World Cup “Round of 16”

Okay. With almost the end of the Group Matches upon us, I think it’s time for me to tell you how things stand. Which is why I posted all the standings in a previous post. I’ll have to keep updating them, as this will change until after the games tomorrow… But as they stand, this is how the Round of 16 will go.

Saturday, June 26th
Uruguay VS Korea= 10 PM EST
US VS Ghana= 2:30 PM EST

Sunday, June 27th
Argentina VS Mexico= 2:30 PM EST
Germany VS England= 10 AM EST

Monday, June 28th
Netherlands VS Slovakia= 10 AM EST
Brazil VS Chile= 2:30 EST

Tuesday, June 29th
Paraguay VS Japan= 10 AM EST
Spain VS Portugal= 2:30 PM EST

I’ll update who plays whom and at what time as they finish up today and tomorrow. You SHOULD be able to get all these games on ESPN and ESPN 2.

GO USA!!!!

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