Picture Plea

Sorry I took so long after the Marathon/the wedding/MagFest to write up any post at all. I was actually working on a scrapbook with all of my favorite pictures from the Marathon, the wedding, and MagFest.
Actually, I should correct myself… I’m working on two. The first is dedicated solely to the pictures that were taken at the wedding. The Second is to both the SDA Marathon and MagFest. I’m hoping to have the latter done by the end of this next week.
I’m actually still waiting on other people’s pictures of the wedding. There might be some that I like…
If you were there and have any that you think I would want to put into my scrapbook, please feel free to message me. Please do it soon-ish, as my parents (and his) want to see them too. And since my parents weren’t there, I’m hoping to have some pictures and stuff to show them sooner rather than later. Was thinking of showing them off today, but since I’m JUST getting around to this plea, well you know…

PLEASE, if you have any pictures, send them to mrs.emptyeye2112@gmail.com ASAP…

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