An Apology . . .

I have an apology to make to the son and daughters of the particular grandmother that I was talking about. You guys are awesome to me, and I don’t want to you hurt over me running my mouth. Nor from the emotional baggage that I bring to my blog. You all know I have issues with the woman. I suppose we all do, in a way. But I’m not really one to give up on people, no matter how much they hurt me. But, having heard that she wouldn’t be around to have dinner with us over the holidays hurt me WAY too much to not say anything. It’s the one time a year when we’re all together, and she at least TRIES to be nice to me. Her not being there takes that away from me, and THAT, I will not forgive. (geez, what am I? The Godfather?)

I see how both of Empty’s grandmothers are with him and all of their grandkids, and I think “Why the hell can’t SHE be like them. They’re loving. They’re not snakes ready to bite the heads off of all their grandkids.” They may disagree with what they’re kids/ grandkids do at times, but they do not rip out their hearts!!! In fact, I’m jealous of Empty.

Everyone keeps telling me to accept that she’s going to be the way she is. But I don’t think I can. I WANT a good relationship with her. The sad fact is, is that I have a better relationship with Empty’s grandmothers. I think I want to change that. My dad’s side is my own fault. After her teaching me how to knit, I don’t always think I have things to talk about with her. Mom’s side is a mix between my grandmother and I. I think I have just come up with my new years resolution.

To be a better grandchild to my grandparents, no matter what.

That and to keep at my writing.
Anyway, till next time.
Remember, be nice to your loved ones. You never know when they’ll get a complex from it.
Blessed Be and Happy Holidays!

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