Hey folks. We’re coming up on the Semi-finals!!! If you haven’t heard the World Cup favorites, Brazil, has been taken down! By the Dutch! Gotta love that! I have to admit, I kinda called that. “If there ever was a team that would take down the Brazilians, it would be the Dutch! (Netherlands)”

Ok, here are the set-ups for how the Semi-finals will go. I know I’m a bit early, but I’ll keep updating as the games happen!

7/6 at 2:30:
Netherlands VS Uruguay

7/7 at 2:30:
Germany VS Spain

I honestly don’t know who I want to win the rest of the games. I think Germany might, Spain might. Mostly hope Spain plays cleanly. Those red and yellow cards’ll be their undoing! Look at what happened to Brazil this morning! Honestly want Uruguay to kick Ghana’s ass, but they’re pretty evenly matched.

Ech, we’ll see.

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