Just For Clarification

Hey all. Not sure if I was very clear in my last blog. I’m an avid knitter of scarves and blankets. I’ve been swarming my family with scarves for the holidays, to the point that they have all but said that it’s time to start something else. I half agree with that assessment. I figured instead of giving my creations to my family members, I’ve decided to give a hand-crafted scarf to hospital residents going through Chemo treatments. It’s hard when these people get forgotten during the holidays because they’re stuck in a hospital fighting for their lives.

Now, I’m asking for help to make this a state and country-wide project. I want to call it “Knitting to Quit Cancer.”
I need people who can knit, and would be willing to knit alongside me.
I need those that are willing to give up some time to help me deliver the scarves when they all come in.
My goal is to knit 15 scarves before the holidays to begin. I just finished my 2nd one.
I already have my fiance on board to deliver them, since he obviously does not have the patience to sit there and learn. Others can help by coming along to help.

If you would like to donate the yarn for me to do the work (which I’m happy to do for you), contact me via e-mail: CelticDiana518810@yahoo.com. Make sure you include the cause “Knitting To Quit Cancer” in the subject line, otherwise I might think it’s spam.
I’ll tell you where to send stuff from there. Seeing as I’m a smart woman, and hate to give out my address over the internet. My mamma taught me well . . .

The point is, folks, for as little as $5, you can help let Cancer patients know that you’re thinking about them during the holidays. That’s all that costs you to help out this cause. I hope you’re with me.

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