The Non-Blogger Blog

Apparently, I’m the non-blogger type. As you can see, my posts have become less and less frequent. I’ll try to catch you up on what’s been going on in the land of Mrs. Emptyeye….
Goddess. I’m so boring. Even I fell asleep with that last sentence… It’s no wonder like I feel like I’m talking to myself here sometimes…

Alot of my time off has been spent re-cooperating from the blow that was thrown my family’s way back in October. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that my grandmother has been gone that long already… As much as she and I didn’t get along at some points in our lives, I still loved her. She drove me crazy (like most relatives do, admit it. You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about), but I loved the woman. Still do.

Mostly this time has been spent knitting hats like a crazy woman. I have no idea the exact number I’m up to right now, but you can see the list Here. I promised Gram right before she passed, that I would be knitting up a bunch of hats and donating them in her honor to local places. She smiled, so I knew she liked that idea. She wouldn’t have ever SAID that straight up, but she seemed to like the idea. My goal is to get at least 9 of every ribbon color made.

Back in the first weekend in June, I was involved with the Relay for Life in Southington. I don’t think I told everyone in my family, but I was doing a dual Relay this year for both Marc and for Gram. I texted a few people while I was there, but I don’t think I told everyone. My goal for next year is to get more people involved and maybe create a team in Gram’s honor, as well as all of those in MTI and my families that have been affected by cancer. I already have a team of 3, but to be able to get the team going where our team is represented on the track at all times, we still need a few team members. If you are willing to join the team, feel free to suggest names. I’m open to suggestions. Of if you have any money-raising event ideas, please let me know. Even the ideas or walking a lap or two during the Relay will make you part of the team. You’ll get to see what one person can do in the fight against Cancer. I want to join the Relay for Life in Plainville, but I’m also up for suggestions about that as well. I’ll be letting you know as soon as I know what weekend this year’s Relay will be and where as soon as I know.

In the meantime, let me start telling you a bit (or as much as I possibly can) about what I’ve been up to other than being the Queen of the Hats (as I’ve been called by one of friends). I’ve also been creating a scrapbook for MTI and my move back in May. Yes folks. Emptyeye apartment has been updated to Emptyeyecondo. Apparently, it was time the two of us try to grow up a bit. That’s also part of the reason I’ve been gone so long. You know, it’s hard to remember your own name while moving. However, if we were just moving, I probably wouldn’t have been gone that long. Nope. In the middle of the move, I’ve been working 2 jobs. Those two have been keeping me PRETTY busy.

I love being busy. Honest. I can never say anything bad about both of those places, as I do honestly have fun working for both places. Sunburns aside, it’s made the summer and previous months fly by. I don’t think I would have been able to cope with my crazy in-my-head-ness that I would have slumpted into (you know how I get when I process information. I debate and worry about it for a LONG time after it originally happens!) if it weren’t for being able to leave it all behind at home.

Alright. Enough depressing thoughs. Or at least, enough half-depressing thoughts. I’m going to cut and paste in a story I had finished shortly before the end of September last year and before the madness started. I was able to read it again, after so long. Hopefully this opens my writer’s block over the past few months. It reminds me that life CAN go back to normal after the very worst that life has to throw your way. Hopefully once my writer’s block is finally dissolved, you can look forward to more stimulating blog reading. In the meantime, Happy Reading! I’ll welcome any imput, critizisms, etc.

The Prince of the Lake
Once upon a time, there was this wonderful and magical land all chock full of fun. It is in this magical land that a Great Leader named Prince Jericho lived with his large family in a Leader-dom called Layonette. Now, all of his fellow Leaders in Hainville called him “Prince Jericho” because he was a Prince Among Men, and not because he was royalty.
Now Jericho could never truely be a Prince, because Hainville was a land of equals. It wasn’t a kingdom or a dictatorship. It was a place where everyone felt like their opinion mattered. It was a place where everyone’s voice was heard and listened to with open ears by those in charge.
This island had 5 Boroughs, also called Leader-doms, that had capitals that are at an equal distance to each it’s neighboring Capital. A body of equals ruled over each Leader-dom. These people were simply called Leaders of Hainville.
Hainville was a land of fun and exciting wonders, both natural and supernatural. The trees in Hainville had leaves that stay green all year long and that were shaped like stars. The stars themselves, you could always see, even on the cloudiest of nights.
Amongst these many wonders that one could find in Hainville, Jericho himself, was the grandest of them all. Jericho had a secret that he hid from the rest of Hainville’s Leaders. He had a very special magical power.
It wasn’t just ANY magical power, but the greatest of all the magical powers in all of the land. He had the power to improve your day (and more importantly, your life) just by smiling at you. He could wipe away even your deepest frown from your face and have you smiling along with him in a matter of seconds. All who came to Hainville from afar instantly loved him.
Now Prince Jericho, in the prime of his life, had reared and raised 4 sons and 5 daughters who each had their own special magical powers. His descendants all had their own magical powers to help them achieve any goal they ever set their minds to, as well as some variation of Prince Jericho’s power. He and his descendants hid their secrets from the rest of Hainville’s population for fear of being labeled Freaks of Naure, being hunted like dogs, or even burned at the stake like witches. One day, Prince Jericho got sick of living in fear and shame. He simply decided that he no longer cared what people thought of his ability.
It was on this day, after nearly a century of hiding from the world, Prince Jericho announced to the other Leaders that he would be hosting an annual Fair by the Lake. It was during this Fair that he told the masses about his and his family’s abilities to all of Hainville. Those that first attended the Fair were skeptical that magic even existed.
They were all soon proven wrong about the existance of magic, when the gates opened and they spotted what Prince Jericho’s family magic had created almost overnight. Unrest spread quickly through the crowd. Many in Prince Jericho’s family were nervious that this unrest meant that Hainville’s citizens would not accept them now they saw what they could do.
In fact, theses fears seemed to come true when several citizens came forward and spit on the ground in front of them. It is with those actions, it seemed to Jericho’s family, that many didn’t want those with magical powers living amongst those without powers. This made them all sad and want to do something to change those individuals’ minds about them.
It was amongst this period of unrest, that Prince Jericho and his family created an entire Amusement Park complete with rides for young kids. After seeing how much Prince Jericho and his family wanted to fit in with the rest of the population, the Anti-Supernatural Community (as they so fondly called themselves) started to realize that Prince Jericho’s family didn’t mean them any harm. That, in fact, Jericho’s family could help keep Hainville’s economy afloat for many decades with minimal work, time, or effort.
It was after Hainville’s Leaders started to stand behind Prince Jericho’s family, that the general population started coming in large crowds to see what the family would do next to make the Fair bigger and better than ever.
Prince Jericho and his family continued to use each of their individual powers to entertain the massive amount of visitors that came to the Fair year after year for MANY years to come. So, remember kids. Be who you want to be, not what others want you to be. Don’t be afraid of who you were born to be, and at the same time, don’t judge somebody who isn’t afraid to be themselves. This is the moral of our story Kiddies. Just be you. Don’t change who you are because you MIGHT get teased. Those that would tease you will lose out on knowing the gem you truely are.

What did you think? Leave a comment, please. I’m one of those writers who welcomes advice. Till next time, I shall quote The Truman Show “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”