Piece-ing Together The Week And A Half We Were Gone

Just as the title suggests, I’m going to have separate entries of the SDA Marathon, Emptyeye and My wedding, and MagFest 9. Emptyeye‘s still working on the one post that will be his side of the story. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve been back, so you can see how well THAT’S working out…

I firmly believe that if I were to do that, it would be twice as long (in length), especially when it comes to details, pictures, etc. If you know me through Facebook (like most of my friends do…), then you know I like to put pictures up after stuff goes down… I’ll put the best of the best up here, so you (my constant readers) can see for yourselves the story I’ll be telling.

After all, a picture IS worth a thousand words!!!