12+ days??? Oops.

I guess I have ALOT to apologize for this time. 1st, for skipping an update over the past few weeks about how my diet is going. The 2nd, for my future bitching about the first subject. The 3rd, for not just coming out and talking about the details of my scarf project. 4th, I haven’t mentioned any of the books I’ve been reading recently. 5th, about anything of note that I’ve been up to besides #3 & #4.

Alright. Let’s talk about the more depressing news first (at least, it’s depressing to me). I think I’ve gained back all that I lost before the last entry. Let’s see;
The Week Before Last’s Weigh-in: 217.4
Last Week’s Weigh-in: 219.8
Today’s weigh-in: 218.2

Now that I think about it, mostly the only thing that changed since the last entry’s weight loss is the fact that I drank soda. I lost a lb when I stopped drinking it. So it’s a note to myself, that soda= more pounds in the ‘gain’ category. Also, I have to say that all the junk food I ate that weekend had finally caught up to me. I also have to say, me being sick made it hard for me to exercise all those extra calories off that normally wouldn’t have mattered in the grand scheme of things. The weight loss this week, is attributed to the fact that I didn’t eat anything more than soup and light meals for most of this week. Not the exercise thing.
Speaking of exercise, you can all be proud of me. I wasn’t feeling exactly 100 %, but I made myself walk the long way to the P.O. box and back (which means, I took a mile and a half more of a walk than was needed. 3 miles today was my goal, and I hit it hard!!!). It felt good to get off my couch for awhile. Especially since I’ve been a bump on a log for the past week.

The second piece of news, is that since I’ve been sitting on my ass, I’ve had more time to watch TV and work on my scarves for Cancer patients. I’m up to #4 now. That just means I’m working faster than I predicted. It feels nice to be ahead of schedule on SOMETHING . . .
So, other than watching LOTS and LOTS of “Ghost Hunters” and “Kathy Griffin’s ‘My Life On the D-List,” I’ve been trying to narrow down the list of projects that I’ve dropped over the years.
I’ve meant to re-read Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series. Started the first, the “Gunslinger.” If you’re looking for a new series, I recommend this one. I obviously liked it enough to re-read it, and gush about it in between reads.
There are other books on this list of my dropped projects list, including actually FINISHING a few of the books that my Creative Writing classmates and teacher recommended. Also, I’ve got a lot of stories that I’ve gotten off the internet to finish reading. You see, if you have a short attention span, there’s a website for you where you can read part of a story every day. Some are free. Some are as much as the book would be in the bookstores. If you want to see what I mean, go here.

So, you can see that I haven’t been up to TOO much this past couple of weeks. Other than what I mentioned, I spent this past weekend on Facebook, dropping a few applications into places, and doing more typing stuff up. And eating. Yeah. Did some of that before the cold got too bad. Marc was away in Mass at another convention. Missed him (Hence some of the food intake, if you must know).

As to the future of Silverdom? Let’s see, I’m going to be pet-sitting for my aunt and uncle when they go away. I miss having animals around, so I was VERY happy that she asked. Other than that, there’s not too much that’s coming up in my neck of the woods.

Anyway, back to putting in job applications. Talk to you all later.

Another Week Bites The Dust

Hey all. It’s back to the business of my diet details. I ate all sorts of crap while Empty was away at Connecticon this past weekend, and still ended up weighing in under what I did last week. Can anyone suggest as to why this is?
Weigh in: 209.4
I kid you not!!! I really am baffled. I logged everything I ate down into a spreadsheet and all that too, so I know EXACTLY how much crap I ate, and how many useless calories I put in my piehole. Brownies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Sugar cookies, Twizzlers, 2 cases of soda. The whole bit. I DID manage to not eat so much cheese (besides the stuff on the whole pizza I ate).
Geez. As I look back on the spreadsheet, I realize that my eating habits when Empty’s away would make a nutritionist have a freaking hernia!!!!

Those that know me, know that I don’t often let my ego take a hit very often and admit that I have no idea about something. Or that I’m baffled about something. I try to hide my bafflement.

Anyway, on to other things . . .

The “Knitting to Quit Cancer” project. I’m doing my part by doing at least 20 rows a night. My second scarf is coming along nicely. Still haven’t gotten any volunteers for the knitting part. Again, let me know if you want to do anything to help me out. I don’t want to be an army of one doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t MIND doing it myself, but I would like to think that there are other people out there in the great state of CT that care about people that are going through cancer. I’m willing to TEACH knitting to anyone. I consider myself an expert in the art of scarf making, especially in the basic knit and purl stitches (knitting 101). Just don’t ask me how to make anything other than scarves and blankets. Patterns have always eluded me. Knitting has always been a way for me to relax my over-active hands. I find that I’m more chill on the days that I DO knit. So anyone with blood pressure or stress issues might want to give it a try.

Let’s see, Facebook has been my recent drug. I have so many applications going, that I almost forget that there are other sites out there. . . It’s crazy. Don’t get me wrong, if one or another goes down, I don’t care as much as many people out there. The only time recently that I’ve felt withdrawal when something went down was the great Farm Town debacle. And I got over that FAST, especially when the flair came out mocking it.
Let’s see, I’ve been on: Pet Pupz, Cute Catz, Happy Horses, Farm Town, Farmville, YoVille, Mafia Wars, Crime Empires, SuperPoke! Pets, Roller Coaster Kingdom, 101 Eggs and more, Hatchlings, Blood Lust, Pet Society, Sorority Life, Food Fling, water balloon fight, and Pillow Fight. Yeah, I think that’s all of them. . .
DAMN!!! Never knew I had that many, until I started listing them all.

My newest obsession, digitalizing my life. Basically, I’ve been trying to scan and type up all of my old journals, all the stories and poems I’ve written, and even my checkbook register. I’m trying to keep my mind and body busy while I’m dropping applications and all that every day. Since most applications you can drop online nowadays, I spend a fair amount of time online. I got bored with doing only one thing at a time, obviously. . .

Empty’s birthday is Monday. Make sure you say hi to him and wish him a happy 26th.
Anyway, back to work. Later.

Just For Clarification

Hey all. Not sure if I was very clear in my last blog. I’m an avid knitter of scarves and blankets. I’ve been swarming my family with scarves for the holidays, to the point that they have all but said that it’s time to start something else. I half agree with that assessment. I figured instead of giving my creations to my family members, I’ve decided to give a hand-crafted scarf to hospital residents going through Chemo treatments. It’s hard when these people get forgotten during the holidays because they’re stuck in a hospital fighting for their lives.

Now, I’m asking for help to make this a state and country-wide project. I want to call it “Knitting to Quit Cancer.”
I need people who can knit, and would be willing to knit alongside me.
I need those that are willing to give up some time to help me deliver the scarves when they all come in.
My goal is to knit 15 scarves before the holidays to begin. I just finished my 2nd one.
I already have my fiance on board to deliver them, since he obviously does not have the patience to sit there and learn. Others can help by coming along to help.

If you would like to donate the yarn for me to do the work (which I’m happy to do for you), contact me via e-mail: CelticDiana518810@yahoo.com. Make sure you include the cause “Knitting To Quit Cancer” in the subject line, otherwise I might think it’s spam.
I’ll tell you where to send stuff from there. Seeing as I’m a smart woman, and hate to give out my address over the internet. My mamma taught me well . . .

The point is, folks, for as little as $5, you can help let Cancer patients know that you’re thinking about them during the holidays. That’s all that costs you to help out this cause. I hope you’re with me.