SDA: Better Than A Family At Times!

I have to admit it. I wasn’t really going to write an official Post-Magfest/Marathon post. However, one can hardly blame me for being inspired to do so after reading what my wonderful SDA Family had to say to (and about) me on the Thread where people have been posting their shout-outs. These shout-outs include inside jokes we’ve got because of the Marathon, an messages to others that may have made our Marathon experience better than they even dreamed.

I was told by my gaming husband, that I should check out these shout-outs if I haven’t already. Since I hadn’t been to the SDA Message Boards in several months. I had no idea what to expect. You see, I’m not much of a gamer, and I certainly don’t know how to speed run a game. This year, I’ve been trying to fit my zigzag/videogame TOOL’d peg in their square peg of their community so that I might learn more about this gaming community that Emptyeye loves so much.

It surprised me how many of these sweet people had written about me in their shout-outs posts. I wasn’t the friendliest of people there at times. I never got the chance to talk to most of them, which definatly wasn’t right. I’m going to copy and paste the shout-outs here, so you can see for yourselves what they said. I’ll even include WHEN they said what they did.

Bonus streamers at Mikefest 3.0 (Cyghfer, MTI & Silver, Mike 89, Old Bobby, Pootrain, Spineshark, Uyama, Withelde, ZackSK): Thanks for letting me monopolize the stream with my drunken shennanigans. I am glad I came even if it was only for a short time, because I did not get to hang out with many of you at the actual marathon, and you are all super cool.” – Sinister1; 1/11/12 –
Mrs. Emptyeye: Thanks for driving me to Union Station, I’ll be getting on Paypal right after I finish typing up this post.” – Cyghfer; 1/12/12 –
Silver: Thanks for being awesome and driving me to the Subway, and chatting about everything from music, to GPSes, to short people! You’re definitely awesome and I look forward to seeing you again!” – Mike89; 1/13/12 –
Emptyeye and Mrs. Emptyeye – Keep being awesome! Sorry I got a little carried away watching you guys play Cookie and Cream, but it was still fun anyway!” – Carcinogen; 1/14/12 –
Satoryu, duckfist, fisherrob86, Emptyeye, Silver/Mrs. Emptyeye, Tigger77, moooh, feasel, Josh the Funkdoc – Great to see you again and catch up!” – Puwexil; 1/14/12 –
Emily and Paul: for being reallllllly nice
Mr and Mrs Emptyeye: See Above
” – ZachSK; 1/16/12 –
“MTI and Silver: Glad you could make it! No, really.” – tjp7154; 1/16/12 –
The Emptyeyes: Met the man and wo-man in person, and its definitely a good experience. Take those worries you had and kick them to the curb. Then onto the street when a car’s coming. You are much better than you think you are, and we all agree! Thanks for the rum and cake vodka by the way, quite tasty
!” – theseawolf1; 1/19/12 –
Itsu, Samm, Mrs. Emptyeye, Kari Fry: For repping the majority of the rest of the girl crew.” – Kari; 1/19/12 –
MRS. Emptyeye: I hope Cookie and Cream didn’t end up in “Divorce Done Quick”. BTW, thank you for providing the gift from edible arrangements. It was a very nice gesture, and I really do appreciate it. You and emptyeye are welcome here anytime.” – mikwuyma; 1/22/12 –
Mr and Mrs Emptyeye: I was a little sad when I learned you wouldn’t be coming. Thought I had to rep CT by myself! It was really cool that you did your own marathon to benefit ours. Although the main purpose of our visit to Magfest was to buy a shit ton of games, we sure as hell weren’t leaving the center without your number. I’m glad you guys actually got to come out to the marathon at least for the end. It sucks that I don’t have my own place because the two of you would be welcome at any time. I’ll see what I can do about that though. You still have my number so let’s get some co-op going or something!” – dballin; 1/27/12 –
Mrs. Emptyeye- Somehow after all these years, you’re still with me. Just at MAGFest, I had the easy job of getting to play a bunch of Mega Man games. You had the much less fun job of staying with me, timing me, manning the lockbox, and generally keeping me sane when stuff went wrong (And it sometimes did). And then you had more shifts to work besides. I owe you more than you could ever know. Meeting you all those years ago helped pull me out from the Roger Waters-like hating of absolutely everything I did as a teenager; if not for you, I probably wouldn’t even have the limited social skills I do have. I know you were never a hardcore gamer like I once was, but I’m ecstatic that you support me and come down to MAGFest/the marathons with me anyway. I love you, and I hope we can go to many more marathons together.” -Emptyeye; 1/28/12

