AGDQ, The Return of The Goal Makers

Hey everyone! It’s been an interesting couple of weeks back in the real world. Especially after the high that this year’s AGDQ gave us! Why, do you ask? There was so much that went well and that happened while we were all there. There’s so much that happened, that it’s taken me some time to collect it all. I’m going to do my best to keep it all in chronological order. I’ll even put in as many pictures as I am able. I have to be honest. I was spending alot of time knitting and enjoying the marathon that I kept forgetting to take pictures… The pictures I may be including, I have taken from a few others that were lucky enough to be there at the right time. Don’t worry. They’ll get their mentions. I’m not into that whole “Un-credited” scene…

Either way, here I go!

You know, it seems like not so long ago that I was writing my Post-Marathon and Post-MagFest 10 post. It’s hard to believe that so much has happened this past year. So much, it’s bananas! We’ve moved into a better (and BIGGER) home. We’ve gotten a cat named Mario! Here’s a Picture of Mario The Cat! Isn’t he cute. He even has that whole Mario Mustache thing going! DSC05217 He’s a little hellion. Emptyeye and I find ourselves talking about him like he’s our baby. In a way, he definatly is. He looks right at us when he know he’s doing something wrong, and continues on what he was doing. He will jump right on our computers while we are in the middle of working on something. Especially if he wants our attention. He’s pretty much an attention whore, and we really don’t mind a bit. He makes us mad, then turns over and pretty much demands belly rubs. We’ll immediately forget why we were supposed to be mad at him. Yeah. He’s got us wrapped around his cute little paws… You know, I’m PERFECTLY okay with it! πŸ˜‰

Also, since last year’s Marathon, I’ve also gotten my first Mostly-Permanant job since my first job back in the day (Ahh, sweet 16!!!)…. It’s CRAZY Bananas!!! WOW! I guess that’s going to be my phrase of choice. (At least, for this entry…) Anyway, it’s been a year of two jobs for me. I had some fun while working, so that’s all that really matters. Working every day over the past couple of months made me prime for a vacation by the time MagFest and the Marathon came around, let me tell you…

A working vacation, mostly, but a vacation none-the-less…

MagFest was pretty much a blur for me this year, as I was mostly Staffing. I have to be honest, I don’t think I enjoyed MagFest as much this year. It’s like I just wouldn’t let myself have fun this year. I just can’t explain it, even to myself… I was too busy getting nervious about my part in the Marathon. I was so nervious, that I was knitting more and more to hide my nerviousness whenever I wasn’t Staffing. See, my cool Staff Badge below. DSC05233 The 3rd, I staffed from 10PM until 2AM on the 4th in the Consoles Room. Then again from 12 to 8PM in Con Ops (Or Con Operations, a department that has a finger in every pie at MagFest).

It was more MTI’s year to have fun. He got signitures from a few of his favorite video game composers. I’m sorry if I mis-spelled their names here. I’m not even sure who they are. I guess I still have alot to learn when it comes to videogames, huh? Either way, MTI didn’t get arrested googling over his heroes, so that’s good, huh? He managed to get signitures from Yuzo Koshiro, Kimuyo Yamashita, and Chris Huelsbeck on some of his favorite games that they were apart of. The games he got signed were Streets of Rage 2, Power Blade. He got his MagFest badge signed by Chris. I have a picture of that, too. DSC05231IMG_1042
Here. Look for yourself… Doesn’t he look like he had a blast? I wouldn’t know, as this particular signing was happening while I was helping everyone get stuff ready for the Marathon at the 4H Center. I don’t be-grudge him for wanting to stay behind, though. If I ever got the opportunity to stay behind somewhere during a Con and talk to one or more of my own personal heroes. Maybe a few of my favorite actors or writers… I’d feel the same, actually. Hell, I couldn’t tell you what I would do to spend a few moments in their very presence… But then, I digress… You don’t really want to hear me ranting and raving like a lunatic about me possibly meeting my heroes, especially right now… I’ll have to come back to that subject at a later date.

