Happy Birthday to Me! :)

Yes, dear readers. Tomorrow is my birthday! I’m turning 27, but sometimes my life’s experiences make me feel older… I’ll share them with you now…

If you don’t know me personally, I tried out college for several years, and decided that it wasn’t for me. But leaving school and entering the real world has been probably one of my worst decisions of my life, as most of companies that would be willing to hire somebody who’s as hard-working as I am are turned off by my lack of degree. So, stay in school people!!!

Having a sister that acts worse than I did at her age is another of my life experiences that have made me feel older. She’s only 9 years younger (and just about to graduate high school, I might add), but she keeps thinking she’s older than she is. She has been the cause of ALOT of drama over the past few months. I’m not sure she realizes that not EVERYTHING is about her and what she wants. It’s gotten so bad, that I don’t even want to talk to her anymore. Mostly because when we DO get the chance to talk/ get together, she either asks me for favors or she starts talking to me about how much our mom doesn’t get her. Or how she’s stunting her growth into college… That’s bad, right? My not wanting to talk to her sometimes, I mean… I’m sure everything’ll settle down as soon as my sister realizes that nobody is out to get her. Once she enters the real world, she’ll realize that the world doesn’t revolve around her. At least, I hope so…

I guess the last of the things that have recently started to make me feel old, is seeing all of my younger cousins (and siblings, as well) go off to college and leave with offers for AWESOME jobs while I’ve been fighting to get ANY job at all… Yes, I’ve had time to read and write as much as I want, but sometimes I wish I HAD gotten my degree. Today’s economy has made me think along these lines again. The eve of my 27th birthday has also been one of these things. I have an AWESOME job that makes me never want to leave at the end of the day. This fact alone, is VERY rare… Especially given the fact that I don’t have a degree… I’m such a kid at heart, that working for the Entertainment company I got hired for is perfect for my personality… But the only wrench in this whole line of thinking, is that I was one of the oldest people in my orientation group. I guess I still look like I’m in high school, because one of the ladies asked the group at large what date we all graduated. It’s funny, but it makes me feel old sometimes to be put in that category. Oh well!

On better tides, my birthday plans. I’m going over my parents’ house and we’ll be having pizza and cake. Seeing my family and Empty’s is going to be fun! We’ll be eating and talking about some details about Empty and my wedding Party. That’s ALWAYS good, in my book… I ALWAYS have fun hanging around with both my moms and my dads! YAY CAKE!!!

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