New Moon the Book VS New Moon the Movie

Sorry. I STILL couldn’t believe that my review of the Twilight series got SOOO long, that I needed to put in another entry. This section happens to be about the differences between the movie and book “New Moon.”

The Book The Movie
Bella doesn’t meet the pack properly until she goes to Emily’s house. Bella goes to the pack and demands to know what they have done to Jacob, then they take her to Emily’s house.
Aro does not ask Felix to take care of Bella. Aro does ask, and Edward has to protect her.
Jacob and Bella have had no contact since he was sent to deliver the message at prom. Jacob missed her birthday (“I missed yours too”). The next time she sees Jacob is when she brings the bikes. Jacob gives Bella conversation hearts for Valentines Day, not a birthday present. Jacob comes to Forks High to wish Bella happy birthday and give her a present, a dream catcher.
Bella approaches a group of men whom she thinks are the same from the incident in Port Angeles in Twilight. She tries to approach the men but Edward’s voice keeps her from doing so. Bella approaches one of the men and hops on the back of his Harley even though Edward’s ghostly image warns her otherwise. Bella goes for a ride until realizing how dangerous the situation is and yelling at the man to stop.
Jacob turns into a werewolf and “fights” Paul when Paul talks about Bella. Bella approaches Sam Uley’s wolf pack and punches Paul, therefore making Paul mad, he turns into a werewolf and Jacob sees, jumps off his porch, over a creek, over Bella, turns into a wolf in midair, and then play-fights Paul.
After Bella’s dream she wakes up, gets dressed, skips breakfast and goes to school. She wakes up and Charlie comes in and gives her birthday presents. He also teases her about “looking older” and he says that he sees a gray hair.
At the beginning, only Alice comes to greet Bella and Edward because Jasper is not at school but in college with Rosalie and Emmett. Both Jasper and Alice come to greet Bella and Edward at school on her birthday also giving her an unwanted present.

Edward explains to Bella in her living room about his suicidal plan he had (provoking the Volturi) if he had been too late in saving her from James. Edward explains this in school during their English class.
Charlie gives Bella a film-roll camera after school. Charlie gives Bella a digital camera before she goes to school.
Edward and Bella are watching “Romeo and Juliet” for her class assignment, after school, and before going to the party arranged by Alice at the Cullens’ home. They watch “Romeo and Juliet” in class at school.
Edward leaves his cell phone in a trash can in Rio de Janeiro and someone answers it when Alice calls. He crushes his cell phone and leaves it on his hotel room floor outside Brazil and no one calls again.
Bella wears a light blue shirt to her birthday party. Bella wears a green dress and a black top to her birthday party.
At the party, the cake is Pink. At the party, the cake is green, white, and decorated with flowers.
Bella gets the papercut from opening Edward and Alice’s gift. Bella gets the papercut from opening the gift from Carlisle and Esme.
Edward shoves Bella into the pile of gifts, cake, and crystal plates. Bella learned of the Cullen’s powers in the first book. Edward shoves Bella into the wall and the glass candle holders cut her. Bella reluctantly decides to go to the party at the Cullen’s house because Jasper made her, though they never told of his powers.
Emmett holds Jasper back from attacking Bella along with Rosalie’s help. Carlisle helps Emmett hold Jasper back while Rosalie just stands around.
Carlisle asks Bella if she’d like to be examined in the hospital or right in his home. She wants to avoid the hospital so she won’t have to deal with Charlie. Carlisle rushes to examine and treat Bella immediately.
Edward and Alice stay with Bella instead of going outside at first, to assist Carlisle in treating Bella’s injury. Bella tells Edward to leave, but he insists he’ll be fine. Alice leaves when Carlisle starts stitching up Bella’s wound. Alice apologetically rushes to go outside away from Bella’s tempting blood. Carlisle tells Edward to talk to Jasper, and Edward does so without saying a word.
Bella has one Black and one Red motorcycle. She got them from the youngest son of the Markses, after being put in the front lawn of their house. Bella has one Black and one Silver motorcycle. She says that she saved it from the junkyard, which she does but skips the whole origin of the motorcycles.
Bella went to the Cullen’s house. She kept hearing the words “as if I never existed” She wanted to hear his voice again.
Jacob takes Mike home after Mike gets sick at the movies. Jacob snaps at Mike at the movies and leaves.
Jacob makes his promise to Bella not to hurt her, outside her home after the movies and after taking Mike home. She notices his high temperature. He says he feels funny and rushes home. This is all done at the stairs of the movie theatre while Mike is throwing up in the bathroom around the corner.
Bella thinks the whole Volterra event was a dream and argues with Edward that she doesn’t want to wake up. Bella believes that she is awake.
Bella and Edward were in Bella’s bedroom when Edward told Bella to marry him first if she wants him to change her himself. Bella and Edward were in the forest after the Jacob confrontation when Edward asked her.
Carlisle treats Bella in the kitchen. Carlisle treats Bella in his office.
Carlisle drops the pieces of glass from Bella’s arm onto the table at first. Carlisle drops the pieces of glass from Bella’s arm directly into a bowl containing antimicrobial fluid.
While Carlisle is revealing Edward’s transformation process back in 1918, he said he took the nearly dying Edward to his home to transform him. People at the clinic had no suspicions as Edward could have passed for dead. Carlisle transformed Edward right in his clinic bed while the room was empty.

