SDA Marathon!!!

Hey All. Just a quick post from the SDA Marathon . We’re raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation until early Tuesday Morning (the 11th)! Emptyeye and I will be here at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, MD until early Wednesday morning.

I’m going to include some pictures with this post so you can see pictures of the Center. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!!! They had good internet service, so that’s why the SDA guys decided that this was the perfect place to do this. Well, that and the fact that Mike Uyama (nicknamed “SDA Dude” from here-on-out.) couldn’t host us all this year at his place like he did last year. We went from 20 people doing the runs up to 50 this year. This includes girlfriends, fiencee’s and wives/husbands of the runners. Yay us!!!

We’ve got games with all sorts of ranges. Shoot-em-ups, RPG’s, some races to Kareshi playing the game music on piano… It’s pretty cool. You can find the schedule here . Be sure to refresh it every once in awhile. Times for games’ end due to change. We are human, after all. The predictions we gave at the beginning were subject to be wrong by the end…

Hope you enjoy!!!

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