I mean, how do you properly thank people for all of their kind words. With the exception of Emptyeye, they don’t really know me that well yet. Perhaps the rest of this post can start to help this fact fly into oblivion. Here’s hoping!!!

I have to admit that I spent a good portion of the Marathon this year (that Emptyeye and I weren’t at MagFest) hiding in a corner and knitting my hats. At the time, I saw it as a step up from the first Awesome Games Done Quick (or AGDQ, as it’s fondly known as now). At the first AGDQ, I spent the majority of that time hiding out upstairs and not coming down to the large streaming room where everyone was. Food runs being the only time I would leave the room….

I’ve actually felt bad about that most of this past year, as a good number of the SDA Community also going to MagFest 9 actually came to Emptyeye and my wedding. At the time, I used to last minute preparation for the wedding as an excuse not to go downstairs and hang out with these wonderful people. I’m sorry about that guys. If you’re reading this entry, I’m sorry about that! I’m still perplexed about why I was acting so shy around you guys! I’m really a very social person.

In the time since AGDQ 2012 has ended, I’ve actually been realizing how small a step up this year really was. I’m still that girl who tries to hide her insecurities and pain behind a mask. I’m not one who gets shy around new people or large crowds. I thrive on it, most of the time. But I have my moments where I internalize things that I probably shouldn’t, until I get to the point that I explode all over the person nearest me. Or I fall into a kind of deep depression-like mood where I get very anti-social.

I fear that I was slowly falling into one of those moods slowly during the week of the Marathon and Bonus streaming. It ended up with me essentially locking myself into Emptyeye and my room all the last day of the Bonus Streaming that we were at the 4-H Center (Thursday). This was the day that many people were leaving to back to their everyday lives. So, I happened to miss their departures. I’m sorry to those that I never got a chance to say goodbye to. It wasn’t fair to you that I couldn’t pull myself together long enough to say goodbye to you. It really was nice to meet you or see you all again!

I made excuses this year about wanting to finish “part of this hat” or “this part of that hat” to hide all of the pain and confusion that I still feel from my grandmother’s passing back in October from my SDA Family. She fought Ovarian Cancer for four and a half years before she finally succumbed to it. My grandmother’s passing royally fucked with a mind already on the brink of breaking from all the financial stress I’ve been putting on it over the past couple of years (I won’t even TOUCH this right now!!). I’ll be the first one to admit, I was hiding behind my knitting projects and sulking.

For those of you I haven’t told, I’m planning on making as many hats as I can and donating them to a local Oncology wing in my grandmother’s honor. While I was there, I managed to make 3 pink hats, and teal hats to donate. I hope to have TONS more finished by the time I get around to donating them. I’m still not sure WHERE I want to donate them to, or WHEN I want to donate them. I only know that I want to donate them as a whole, and I want to donate as MANY as I can possibly make.

To many of those that know me well, you know that woman (my grandmother) and I have had a love/hate type of relationship for many years now. We had both said some things that neither one thought we could ever forgive another for. My not getting to tell her that “I’m sorry I let my ego get in the way of us getting to know one another better” before she passed, has made it even harder for me to deal with than just sadness alone. The guilt that I was petty about things we had fought over, even 6 years before, up until the very day she died… In amongst all this guilt I feel, there’s this want to go back to the week before she died and just go to her and hash out our differences while she still remembered who I am.