I do have a few stories and memories from MagFest that you may find funny. The first story has to do with our first moments there. After we got there about 3PM on the 3rd, we decided to throw our shit into our room and head downstairs to get our badges. Since I was staffing, I was supposed to get a different type of badge. Instead of giving me my Staffing badge when the kid only saw the last name on my license, he ended up giving me Emptyeye’s badge (you know, because I took Emptyeye’s last name). See, that is what you get when you don’t really check somebody’s licence… I knew something was up the instant he gave me the normal badge, but I had no idea that it was really Emptyeye’s badge (at least, his original badge number). When he finally got to the front of the line to get his badge, he was told that he had already signed in. I hadn’t realized at the time what the check-in kid had done at this point, so while Emptyeye was off trying to figure out what happened with his badge, I went up to Con Ops to grab my schedule for staffing. When I finally got back downstairs, Emptyeye still hadn’t figured out what happened with his badge. I had the guys at the Main Desk look to see what badge number I was supposed to be. The guy there was the one that said I had somehow gotten Emptyeye’s badge. That’s when I figured out that I had gotten his instead. So, if you’re going to be Staffing the Registration Desk next year, be sure you check BOTH names on a license. Just a word of warning…

Funny, huh? Anyway, what MagFest wouldn’t be complete without a Late-Night / Early Morning fire alarm? It wouldn’t be MagFest, that’s what! This year’s alarm happened in the very early morning hours. Emptyeye seems to think that the alarm was around 7AM. I’m not sure… I just remember that it was shortly before the sun had completly come up, and that it was Blue Balls cold out. Each year, there seems to either be somebody that lights something on fire, or somebody finds it funny to pull the Fire Alarm at any Stupid O’Clock hour. I usually just laugh it off with everyone else. This time, however, it was just a BIT annoying, as I had practically JUST gotten to sleep. If you saw me that morning, I’m sure you would have laughed, though. All three of us in our room were VERY slow to realize that the alarm was going off. When we realized it, we got dressed. Skull Boy had time to grab his backpack (and to be fair, I wouldn’t blame him for grabbing it. It had all of his thesis notes in it. Work lost on a thesis would SUCK!!!). I grabbed socks and shoes. That’s it. No badge, nothing… Emptyeye got socks, shoes, and a coat. Emptyeye and Skull Boy were awake enough to realize that the socks and shoes go ON the feet before we leave the room. Me, not so much. I’m just glad that one of the boys realized it would be a good idea to grab a room key, as well. I tell ‘Ya… I’m definatly NOT a morning person. As evidenced by my lack of awakedness while the fire alarm was going off… I got a laugh from everyone else who was with us on the way out of the building, as I was hopping up and down putting my socks and shoes on as we were walking to a safe distance away from the building. I mean, I made it all the way outside before I even registered that my feet were touching cold ground. It all went downhill from there…. πŸ˜‰ Sort of… I kept muttering something about why we were just walking around the building, and not AWAY from the damn building that apparently had a fire in it. No one listened to me, as they probably just figured that I was just REALLY drunk, or just not awake yet. I still don’t know which one would have been the better situation…

Alright. I'm done telling MagFest Tales. I'm sure you'd much rather hear about Emptyeye and my adventures while we were at the Marathon. I'll be sure to induldge you in just a moment. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of our pictures from MagFest. πŸ™‚ IMG_1041IMG_1050
IMG_1032IMG_1031Here is their official website. Check it out. You can even see what else they had going on that weekend that yours truely missed out on.