Inside Bella’s truck (after Edward had driven Bella home from the papercut incident), Edward says if she were with her normal human friends, the incident wouldn’t have happened, or if it did, it wouldn’t have turned out so bad. This is when Edward takes it as a fact that they just can’t be together. Bella points out the fact that as long as she’s a human, she’ll face many incidents much like the one that just happened, and something is bound to separate them such as an accident, illness, and aging. She says the only solution to prevent these things in the future is to transform her. Edward says “That’s not a solution, it’s a tragedy.”
Edward and Bella share her birthday-kiss-request in her bed. This is done outside her truck in front of her home.
Edward stays overnight alongside Bella in her bed the night of her birthday. Edward is notably acting distant, and walks home.
When Edward sees Bella in Volterra, he believes he is dead and she is an angel. He also quotes a line from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. When Edward sees Bella in Volterra, he says “heaven” before she pushes him out of the light, whereby he realizes she is alive.
Harry Clearwater dies of a fatal heart attack. It is later suggested that the sudden change of his children into werewolves caused Harry’s heart attack and subsequent death. Harry Clearwater dies because of a heart attack caused by Victoria.
Bella spends the entire Italy trip thinking Edward still doesn’t want her and that he tried to die out of guilt. Bella and Edward have the reunion conversation almost instantly when Bella pushes him out of the light in Volterra. Edward tells her ‘the truth’ and there is no confusion.
‘The Vote’ takes place at the Cullen’s dining room table, which is presumably only used for important family discussions. Protecting the family from the wrath of the Volturi is the reason Bella gives for wanting to be transformed. Edward sits on Bella’s left, and gives a speech outlining an alternate plan for dealing with the Volturi in which she need not be transformed. During the vote Edward storms out and breaks something, Bella asks each person for their answer directly. ‘The Vote’ is less formal, the Cullens stand around in the living room. The Volturi are not mentioned, and Bella simply points out that they all know what she wants, & she knows she’s asking for a lot. Edward lurks behind, on the stairs, Bella tells him to “shut up” when he begins to protest, and he does not give an ‘against’ speech. Bella asks Alice first to get the ball rolling, and then each person volunteers their own answer without being called upon.
Bella tells the wolves about the powers some of them have. Bella doesn’t tell them but at the end of the movie, Jacob tells Edward to get out of his head!
The Cullens are unaware that Victoria is seeking revenge by coming after either Edward or Bella. If this were the case Edward would never have left her in that danger. Edward tells Alice not to interfere by looking into Bella’s future. The Cullens and Edward are aware of Victoria but leave anyway. Edward is relying on Alice’s sight to foresee Victoria’s attack.
Edward proposes in her bedroom after they vote about her becoming a vampire. Bella reacts at first as if he is joking, and then there is an entire conversation about it. This is when she tells Edward she wants him to change her, and not Alice or Carlisle. All this happens before they talk with Jacob about the treaty. He proposes in the forest on the way back to Bella’s house after the confrontation where Jacob stops them to talk about the treaty. The key part where Bella tells Edward that she wants him to change her occurs in the car before Jacob stops them.
Alice asks Bella “How strongly are you opposed to grand theft auto?”while they were still on the plane. Right after they landed. They are already in the car and Bella asks where she got the car and Alice replies “I figured you wouldn’t be that opposed to grand theft auto.”
When Bella goes to school in the beginning after she had her dream, Alice is there with her and Edward talking before school. This is when Alice gives Bella her birthday present, but Bella rejects it. Bella is alone with Edward before school starts and after Jacob gives her the dream-catcher. Alice gives her a gift in a busy school hallway, tells her “happy birthday!” and is shushed by an embarrassed Bella. Bella is irritated at first telling Alice “I thought I said no presents.” Alice explains that she has already “seen” Bella open it, and wear it later on that evening to the gathering at the Cullen’s home in her honor – using this statement to invite her.
After Bella’s birthday Edward waits 3 nights before he leaves. He leaves the next day in the movie.
Bella thought Emmett and Rosalie were in Africa before her birthday.
Edward give Bella a CD he made with Bella’s Lullaby and Esme’s favorite on it.
Before he leaves, Edward puts all Bella’s presents and pictures of him under one of her floorboards. She thinks he took them. He is shown looking at the photos, that is all.
Bella and Jacob talk about him becoming a werewolf before Paul changes into a wolf and tries to attack Bella. Then at Emily’s house they talk in the corner. After Jacob gets back from his fight with Paul they take a walk on the beach and that’s when they talk about him being a werewolf. And they never talk at Emily’s house.
