Scratch That!

To all those that were as excited as I was, nevermind. The show is finished before it even started up again. It figures that once again, a girlfriend of mine stabs me in the back because I say something she doesn’t like. All I asked from Phoenix was to dial back her enthusiasm and pressure a bit so that I could relax and write all the things that I needed to make the show as big a success as we had been dreaming. Oh well. Differences of opinion have always been around, and I guess I’ll just have to accept it.

Yes, she and I have since talked it through and agreed never to use the same pictures and the GIRLZ logo. But I still kinda feel wierd about ever working with her again. We’ve agreed that maybe in the next week or so, we’ll go have coffee some time and just shoot the breeze and catch up like we were originally going to do in the studio. I think we were better friends than working partners, and I tried to express that to her on Saturday when she called.

Through this whole thing, I’ve realized that I’m teacher material, not DJ material. You’ll be happy to know, I’ve started the application process. If I get a full money loan, then I’ll go. With any luck, I’ll be going to school at the same time my sister goes. (She was ecstatic, about that part when I told her yesterday, BTW. . .)

For those of my friends on Facebook who got invites to the fan page, I have to apologize for it disappearing. And for bothering you several times with all the contests and GIRLZ-related adds we kept sending you. If you were wondering about what happened to the fan page, I have to admit to you that it was gone before I even realized it Thursday night. Apparently, she had the same fear that I did about me using the logo she created as well. So she took it down. Let me know in a rude e-mail, but she took it down and let me know about before I even knew she and I were in a fight.

I love Phoenix as an individual, don’t get me wrong. She and I have always had a difference of opinion about how fast and how far to take the things we undergo. That’s pretty much a given. Even when we were back at CSB, I admired her for knowing who she was. She always goes for what she wants out of life, and she wants to not feel held back. Both by a guy OR a girl with commitment issues. She’s high strung, but I DO like that in her, because that’s who I really am. I don’t show it as much as I used to when I was younger. Mostly because life hasn’t been the best to me… She’s older than me, so she’s always had more experiences than me, but I’ve always admired what she’s overcome. Hell, when we met for the first time in class, she made me want to be as out of my shell as she was. She’s been burned by people she’s worked with, as have I. She’s actually done a better job of protecting herself that I have against that. She takes a surgical strike, while I still tend to pussyfoot around and get upset when somebody stabs me in the back. I WANT to be able to do that.

You’ll be happy to know, dear readers, that yours truly managed to stand up to someone who has been a friend of mine and who has had a previous record of Mack-trucking me! That alone, should make you proud of me! Anyway, back to the real world with me!
Have a Blessed Work Week!

New Week, New Project

DJ Silver and Phoenix in the house once again! What does that mean, exactly? Well, she and I are going to be recording a new segment of our show. We haven’t done this since we graduated CSB in 2005. We thought it about time. If you want to join, please feel free. Details were put up on Facebook under the fan page for GIRLZ. (that IS the name of the show, after all!!!!) So go there and become a fan. Hopefully soon, we’ll be streaming it live via itunes. Maybe. Don’t jinx us yet. It’s still all in the works. . .
YAYYY. I’m SOOO freaking excited!