RIP Mitzy

Sorry to lay this depressing news on you so early in the morning, but today is Emptyeye’s Aunt Mitzy’s funeral. It’s been a bad week here, and I thought that by not commenting on anything Empty said, that it would be for the best.

Honestly, Empty’s mad at himself for not being more upset that she’s gone. Trust me. I keep telling him to trust that he will, when the time’s right. If the time happens to be at the wake today or the funeral tom., then so be it. I told him I’d be there for him when he does finally break down. It’s only fair, after all. There have been so many on my side that he’s been with me for, after all is said and done.

But yeah. I’m up anyway, so I thought I’d mention that I’m finally having my moment to process this. It’s been hard for Empty to proccess, as well as me. I friended her on facebook, and she and I have been playing Farmville together. It was SOOO hard to see her there this morning after waking up to a bad nightmare that was dripping in the color red. But that’s just been my usual over the past couple of days. I think it was just foretelling how I would be feeling this morning. It’s surreal, to say the very least.

Her given name was Michele but everybody called her Mitzy, and that always seemed fitting for me. You know, I have a story that I’ll probably be telling several times today.

The day I met her (and most of Empty’s family, by the way) was at one of the infamous Bosse get-togethers. I remember I was feeling a little left out of the loop, and this wonderful red headed woman sat down next to me and we talked for the time it took for her to finish her beer. It’s both a funny and telling story. I came to know her as Empty’s fun aunt (sorry to the rest of you, for you’re just as cool). It’s just something about Mitzy’s red hair that we bonded over too. 🙂 You see, it’s not blonds that have more fun. It’s the red heads. We’re so fiery and stubborn. . .

It’s just not every day that somebody that full of life just keels over and passes away. As much as her financial stuff sucked, I saw her as somebody who wouldn’t give up on life. So when I hear people assuming that she might have killed herself over it all, I get mad and EXTREMELY upset. I just don’t believe it. It would have been like that ending to a character in a book that one can’t believe because of who the character was. That’s what I’ve been thinking of the police assumption that Mitzy died of a heart attack or a brain annurism. It’s just to PERFECT a demise for someone that full of spunk.

The initial reaction of her having a heart attack was also far-fetched, as she was the youngest of the Bosse siblings. At 40 having a heart attack is sad, even thought people would have been able to think that it was just her time. Don’t get me started on that. It’s neither the time, nor the place.

There, I’ve said my piece. Now back to getting my applications and stuff done before Empty wakes up. He took the week off, if you must know. . . More about THAT later.

So for those that knew Mitzy and didn’t already know, the wake is between 5 and 8 tonight at the Woodtick Memorial Home in Wolcott, CT. They have a website if you need directions of an address for your GPS (for those that are special enough to own one).