At the beach after Jacob pulls Bella out of the water Sam is there with him and Bella can hear them talking about her. And she spills up tons of water. Harry Clearwater is in the hospital at Forks He wasn’t dead yet. Sam is not there right after Jacob pulls her out. And she barely spills any water out. Harry Clearwater was already dead.
When Sam rescues Bella from the woods, when he find her he asks her “Have you been hurt?” Which is significant because that’s his way of asking if the vampires had hurt her. Sam says nothing to Bella in this scene.
The first time Jacob noticed Bella’s “vampire bite” was at the movies. He asked her where she got it and she replied “Do you honestly expect me to remember where all my scars came from?” After finding out that Jacob was a werewolf and they were hanging out in Jacobs garage one night during spring break, he was asking questions about the Vampires and asking why Edward had killed James. Then Bella told him the story. He wanted to know why she wasn’t a vampire, and She told him Edward had saved her twice. He almost lost control while sitting in the Rabbit with her. The first time he sees Bella’s bite scar is in her bedroom when he’s trying to get her to remember the story he told her about the Quileute legends. It seems to be vaguely inferred that he automatically figures out it’s a vampire bite. If this is the case, he also assumes it wasn’t one of the Cullens since he doesn’t react as if he thinks the treaty may have been violated.
Jacob just knows that Bella doesn’t like to listen to music, even though Bella never told him. This is significant because it shows how close they are and what good friends they are. Bella turns off the music the first time they are working on the bikes together and tells him she doesn’t like music anymore.
Bella grabs at her stomach throughout the whole book trying to “hold herself together.” She only does it a few times.
When Alice comes to Bella’s house her eyes are black because she is thirsty. Her eyes are golden and she is not thirsty.
When Edward calls for Charlie, Jacob states it was “Dr. Carlisle Cullen.” Jacob is unaware it is Edward. He tells him he is at a funeral as it is a couple of days after Harry’s death. Edward does not use Carlisle’s name and Jacob is aware it is Edward. Jacob tells him he has a funeral to plan.
Alice stays the night, talks to Bella about her past, and talks with Charlie about how depressed Bella was when they left. This doesn’t happen at all.
Edward’s eyes are black in Volterra because his depression over the separation from Bella has kept him from feeding. Edward’s eyes are golden in Volterra.
Bella is thinking ‘I love you. Edward, I love you’ when Laurent goes to kill her. Bella says “Edward, I love you” out loud.
Bella screams out Edward’s name over and over and “Edward, no!” as she’s running to stop him from exposing his vampire nature to the crowd. She reaches him just before he steps out into the sunlight, and succeeds in keeping him from doing so – thus preventing him from breaking the exposure rule. The little girl sees him, but he remains in the shadows. Bella does not call out to him, and does not say anything until she has already reached him. Edward has already stepped out into the sunlight which is clearly shown glistening off his skin. The little girl is already watching him before he steps into the sunlight, and surely sees his skin’s inhuman reaction to the sunlight. Presumably she is unable to properly relay that information to her parents, and due to this fact the rule is still considered unbroken.
Edward and Bella have said “I love you” to each other many times before the birthday kiss request scene. The “I love you” they exchange after Bella’s birthday kiss request in front of her house is the first and only time this occurs in the first two movies. Bella says “I love you Edward” just before Laurent is about to kill her, but Edward is not there to return the sentiment.
When Bella jumps off the cliff she screams. That is how Jacob knows she was cliff diving. Jacob was in his wolf form when she jumps, and so his senses were keen enough to hear her, and know where to find her. He also explained that after they lost Victorias scent, he thought she might come to the beach as Bella had been spending so much time there. Also, there is a huge storm brewing when she jumps…one more reason it was dangerous. She also had another conversation with Edward while drowning in the water. Bella doesn’t scream when she jumps. Around this same time, Jacob is shown on a cliff nearby after chasing Victoria into the ocean. Presumably he was still there fuming over Victoria’s escape, and thus able to see Bella jump, rather than hear her scream. No storm. She saw him in the water and that was all.
When Bella and Alice get to Voltera they’re confronted by a guard and Alice bribes the guard with a large amount of money. The guard takes it and lets them go on.
When Bella and Alice are in Voltera, Bella gets out of the yellow vehicle and Alice tells her to run and she does but she was in such a hurry she just left the door open. She slams the door and runs.

As before, there was absolutely NO way that I could have remembered all of these differences on my own. I had to include a whole bunch from this website. If you know of any more that I missed, please let me know!

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