Gram’s Scrapbook

Happy news, and not so happy news. I finally finished the scrapbook about my Grandmother that my cousins and I are giving my grandfather for Christmas. It’s happy, because it was a HUGE undertaking… Sad, because I’m usually sad when I finish a project, but that’s okay. I was also sad that this project is done, because I was learning more than I ever knew about my grandmother. It’s happy, because I think I’m finally forgiven her for stuff I was holding against her for a long ass time. I won’t forget it, but I forgive her.

I’m going to be giving the scrapbook to my grandfather this Saturday, providing I can get my new job to let me work earlier… We’ll see. Well, for those that won’t be there Saturday, I’m posting pictures of each page. If you want to know what all of the different things say, just e-mail me, and I’ll send you a copy of the script that I wrote when I was putting the scrapbook together. Enjoy!

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