DWTS Line-up and My Thoughts

Just what the title says. I’m going to walk you through who each individual is, and how long I think they’ll last, based on what was already talked about on Facebook this morning…

Bristol Palin– Her only claim to fame is Sarah. She’s not too popular with me and a great amount of the world. So, by default, she’s gonna be the first one gone…

Audrina Patridge– from “The Hills.” If you’re wondering, I don’t watch that show. So I’m voting her off the island 2nd.

The Situation– His only claim to fame is that freaking “Jersey Shore” show. I never got why it’s so popular!!! But then, who knows he may be a better dancer than public speaker. He’s booted off 3rd in my book.

David Hasselhoff– We all know he was in Baywatch. He just skeeves me out! I would vote him off first, second, or third, but you know my feelings on those three…

Rick Fox– He’s got a few funny movies under his belt, but he’s still relatively new when it comes to being in front of the cameras. You may know his voice from a few things, but I had to imdb him to realize who he is. I’ll give him till the 5th week. Sorry Rick.

Michael Bolton– Okay, I give him credit for saying yes to DWTS. His career has hit a slump recently, so he needs the props… He’ll do well in Ballroom because of his way with elegant music. But Michael, I’ll say you’re the 6th to go. Your past popularity cannot compete with the rest of the list…

Now, both Florence Henderson and Margaret Cho are going to be hard to place. How do you have the heart to send the Brady’s mom home early in the game? She’s got natural grace, so you know she can do the Ballroom side. But how will she do with the Latin side? As to Margaret Cho, she’s sooo funny! And the fact that she’s been on Drop Dead Diva recently makes you question how well she’ll do. I’m thinking she’ll do well with her Latin, but need some work on her Ballroom. She can pull off any character you throw at her, but I think that in the end, those that I’ve picked for the top three will over-shadow her.

Kyle Massey– Based on his popularity with the Disney Channel viewers, I’ll say that he gets 4th place. Being a Disney Channel star can only carry you SO far…

Kurt Warner– A Football legend. Top Three for him. Dunno which. He’s popular, so it could be a toss-up. Football-ers have been known to do well with the judges and the rest of America.

Jennifer Grey– “nobody puts baby in a corner.” Everybody knows that line. Even if you don’t like Dirty Dancing! (or, you’re not as big a fan as me) I’ll say she’s in the top 3, somewhere. That lady can move!

Brandy– Top 3 as well. Singers and pretty girls are known to go all the way to the top. If you don’t know who Brandy is, you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life!

Okay, you know my predictions. We’ll see how the rest of America votes…

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