Yay! Pictures Up!

Hey all. Didn’t I tell you that I would write a post soon about my time at MagFest? I do have to apologize to those that were on the edge of their seats waiting for me to get my act together and get this up.

All 42.5 Weighted hours.

All the stuff that I was tripping on all weekend.

I have to admit that most of my time was spent working behind the desk of the consoles room. And when I wasn’t behind the desk, I was pretty much passed out on the bed in our room.

Looks comfy, doesn't it? That's what I thought . . .

So, you’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge of what happened during the bulk of MagFest. Don’t get me wrong, I had LOTS of fun. I was actually doing a lot of people watching all weekend, which is really fun for me. I got to show off Raving Rabids (a game for the Wii) to my fellow Console staffers at one point. That was fun. I’ll try to tell you the stories in whatever semblance of order I can. I just have too much jumbled together about the event to be putting all that sheeee-it in any precise order. For that, I’ll apologize right here and now.

On the drive in to MagFest, we hit LOTS of snow. Got stuck behind several accidents. I swear, people don’t know how to slow the hell down when it snows. There were at least 10 accidents between 3 exits that were backed up for at least 2 1/2 hours. “Oy Vey With The Poodles Already!”

Let’s see, we got to the hotel (or the citadel, as it’s more commonly known by MagFest go-ers) at about 3 or so on Thursday afternoon. Did the checking in thing. I got to meet some of Emptyeye’s buddies. They helped us bring our stuff to the room. I drove them to Subway to get dinner, and then to get some groceries at the supermarket right next door in the same plaza. Empty and I both went down to the Consoles room to see what was what. Got my first marching orders from Bunny (a nickname; and yes, there’s a picture of her), who I’d be working with most of the weekend. Then I pretty much went upstairs to our room to hang out and watch the ball drop. Nothing like watching Kathy Griffin do her thing in Times Square. Empty came upstairs with enough time to see it to. Shared some Cadbury chocolate and water. Classy, huh? Then did the whole calling my family to say Happy New Year, thing. Read a bit while Empty went back downstairs to the Console room. Then we both went to bed.

That's the Challenges Booth.

The rest of the Console Room.

Friday came my first shift. You’ll notice by the pictures, there was NOBODY but staffers around on Friday morning. Those that were were the good people who didn’t spend the night gone. Either that, or they were morning people. I don’t know which. . .
By Friday night, everyone was up and about.

The Original set-up for the SDA Charity Marathon, before all the technical difficulties.

If you’ve read Emptyeye’s post about the SDA ( Speed Demos Archive ) Charity Marathon, you know all about the technical issues that they had getting everything started. I managed to take a picture of how they SDA guys had everything set up. You also would have been already aware that the Marathon was to benefit CARE, and they raised over $10,000 over the course of Friday night into Sunday. They had everything mostly all ready to go until they realized that they couldn’t get the internet to work with them. So, they ended up going to the guy that runs SDA’s house to do the Marathon. I would have liked to see more of it than I did. I was happy that Emptyeye had fun with that, though.

*Just so you know, I’ll put the remainder of the pictures I’ve gathered at the very end of this post with as many notes as I possibly can. This embedding picture thing one at a time is starting to piss me off!!!

Saturday, was more of the SDA Marathon. I was off working 3 different shifts. It was the day that had most of the major tournaments going on. There were also LOTS of people dressed up like game character costumes.

Sunday was more working. Set up our 360 and Lego Rock Band in the Consoles Room. One of the other staffers decided he wanted to trip over the wires and made the system come crashing to the ground. Ruined our copy of Lego Rock Band. I was kinda mad. Empty had his mind set on other things, but I’m sure he was equally mad. The last of the SDA Marathon was that night. Ended VERY early Monday morning. Emptyeye came in after I had been asleep and double- locked in. Couldn’t get in with the deadbolt on, now could he? . . . Woke me up, made me mad. I just let him in, and passed the heck right back out.

Monday was my final shift. Said goodbye to those I had been working with. Packed up the 360, the broken Franken-kit (apparently the staffers had NO idea that the original drum kit of ours doesn’t work without the FRANKEN part of it and ended up taking it all apart), and got the hell out. Was mad as hell about Franken-kit being ruined. Mostly mad at myself that I didn’t explain WHY it was set up that way. I mean, how the hell was Bunny supposed to know that the drums didn’t work the way they were supposed to unless they were rigged the way we rigged them. SHE WASN’T!!!!

The drive home was good. Made it home alright. Kinda late. Unpacked the car, and passed the hell out. Did the unpacking the next day. You know how it all goes when you get home from a trip.

A scrapbook with all of Emptyeye and my memories from the weekend.

So, I guess you know that all the issues with my camera cable gave me such a headache. But once I got everything working, I created this;

And now, all the REST of the pictures I took. You’ll note that I didn’t add any pictures of people in their different costumes from Saturday. This was because I didn’t think it right to put up their photos without getting their permissions to do so. Getting their permissions would have taken too long, either way. . . Enjoy!!!

In other news, my brother is moving again soon. To a house, this time. It looks like it could be a good place. We’ll hopefully get to see it before he moves again . . . well that’s the running joke, anyway.

Anyway, I’m off. Till next time, folks!!!

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