Stupid Lazy “Out Da Dore!”

I’ve tried sleeping on it, but I REALLY must say my piece. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be me. So, here I go…

I know in my head that one man cannot undo a whole team, especially when we have living proof that the WHOLE US team was playing worse than my 5 year old kids at points throughout the game yesterday. But I still have to get angry at the way Jozy Altidore played yesterday. Until the game, I never realized the way that he plays. He’s just lazy. He was missing opportunities to shoot on goal that he shouldn’t have.
Those that he DID shoot would have made him the assist on if he hadn’t tried to play hero and just passed it to his fellow forwards or mid-field players. Passing can mean all the difference. Especially for the US in yesterday’s game.

Here’s a hint boys (and yes, they played like boys yesterday not men!): DO NOT TRY TO GO THROUGH THE OTHER TEAMS. Trying to go through the other team= the other team getting the ball.

People can argue, perhaps, that since he’s young that he hasn’t found his niche yet. To them, I say that you don’t have TIME in World Cup games to find a damn niche. We needed him to be in full form yesterday, and he let us down significantly! He tried to play the hero, and refused to play the game smartly.

But here’s the kicker. The coach didn’t see that he couldn’t rely on the boy (and YES, he’s a boy!) didn’t have it in him yesterday and didn’t put a substitution on until we went into overtime. Hercules Gomez should have been allowed to be substituted for Out Da Dore (as Altidore is sarcastically called by everyone that was watching yesterday’s game with) and that would have made the world of difference!

We were all frustrated because we’re all coaches who play the game ourselves, so we know when stuff isn’t working. We were all hoping that THIS would be the year that the US would make it out of the knock-out round, but we were VERY disappointed. We all agreed that our hopes have to rely on the women next year in Germany. Because, quite frankly, the women are the better US team!

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