MagFest was from January 3rd Until January 6th. I only stayed at MagFest until 10AM on the 5th. I did the hours Staffing at MagFest to pay for my badge and T-Shirt (Yes, I finally DID get my shirt in the mail 2/5. Thanks, Ryan Nichols, for hooking me up!). I did what I needed to do before leaving MagFest for good. Packed up the car with Emptyeye’s stuff. I figured I had to get to the 4H Center as soon as I possibly could. Mostly because SOMEONE in the Emptyeye Household had to help load up the UHaul Truck that would take all of our heavier and bulkier equipment from Mikwuyma’s house to the National 4H Center. (You know, the place we was helping us host AGDQ this year and the last few years…) And yes. I said a UHaul Truck! We have that many TVs and that many prizes to bring over to the Center. I had somehow mis-remembered about where we were meeting everyone. I thought SOMEONE would be at the 4H Center to do the initial let-in. Just me mis-remembering. See, this is what happens when I don’t write shit down right away… It’s all good. I eventually figured it out. In fact, once I finally got in contact with Mikuyma and figured out what the game plan was, I headed over there to help with the truck-load.

We loaded up the UHaul pretty well. Almost completly full, actually… Once we were done stuffing the UHaul and our cars full of stuff (and most of us) people, we started our journey. Somebody had the idea to start a Caravan to the 4H Center, and another Caravan to Five Guys in Alexandria to stuff ourselves full of Burgers and Fries. It’s too bad that we couldn’t get enough people to come with us. We could have stuffed that tiny branch full of some SDA Marathoners. It would have been very EPIC!!!

Once we got to the 4H Center, we got our room assignments and name badges DSC05235
DSC05238 and brought our individual stuff up to our rooms. After that, it was time to get about the business of setting up for our Marathon. I tried to pitch in where I was able. It really was fun to help everyone set up. I’m not just saying that. The past few years, I’ve meant to come by earlier enough to help out. For one reason or another, it just never worked out. I didn’t want to miss the fun this year. So I didn’t. πŸ™‚ I did some grunt work bringing things into the Center, though. However, when UA and the rest of the Tech people started to get to work, I went up to the room to settle Emptyeye and myself into the room we were assigned to. When I finally got back downstairs, most of the set-up was done, and someone had found our comfy couch and moved it into the Streaming Room. Apparently, the people at the Center had decided to get rid a few of the couches. We got you’re number folks. We STILL managed to find our couch. HA!

Besides the Comfy couch, we set up our Tech center and our prizes tables. Indeed. I DO mean tables. We had a few prizes, if you remember my mentioning this before… IMG_1063
IMG_1078More PerlersIt bears repeating, as there were a SHIT TON Prizes!!! OMG!  The Purlers! We also made sure we set up a new, improved, and larger Theater-like seating area behind the couch. If you couldn’t see it on camera, I’m sorry. We had alot of room to sit and hang out with one another, even if we were off camera. Professionl Mixer
And that was just in the Streaming Room. What you wouldn’t have seen at all, was the 3 other rooms we had set up. I’ll try to include pictures of before and after shots of each before I’m done with my list of events, etc. Don’t you worry. If they weren’t origionally mine, I’ll credit them to their owners… If I can honestly remember… πŸ˜‰

Anyway, once set-up was done, we all just hang around and enjoyed each other’s company. After awhile, I went to take a nap until Emptyeye got there. Which wasn’t until REALLY early (2:30AM or so) in the morning. I also did some knitting on the hats I’m still in the process of making the rest of, even now… I promise. These are based off the PCF logo with individual Runner names on it. I have a whole list of 18 hats I still have yet to make. If you’re on the hat list, you’ll be getting a Personal Message from me on the SDA Forums for an address I can send your hat to. Sorry if it’s awhile for me to finish them all. I’m quick, but not THAT quick! I’ll be working on them in between all that is going on in the real world now (unfortunatly) Hopefully, everyone will have their hats by the next AGDQ… I may add more as I go. I’m not sure how complete this list is. I may do more….