And I’m angry all the time now… I’m angry at Cancer for taking away all of my memories of that wonderful person I’ve known all my life. I’m angry at Cancer for taking away her ability to do something as simple as using the bathroom or showering by herself. I hate Cancer, most of all, for picking on this strong woman and making her feel weak. Seeing her like that (and still having that image burned into my head) makes me want to scream and punch the wall or something…

So, to all of those wonderful individuals that participated in AGDQ 2012, in any capacity, you deserve the biggest shout-out of them all! For giving me the chance to see Cancer being punched in the gut and body slamming it through the Metaphorical Great Wall! We raised $149,044.99 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation (or PCF, as we lovingly call them for short) to do their research and outreach to the community. We raised this money so that hopefully, the guys and gals over at PCF can do their damnedest to help eradicate Cancer, in all it’s many forms.

I have a few shout-outs and people to mention. I thought I’d do it here, on my blog, instead of posting the whole above rant on the SDA Forums, just in case not everyone wants to read all of that at once. If, at all… Alright. Here goes…

To the 3,193 donators that made 5,869 individual donations on an average of $25 or more: Some of these donators were people who literally gave their last cent to help us raise money for a great Foundation. Without you all, we would have been just a bunch of video game nerds and their spouses/ girlfriends that got together to hang out and play videogames. We wouldn’t have been able to give PCF the large donation amount that will help them fund research for two years.

To all the wonderful people at PCF: You all do wonderful work year round. When it come to help us promote our Marathon over the past several years, you have been WONDERFUL! Not only did you help us promote everything, but you continued to be awesome while the Marathon was going on. Once all was over, there were still several individuals at PCF who sent Mike wonderful messages of thanks. Which, of coarse, he shared with us. Jan Bresch, Linda Chastain, Carolyn Schmidt, and Jim Wood were four such individuals’ messages he shared. Thank you all again for your help, the kind words and for letting us work hard to raise money for your wonderful Foundation. But who can forget the number of times you fed us so we wouldn’t have to pay too much out of pocket. Feeding us is pretty major. Especially those of us with a limited budget…

Speaking of Food… I’m going to make a Shout-out to all the food places around the 4H Center that we went to or had food delivered to us from. I’m sorry if I forget one… Thank you for filling our large orders without TOO many questions or harsh stares! Let’s see, there was: Subway, Popeyes, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, McDonalds, IHOP, Woomi, the Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant (the place we got food from during the Bonus Stream), and several other local pizza places.

To Kari Fry: Thank you for creating the T-shirt design. They’re awesome to look at and they’re nice and comfy. I don’t believe we could thank you enough for putting the coolest design on a T-shirt I’ve seen in quite some time. Letting us mass produce the shirts so we can donate the money to PCF was a stroke of genius! I don’t think we can thank you, The Yetee, or Fangamer enough for coming up with a way for us to make more money for PCF. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

To Lindsay King: The website banners you created for us looked awesome, and were entertaining to look at. Thank you, also, for giving us that banner. We gave that away as a prize item because so many people were wanting it. It was awesome that we were able to sign it for one of our lucky viewers. So, thank you again!

To Tom Folino: Wow! What a good set of prizes you gave to us to give away. The Meat Tenderizer looked cool, and the Zelda Sword made EVERYONE jealous of the individual who ended up winning it in the end. Thank you so much for donating them to us!

To Mecha Richter: For all of those perlers you put together for us to give away as prizes. They all looked awesome! I know how much problems those tiny little beads can give you while trying to put them together. You put so much work into your perlers, and I thank you for putting SO MANY together for us to use as donation incentives.

