Post MagFest Withdrawal

Hello constant readers, I’m STILL feeling that Post-MagFest withdrawal/depression that comes after it’s all over and all of us have to return to the real world following all of MagFest’s awesomeness! If you’ve never gone, then you’ve never experienced it’s after-affects on the gamer’s psyche. It’s DEFINATLY a rush to be there and see how much time and effort that Mr. MagFest has put into this year’s festival (even if he IS going to leave, he’ll still be going. Don’t worry!). It’s amazing that the few individuals that work on MagFest put their entire souls into the festival for us that go every year. I’m definatly thankful! Thanks Brandan! Thank you for all your hard work. Sorry if I was such a bitch at times throughout the wedding planning stage of things! And sorry that you got stress hives on account of the festival. You have been an AWESOME leader! We will miss your control of the event, but be sure, the spirit of MagFest will continue on. Hopefully, with a freaking vengeance!!!

I’ll be back to give a full account of everything in a bit. A few of us work in the afternoons…

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