you know, the usual suspects; credit card bills, living expenses, etc.) I’m just waiting on him to call me back. The second part of the job he promised me was postponed from Friday (which ended up working in my favor) to sometime this week. I know I’ll hear from him soon. I’m just glad that I had the weekend to fight this damn thing off.

Other than the cold I’ve been fighting, this Saturday we had a wake to go to. One of my aunts by marriage (several cousins; and another aunt by blood) had a sister (aunt; childhood friend, respectively) who passed away this past Monday. Let’s just say that I don’t want to talk about the details, because the rest of my family wouldn’t like it very much. Mind you, that’s hard for me to say to you, but I think out of respect for all those that knew the woman (myself only a few times in the course of my cousin’s lifetimes)

Alright. Enough. I think I’m starting to see Heffalumps and Woozles. Or was it pink elephants on parade? That means Pooh, Tigger, the gang from Disney, and I need to head to bed.

Finally, some results.

Hey all.
First thing I’m excited about, is the fact that my Uncle has consented to take me on, at least for one day, with his cleaning business. It gives me something to do besides put in applications for a day.
The second thing that I’m so excited about is that I finally broke the plateau in my weight that I had reached. I’m now down to 212.2 lbs. And loving it, because I only sort-of listened to Dizzy. Usually, my weeks start on Friday and go to Thursday, so I almost got her advice too late. BTW, thanks for the friendly slap at the picnic Dizzy. I needed it to realize that I was eating a cheeseburger. Yeah, yeah. I know. The optimal word in that situation, was CHEESE. But see my previous comment about the subject. It’s almost like my crack. That and chocolate. I’ll be trying to have a more conscious mind about not ADDING the stuff.
The third thing, I think I finally got up the nerve to start writing again. Believe it or not, talking to Empty more about random stuff has got me thinking about how lax I was getting in my writing everyday thing. I’ll try writing a blurb about the Terryville County Fair, if I decide I want to go. We’ll see.
Anywho . . . I’m off to put in more applications and take care of stuff that I won’t be able to do all day tomorrow. Wish me luck with all that.

Post-Independence Day Post

Alright. I promised my readers a post. This week’s weigh-in was the same. I’ve decided that I’ll take Dizzy’s advice to heart. It’s too bad, because I REALLY love cheese. It’s like one of my cousin’s obsession with bacon. (this is hard to explain the similarity, if you don’t know her). I don’t know if I can, but I’m going to try REAL hard not to eat a shitload of cheese like I used to. Here’s to that. . .
Anyway, my Independence day was good. Ate WAY too much, and heard about alot of drama that I didn’t hear about yet about my cousin’s wedding. Other than that, I drank more of my mom’s 2009 Merlot Black Box than I should have. Ended up falling asleep in Empty’s lap toward the end as the sun was starting to go down. Made him drive me home.
Not too much has happened since. Have a Housewarming Party to go to Friday. That should be fun.
Anyway, gotta get going on getting stuff done before I finally get too tired.