Eclipse the Book VS Eclipse the Movie

Alright, here comes the last part of the Twilight series books VS movie series.

In The Book: In The Movie:
We only see what Edward sees of the battle through people’s thoughts. We see more of the battle in the meadow.
The conversation between Edward and Jacob goes through the night. We only see a fraction of the conversation that Edward and Jacob have when they think Bella’s asleep.
Bella pretends to sleep when she’s warm against Jacob’s skin. She actually hears most of the conversation between Edward and Jacob. Bella sleeps when she’s warm against Jacob’s skin.
Jacob is 7 feet tall. Due to the fact that Taylor Lautner has reprised his role, Jacob Black is only 5′ 11½” tall, thus not quite as towering or intimidating.
Jacob gives Bella a bracelet for graduation with a wolf charm that he made, and Edward gives her a diamond-heart charm after some pleading. Jacob gives Bella a bracelet with a wolf charm that he made for her graduation. Not to be outdone, Edward later gives her a diamond heart charm without asking.
Five of the Volturi guard make an appearance. Three of them are revealed to be Jane, Demetri, and Felix, while the other two are uncertain. Four Volturi guards are present: Jane, Felix, Demetri and Alec.
Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella in the living room. Jacob tells Charlie that he kissed Bella.
After Jacob confronts Edward in front of the high school before classes start, Principal Greene tells Jacob to leave, and he does so – alone. After this same confrontation, Bella gets on Jacob’s motorcycle and leaves with him – much to the delight of Jacob, and the chagrin of Edward.
Edward has Alice keep Bella at the Cullens house when he leaves. Then, during school Bella leaves with Jacob on his motorcycle. The sleepover never takes place and Bella leaves with Jacob after Jacob confronts Edward in front of the high school before classes start.
Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute Werewolves to fight the Newborn army at 3 a.m. Jasper teaches the Cullens and the Quileute Werewolves to fight the Newborn army in the daylight.
Bella never spoke to Leah at all. Bella apologized to Leah about Harry’s death.
The rock Bella cuts herself with falls from the mountain above her after Riley throws Seth against it. Bella picks a rock up off the ground.
Jasper is bitten by a newborn during battle and Alice calls him an overprotective fool. None of this happens.
Edward and Bella were in the kitchen of Charlie’s house when he mentioned the airline tickets and Charlie objected to Edward going. They were outside of the police station and Charlie didn’t object to Edward going, but he didn’t like it.
Jasper mentions that he met Alice in the diner, and they go to the Cullens. They never mentioned exactly how they met. Jasper tells Bella his life story when they realize that someone is creating an army to destroy them.
No one knows who Riley is. Charlie is looking into the case of Riley’s disappearance.
Edward gives Alice a yellow Porsche for keeping Bella hostage. There is no mention of the Porsche and Alice never keeps Bella hostage. But the Porsche is seen a brief moment in Charlie’s front yard.
Edward lends Bella his phone to call when she wants him to pick her up. Bella owns a touch-screen cell phone.
Edward buys a motorcycle so he can ride with Bella, and then gives it to Jasper. There is no mention of Bella’s motorcycle since New Moon.
None of the newborns make an appearance until the battle. The newborns appear more often as they increase and move in on the Cullens.
Bella has a brace on her hand after punching Jacob, and wears the brace while Edward fights Victoria. Carlisle puts a bandage on Bella’s wrist while Emmett makes a joke about it. Also, Bella isn’t wearing the brace while Edward is fighting Victoria.
The pack has grown to ten wolves. You see only eight wolves at the practice to learn to fight newborns. But remember that Collin and Brady are staying in La Push during the fight.
Rosalie Hale reveals to Bella how she became a vampire in Edward’s bedroom. Rosalie tells Bella how she became a vampire on the balcony outside the kitchen. Also, she leaves out the part about her friend Vera who had a baby named Henry and a loving husband, which she envied.
Bella wears the bracelet Jacob gave on her left hand because her hand was broken at the time. A bracelet can be seen on Bella’s right hand when Edward presented her the engagement ring.
Edward has pretty much no trouble killing Victoria. Edward almost has his head torn off just before Bella cuts herself as a distraction.
Edward, seeing through Seth’s thoughts, sees Jacob getting hurt and then rush to the clearing. And after finding out Jacob got hurt Bella faints. Edward and Bella are already at the clearing and see Jacob get hurt. Bella doesn’t faint.
Edward and Bella are inside the tent when they mention their engagement and then Jacob, in his wolf form, hears, howls in pain, and takes off. Edward goes and brings him back so he can talk with Bella. And she is upset with herself. Edward and Bella are outside the tent when they talk about getting married Jacob hears, in his human form, and Bella stops him before he leaves. She acts angry at Edward for doing that.
Jacob compares himself to the sun saying he can fight the clouds but not an eclipse.
After Jacob says Bella would be better off dead than being turned into a vampire, she gets on her motorcycle and leaves. It takes a while for her to forgive him. After Jacob makes the statement, he sees how it upset Bella and apologizes quickly.
Alice shows Bella her wedding dress. The dress is never shown to Bella or anyone else.