To Mercury: I thought after last year’s plushies that you would not be able to top yourself. You have proven me wrong, yet again. This year’s plushies are SOOO cute. Mike was right. You can’t look at those things and NOT go “dawwwwwwwww!”
This past year you’ve become a good friend to me and to Emptyeye. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say that you’ve been like a sister to me. Not just a friend, but a sister. You may be living across the pond in England, but you’ll still be a sister. I’m glad that we got a chance to hang out before you had to to back overseas, and that you got home okay! We miss you, but we understand. You and Lag are lucky to have found each other.

To Bunny Smith, the awesome lady who REALLY runs the Consoles Room at MagFest: Thank you for making sure that Emptyeye’s mini-marathon would go on as he had planned it. Bunny, you may not have donated directly, but I thank you again for taking time to make sure Emptyeye and I were all set to go. For making sure that each shift of people working that day knew it was going on. For taking our “Adam told us we could do it” comment and rolling with it. But also because of your hard work, you helped us raise over $300 to donate to PCF. I can’t thank you enough!

To Andy Goth (or affectionately known to me as “That Journalist Guy”): I thank you for giving us the final $100 we needed to put into the donation box we were giving to PCF. You donated almost immediately after Emptyeye made his plea to the audience for help. I appreciate that once you heard about Emptyeye, SDA, and my goal to raise money for PCF, you jumped in and helped. It doesn’t matter that it was just after the Child’s Play Auction. Or that you were there to cover the Auction and the Closing Ceremonies of MagFest. We just know that you were THE MAN in that moment. Still are.

To the members of The Shizz who donated to try and mess Emptyeye while he was playing through all of his Mega Mans: We both thank you for helping us to have the ability to give as much as we did. We appreciate all that you gave or “found” for us to give to PCF. You are always fun to hang out with at MagFest. We must do that again, and SOON!

To everybody at MagFest who walked by Emptyeye and my Mega Man booth: Even if you couldn’t donate, we’re still glad you spread the word about what we were doing. Word of mouth goes a long way, believe me!

For those at MagFest that didn’t have any more cash on them by the end of the weekend, but went to the SDA website to donate out of their PayPal accounts what they could later on, we’re glad that you did!!!

For all those that spent some time Mod-ing the chat during the Marathon: It got absolutely crazy, but you guys just plugged on when the going got tough. I know Essentia wasn’t at the Marathon in person, but she did an AWESOME job kicking people out of chat on their asses and asking questions later. It turned into a common theme, which turned out to be good. I noticed that people in a big chat like that turn. . . funny sometimes. So, wonderful job Mods!!!!

The next shout-out has to go out to UltraJMan. Dude, you laying your heart on your sleeve for the whole world to see inspired not just me, but others of us out there who had once claimed we were well-adjusted individuals. I know now that I’ve been lying to myself for years. You inspired me, and many of us in your SDA Family, to lay aside all of our masks and to be real with one another. To lay aside our online personalities and just be ourselves.
Lastly, to tell our story, not the story of a ficticious character we created to hide behind. I hope I did you justice by finally telling part of my story to the world. I look forward to getting to know you better at AGDQ 2013! Let me know if you ever need a knitted cape made. I’ll be willing to make it for you. It can never replace all that you’ve done for me, but it’ll be a start! 🙂

To UA: You have become the guy we go to when we needed a way to record the Marathon. The guy that everyone wishes had taken some more time to step away to take care of things like sleeping and actually enjoying more of the Marathon. I personally wish I had been able to help you with the Technical side of the Marathon. Since I don’t know much about those kinds of things, would you settle for me getting to know you better?

To Rane: Wow! That’s a lot of Travel Coordination you did. Thank you for taking that on. I do pretty well with that for Emptyeye and I, but I don’t think I could have done what you did. You made sure that everyone got form their homes (wherever that they might have been) to the 4H Center and back to where they needed to be. Next year, let me be your back up. When you left, we weren’t as organized. See Emptyeye’s rant about getting everyone back to Mike’s house, and you’ll see what I mean… Let’s come up with an Exel/Open Office document to make all that easier . . . P.M. me when you finally see this. I’m on Skype, after all . . .