Damn. I keep getting distracted. Now you know why it’s taken me so long to get an offical post together. I can’t seem to keep my thoughts on one thing… Anyway, in the morning of the 6th (at about 11AM-ish) it was time to get our Marching Orders from ourn Fearless “Dictator/Leader” (You know, Mikwuyma/ Mick Williams) before we started Streaming Live to all of our viewers. He suggested that we take each comment that comes in with a donation as serious as we would take our own. That each person’s story mattered. That Cancer touches almost everyone in the world. It may be a common illness, but each person we loose to this disease matters. Each person who Survives has their own stories that are equally as important as the ones that are lost to it. Smart man, that one. He reminded us that we had gotten together with a common goal in mind. To help the Prevent Cancer Foundation raise money that they would be putting toward Research Grants that would eventually eraticate this DAMN Disease. It wasn’t just about the speed in which we played our games. It was about finding some way of getting rid of a harmful threat that everyone, the world over, has been faced with. A sometimes-deadly killer of so many. It affects us all.

Even if we personally haven’t been fighting with it and won (like Emptyeye, who told his story like a champ, mind you. SOOOOO proud. He hardly talks about it, so when he does, ya’all better listen up!!!), or known somebody who lost their battle (Emptyeye’s grandfather a few years ago and my grandmother in October of 2011), we can still fight to find a cure so that an otherwise strong individual won’t have to battle for their very lives. It’s the reason I keep making hats, sometimes at my own expense for materials. I promised my Grandmother that other Cancer patients wouldn’t have to cold heads while they are going through their treatments. I also promised her that even if she lost her fight, that one day we would see the Termination of Cancer. That I wouldn’t stop fighting on her’s and other’s behalves. Not while I have breath in me. You can be DAMN sure that I won’t let go of that promise. I’m just glad that so many of the people that keep coming to AGDQ and other Marathons, either to watch or to play games they love, also have that same goal in mind. That’s actually what makes our Marathons more and more successful every year. It Affects Us All!!!

Thanks for listening to all of that. It’s important that we remember that while we go about our day-to-day lives. That others aren’t so fortunate in their health. Also, that we have lives to about from day to day. After Mikwuyma gave his inspiring speech I just told you about, we also took a family photo. I do have both picture of our Marching Orders and Our Family Photo here. Our Marching Orders
SDA Family Group Shot

Well, we had an awesome start to the Marathon this year. Hell, even before we even started the Marathon Proper, we had SO many people coming by to donate! In fact, that was pretty much the way the entire Marathon went. Making our goals really quickly became par for the course. We crushed our initial goal of $100,000 within a few short hours of us being live. According to my FB, we hit that goal shortly after 1PM on the 8th. I could have sworn it was before that, but who knows the exact date and time. If any of my readers knows it exactly, please let me know. I woudn’t mind letting everyon else know. Our second goal was $250,000. We hit that sometime before 1PM on the 11th. Our third goal was amped up to $400,000. We hit this goal during the ending of Final Fantasy. Thanks, in part to Spikevegeta wearing that crown of sunglasses. The other part, I have to say, was because of the long time he was wearing it with one of our prizes in it, like it was a nest for the Moogle. It was pretty cool!

I’ll have to cut and paste my reactions to things as they happened. In the age of Social Media, I guess it is possible to do just that. I don’t tweet much, but I DO like to use FB games alot. I also use my FB page to promote good causes, such as AGDQ, etc. During the course of the Marathon, I was Tweeting and Posting on FB as much as I can, just so that people back home knew how well we were doing as it was happening. See below for everything I was writing, just in case you missed it the first time around:

