A Month’s Hiatus

Hey constant readers.
I thought it about time for me to finally tell you WHAT I was doing for the month or so I haven’t been writing blog posts. First off, I’ve been working Part time. But also, I’ve been working on finalizing this website .

Yeah, Emptyeye and I finally have a wedding date!!! I’ll put up pictures after the event, though. Don’t you worry…

I think I’ve given up on the Harry Potter differences post. Sorry… It was just WAAAAAY too long. I might try it again for next Summer. We’ll see how well it all goes!


DWTS Update

KK. Let’s see if I can remember who was let off.
1st, it was David Hasselhoff.
2nd, it was Michael Bolton
3rd, it was Margaret Cho
and last week, (4th) it was The Situation.

Mixed feelings about Margaret, but what can I say. You don’t vote, you don’t really get a say about who gets eliminated…