Tompa: Those peppers, man! I’m probably lucky that I wasn’t around to get peppers put in my shoes, but I am sorry I missed the hide-the-peppers shenanigans! Let’s double-team it next year! I’m as much a practical joker as you are. Let’s talk more, both before AGDQ 2013 and there. That’s not an order, merely a suggestion . . . I’m really glad that we have been able to get to know each other more this past year. I’m also glad that you and Mercury have found each other. You are both wonderful individuals who we just happened to meet online. In many ways, you remind me of my brother a little. You’re a lot quieter than Mercury, but when you do say something, you have everybody’s attention. You’re a great guy who EVERYONE should get to know the real you.

Kari: I’m glad that you came, and that you decided to talk to me when Emptyeye and I finally arrived. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye when you left. But I am glad that I met you. I’m glad you decided to come in that first day you got here. You kept Mercury and Samm company until I got there. You are an AWESOME woman, and I wish I had gotten more of a chance to get to know you better. Anyone would count themselves lucky to know you. Let’s make a date to hang out more at AGDQ 2013!

Sinister1: Don’t worry about monopolizing the stream at all! We were thankful for anyone that still had any energy to play ANYTHING for bonus streaming. We were all entertained by ALL of the drunken shenanigans! We were all guilty of them, as well. I wish I got to hang out with you during the Marathon-proper. You’re one cool dude, yourself. There’s always next year, right?

Cyghfer: You’re VERY welcome for the ride. Thanks for the Paypal thing. Didn’t the Arrangement work like a charm? It wasn’t TOO bad a drive to Union Station for me. I heard that other people’s journeys to drop people off went a lot worse. I hope you had fun while you were here! Would have liked to had more time to get to know you. Hopefully next year, I can be around more to help pull you out of your shell…

Mike89: Dude! You’re VERY welcome! I hate to see people go hungry when I can do something about it. Hopefully on our journeys you learned more about me than you perhaps wanted to know… Also, wasn’t that short person AWESOME!!! And yes, my GPS can go to hell. What’s up with that “when possible, make a u-turn” thing? I mean, I TOTALLY have u-turns notifications turned off… Next year, something to look forward to… Silver’s learning more about as many games she can to try to fit in with you boys. So, be aware. I’ll have even MORE to talk about… 😉

Carcinogen: Like Emptyeye said, don’t worry about getting crazy about Cookie and Cream. I was pretty much playing that game for the first time. Didn’t know a lot about the game, yet… Look forward to that being something that we will be streaming, though. It’s a pretty fun game! Stay classy, my friend!!!

Puwexil: See, isn’t it nice to not have another tree incident on the way down to an event where Mercury and Lag are present at??? It was awesome to see you again. Hope it doesn’t take another Marathon or wedding for us all to catch up again… Also, DUDE that was an awesome run of FF7! I finally got to watch you play through the entire game, and it was worth the wait for the ending!

ZachSK: Aww, Zach! You’re pretty nice yourself! Next year, let’s hang out more!

TJP7154: Yo TJ! Glad that we finally got there too! I always like to see all of the repeat Marathon offenders back in action! Till next year, dude!

Theseawolf1: Dude! How could you forget about us? We were the loudest ones there!!! Glad that you liked the booze. It made all of those Drunken Shenanigans possible! Just don’t ask us to try an Old Bobby, though. That’s where I draw the line! Also, WarioWare man! We’ve got to try to get that in the main marathon next year. It could get interesting in a hurry…

Yo Dballin!: You don’t have to worry about a thing. You’re a cool guy. People that don’t stop and get to know you first need to “back their shit down!” Especially before they judge you (or any of us, for that matter…)! We would probably invite some of the CT SDA peeps to our place more often, but we don’t always keep our place clean enough to have guests… I’ll get to that, so we have room to play. Then we can do some co-op stuff.
As a side note, I think that truck of yours is glad to finally have a rest. That was a shit ton of stuff that you brought down with you! Wow Man! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up for a job well done! Can’t wait to see you at the next marathon!