Jared is said to have imprinted with Kim.
Eric is the valedictorian of the class. Jessica is the valedictorian.
Edward and Seth pile up all the pieces of Victoria and Riley (after tearing them to shreds) and then burn them. Then Edward approaches Bella with caution thinking she is afraid of him. Edward just throws a lighter to Victoria’s remains, approaches Bella and then they leave to the clearing.
Peter and Charlotte are introduced when Jasper tells his story. Peter and Charlotte are never mentioned.
Bella doesn’t get anything from Renée in Jacksonville. Renée gives Bella a blanket made of T-shirts.
Carlisle asks the Denali Coven to help fight.
Jasper tells his history with the rest of the family around. He brings it up to Bella Bella is the only other person there. She practically has to drag it out of him. He keeps walking away.
Jasper and Maria do not have any type of romantic relationship, he only worships the ground she walks on. Jasper says that he thought they were in a romantic relationship but says that he later found out that Maria was only using him to get what she wanted.
Edward taunts Victoria to stay and fight by saying that James used her for her ability. Edward taunts her by telling her how easily she could kill Bella.
When they are in the tent, Jacob accidentally rolls on top of Bella, and Edward yanks him off into the Tent pole. They skip to the morning and the fight starts.
Jasper does not attend school because he has graduated already. He is seen in the lunch room with Alice, Bella, and their non-vampire friends.
Billy and Jacob are present at the Forks High graduation ceremony. It’s only Charlie who’s there.
Victoria tried to run away but was caught and killed by Edward. She didn’t run and continued to fight with Edward until he defeated her.
Edward beheaded and dismembered Victoria. Edward only beheaded her.
Both Victoria and Riley’s remains were burned together. Riley’s remains were never recovered and only Victoria’s body was shown being burning.
Jacob received a wedding invitation for Bella and Edward’s wedding and ran away. This never happened.
The word “ass” was never used. It was.
The wolf pack had to convince Jacob to turn back into a wolf when he was hurt by the newborn. Jacob turned into a human again right away.
Bella told Alice that it was Victoria behind the newborn army before graduation. Bella told Edward that it was Victoria after she awoke from a nightmare.
Bella first met Leah in New Moon. She first met her in Eclipse.
Bella helps Angela with addressing her high school graduation announcements.
Alice has to beg Bella to let her plan Bella’s wedding. Alice never has to beg. In fact, that whole “Can I plan your wedding?” scene is left out.
Jasper doesn’t approve of Bree and growls at her when she screams. Jasper seems to be trying to protect Bree as he stands next to her at the mention of her presence.
Billy and old Quil say more about the Quileute legends with the spirit warriors and how they got the power to shape-shift into the wolf. Only Billy talks and he only speaks about the wolfs.
Alice keeps her mind busy on other more complicated subjects to keep Edward from finding out her plans.
Jacob comes to get Riley’s scent and stays to ask Bella questions.
It is mentioned that Quil imprinted on Emily’s two year old niece Claire. Which is important because it is used as foreshadowing for Breaking Dawn.
Jacob mentions how he will not be able to age until he gains enough control to stop phasing.
After Bella sees Jacob and leaves, she spends the whole night crying. She tells Edward he will never see her cry for Jacob again.
Edward gives Bella college applications for her to fill out.
Bella gets accepted into the University of Alaska, and Charlie asks Edward what his plans are. Edward tells him he’s been accepted into Harvard, Darmouth and the University of Alaska.
The first time you see Edward is when he comes to Bella’s house to give her college applications. It is in the meadow, and Bella is studying for her English Exam.
Bella tells Edward that the reason the werewolves are there is because the Cullens appear.
Carlisle and Edward both go to check on Jacob after the encounter with the Volturi. Only Carlisle goes.
Bella mentioned there were hot dogs, chips, and root beer at the bonfire. When Jacob and Bella arrived at the bonfire, Seth told them there were burgers to eat.
Riley has blond hair. His hair is brown.
When Jacob kisses Bella, Edward threatens him in a low, calm voice. Edward threatens him by yelling and shouting at him in an uncontrolled voice.
Edward does a mock-fight with Jasper. Edward fights with Carlisle instead.
Edward tells Bella that the Volturi are finally coming. It is Alice.
When Alice is training she said in the book “Gotcha”and kisses Jasper on the neck. Alice did not say anything and she kissed Jasper on the lips.
Rosalie was attacked by 7 men. She was attacked by 4 men.
Bella expresses her extreme sorrow and guilt for having to reject Jacob. She later cries about her decision, with Edward comforting her. She simply tells Jacob her choice.

As before, I borrowed a few differences from this website. Since Eclipse is the last movie out there at the moment, it seems prudent to end this for now… But you know I’ll be back to do the same for Breaking Dawn (parts 1 and 2; as I’m sure you’ve already heard Stephenie Meyer is breaking up the last book into two parts for movies) when they finally come out onto the silver screen. So, for now, I leave you with the differences between “Eclipse” the Book and “Eclipse” the Movie. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I liked writing it!

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