PJ: You’re a cool dude! Don’t ever change that fact! I still like you, even though you DID take Emptyeye’s thunder for Battletoads, though… 😉 Just kidding! Can’t wait to see you next year!

Kareshi: Nice job surprising the gang!!! It was too bad that we didn’t get to see you in person this year. Hopefully we won’t miss you next year…

Mickey Mage: You get a shout-out just because I’ve always loved your nickname… Just kidding. You also get a shout-out for that kick-ass Earthbound run! I’ll try to find a copy of the game just so I can give it a try for myself… Also, good job not letting our Grand Entrance get in the way of that kick ass run!

Arrow: We Love Katamari too! Next year, play both! I’ll be in the room for both if you do. I promise!

To Neskamikaze and LLCoolDave: In the immortal words of the man, Jon St. John, himself “DUDES!” Wish I got to hang out with you guys more! Hope you enjoyed the video of JSJ as much as I did when Emptyeye first came up with the idea to ask him to speak. I thought it would have been better if we could have gotten him to call in to wish you guys good luck, but with the timing of his panel at MagFest, this was the best we could do for you! You’ve still “got balls of steel!” Good job on the runs!

Cosmo: I bow down to the power of your OOT run!!! I was in the hotel room at MagFest and I couldn’t look away, even though I should have been sleeping… Amazing! I didn’t know you could do those things with that game. I’ll have to give some of them a try for myself, provided I could actually FINISH the game first. Good job dude! Can’t wait to see what you do for next year’s Marathon!

Rom: You must have wanted to sleep for a week after running four games at the Marathon, but no. You STILL kept our audience entertained while we were sleeping during Bonus Streaming that first night at Mike’s. I’ll give you props for that! I stayed awake the whole time and was watching you. I especially liked when you gave up playing games and just played “guess this song” with our viewers. Good job man! I wouldn’t have thought to do that… Still wish we had gotten a chance to hang out more, though.

Breakdown: Wow man! You took a lot of stuff on your shoulders this year and still stayed being the man! We should really hang out more next Marathon, though! I could make some ugly “break down” pun here, but yeah… I won’t.

Rakuen: I’m sorry to hear about your father’s illness. I’m praying for him and your entire family. I am glad that you came to AGDQ 2012 and helped us fight Cancer, in all it’s forms. It was good to meet you. I just wish I could have gotten to know you better. If you ever want to talk, just P.M. me. I’m on Skype.

Sir VG: I was sorry to hear about the passing of your co-worker from Pancreatic Cancer. I was hoping that we could have added one more Survivor to the SDA Family and Friends’ list. But it was good to see you there helping us fight against Cancer and helping us raise money for PCF. Stories like yours and mine this year make fighting for Cancer Research that much more important.

Samm: Sorry I didn’t get to know you better. Thanks for coming to hang out with all of us crazy people. Also, thanks for helping Mercury and I balance out the guys and their high levels of testosterone this year. More specifically, when I wasn’t there. Hopping into the chat to make sure that the chat didn’t get too . . . funny. That was pretty awesome! So, thank you for everything you did! Congratulations on the baby and good luck! Make sure you help mold him/her into part of SDA: Version 2.0. I look forward to seeing them play through some games in the future.

Itsu: I wish I had gotten to you better as well. But, Ladies of the SDA Family, represent!!!

A thank you to all of the Runners that worked their tails off to get their games up to snuff, and to come up with some good commentary to make the Marathon entertaining. There were SO many of you I didn’t have a chance to get to know as well as I would have liked. I don’t think I could do what you do time and time again. I usually don’t even finish the game ONCE, nevermind over and over until you can run it through in less time than others. You deserve to have a mention in my shout-outs, even though I never got to know you properly. If I miss someone, even here, I’m SOOO sorry! Alright, here goes!!!! SMK, ShadowWraith, Tri-Hex, Trekhaak, Caleb Hart, Theenglishman, Molotov, Peaches_, ZakkyDraggy, Naegleria, Yoshifan, Psyknux, Tiki, Duckfist, Satoryu, Pootrain, Tigger77, Fisherrob86, Josh the Funkdoc, Feasel, Heidman, Droogie, Cody Miller, andrewg, Dragondarch, Jprophet22, Twig, Runnerguy2489, Mr. K., Hurblat, Cfox7, Mooh, and Animeowzerz.

To all of the commentators, as well. Job well done, gents and ladies! I was watching a lot of the time for those tiny tidbits and gems about the games. You kept the commentary light and fluffy!

Mike: I don’t know what people mean by you being a dictator… You’re the sweetest guy that could possibly ALSO run a big website like SDA. You need to have a firm hand to keep everybody from mowing you over. Just because you like to be organized and keep everything just so, doesn’t make you a bad person. I’m a touch OCD, so I know how it goes… Keep on doing what you do, however you want to do it. It’s works out well for you!
I have to thank you for all of the hard work you put into planning the Marathons. It’s always good to see you. I thank you for letting us all crash at your place. I know I’ve said this SOOO many times before, but I don’t think I can say it enough.
Also, don’t worry about our Cookie and Cream adventures. We’ve been through much more arguments than that, and we STILL wanted to get/stay married! The game is actually really fun! If all else fails, we can be the SDA gaming couple that’s known for our banter while playing together. We can even take this on the road. LEGO games with the Emptyeye’s!

One last thing . . . “Oh No! Chicken! . . . Seriously, who’s chicken is this?”

Susan (AKA: UyamaMom): Even though I’ve said all this before in my e-mails back and forth with you, I don’t think I could thank you enough for opening up your home for all of us crazy gamers. Especially since you also left us to have the run of the house. I honestly felt really bad about about the chicken falling from the top of the stairs. That was, until you told me that it was a guilt gift from somebody else. If it had been a family heirloom, I might STILL be worried about it. I AM glad that somebody found that ring of yours, though. That’s pretty cool. Hopefully, we didn’t leave TOO much of a mess behind. I made sure of it before I left. I thought you might appreciate that. I’m glad that you liked the Edible Arrangements basket we got you. It was the very least we could do after you opened your house, to all 25 of us that first night, especially. Thank you again for everything! Maybe next year I can finally meet the nicest person I’ve never met… 🙂

And finally, last but not least, Emptyeye. Hunny, you paint me as some kind of Mother Teresa-like hero figure. I’m just a woman who was lucky enough to loose her heart to this shy band nerd in high school. You’ve brought out the best in me, as well. Don’t you forget about that. In fact, it was because of you in the first place, that I started to fight for Cancer Research and all of those charities that support it as well. Coming with you to my first MagFest and AGDQ 2011 was probably the best decision I ever made in my life. Well, one of them (The best decision being the day that I gave that same shy little band nerd a chance, and listening to what he had to say). At both of these events, I got to meet so many wonderful people who had that same goal in mind. To kick Cancer in the balls.

The only Anti shout-out I have is for Cancer. For all of those in my SDA Family that have somebody who is battling some form of Cancer this year, we feel for you. We worked our asses off for them so they can have some hope that Cancer will be eradicated forever. Even those, like me, who have lost somebody to Cancer this year can see that and have hope. It’s about time a bunch of people stood up to Cancer’s bullying and reign of terror! We can be proud of ourselves for that!

*shakes her fist* Dude! Cancer, you have once again been foiled by these meddling kids! We kicked your ass into next year! PCF has it’s new 2 year grant to do they’re wonderful research. With us on their side, I’m sure they’ll be the ones to make the next big break into a cure. So, tough noogies for you!