1/6/13: 2:49PM: “OMG! It’s getting real! Can’t believe we’re almost to $16,000 already!!! @SDAspeedruns” – Twitter –
1/6/13: 5:47 PM: “Oh yeah. If you haven’t been by recently, we’re up to $15,839.69!!! HOLY COW!!! Thanks to all that have donated! Keep up the good work guys! We’ll be at our goal soon enough!” – FB –
1/8/13: 12:22PM: “So, we’re at $93,001.26 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation! If you haven’t stopped by, please do so! We’re pretty close to the goal, and we still have a TON more games to go. Especially Marc J. Dziezynski and I, who are currently scheduled to play Super Mario Brothers Wii at 5ish tomorrow. Another site you should visit, is our charity’s website:” – FB –
1/9/13: 7:40PM: “WOW!!! Can’t believe we’re up to $143,409.82 already. This week has been going by REALLY fast!!! We here at Speed Demos Archive always hope that we can raise that much money, but WOW!!! We still have a few days left! Come by and donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation if you haven’t already:” – FB –
1/10/13: 9:14AM: β€œHOLY SHITBALLS!!! We’re at $93,001 already @SDAspeedruns !!!! GET HYPE!!!” – Twitter –
1/10/13: 8:36PM: “β€Ž$203,330.43 now! We just keep on getting donations, right and left. Our next goal is $250,000. Let’s keep the donations coming! I don’t know a more worthy charity to be giving the money to! 35,697 people watching Portal 2 right now!!!” – FB –
1/11/13: 1:10PM: β€œPast our second goal now… On to the next: Total right now= $253,532.42″ – FB-
1/11/13: 3:03PM: “β€Ž$259,763.62 now. $400,000 is our goal. Come by and donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is an AWESOME charity… They specialize in grants for Cancer Research. They feed us too πŸ™‚” – FB-
1/13/13: 3:32PM: “We’re currently sitting on $420,756.84 for our donation total. OMG!!! We still have Bonus Streaming, which should start sometime… Not sure when, though… I’ll have to get back to you on that. In the meantime, time for sleep. That IHOP is putting me in a food coma!!! Nite!” – FB –
1/23/13: 1:49PM: β€œ$448,423.27 WOW!!! We beat another Goal!!! @SpeedRunsLive @SDAspeedruns @EmptyeyeDotCom @MercuryZelda”

I think that explains a lot about the events during the Marathon. I think I’ll let the timeline go, in that respect…
Links of Importance:
Prevent Cancer:

Here is the link for the first blog post that PCF put up:

Here is the link for the second blog post that PCF put up:

The Videos will be here:


I promised that I would have the rest of the text of Shout-outs in my Blog post as well. Well, here it is. I was surprised at how many people included me in their Shout-outs on the Speed Demos Archive Forums. My first shout-out, is to all of them. Thank you guys, for all the love. I almost see myself being the mother of this group, because I seem to be the one making sure everyone’s taken care of as human beings, not just the mini-celebrities you all are. You may not see it all the time, but people look up to you for your skills with games. You are all skilled and wonderful people. They see you for your artistry with your games, but I also see you as individuals. You are all wonderful, and you all bring the best (and sometimes the worst) of yourselves to the table. We are a family, you and I. I choose to accept you for who you are and what you are. Don’t ever change. Any of you! With that in mind, I’d like to say a few words to those, specifically, that I was able to hang out with this year.

My second shout-out must go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It is without their support, that this Marathon wouldn’t have been such a success. They always do what they can do to thank US for our work for them. But really, they deserve a lot of the credit. They put in so much time and PR to make sure we are as great a success as we are. You also fed us, which was key. Keeping us fed while we’re just sitting there playing video games is a key point, in my book…
I got a chance to meet a few of the Board Members this time out, and they’re all just down-to-earth people who are passionate about kicking Cancer’s ass. It’s something we found in common this year… Hats off to those wonderful people! You guys are awesome. We work as hard for you as we possibly can, but it doesn’t hold a candle to how much work for us. Thanks again for everything.

Thirdly, we must all thank our sponsors and vendors that helped us out this year. I specifically want to thank those that I had the personal pleasure of speaking with this year for in-kind donations. The Edible Arrangements shop at: 4611 N Sangamore Rd, Bethesda, MD 20816. The whole staff at that store were so nice the 3 times I was there and spoke with them all. No one on stream got to see, but that store donated a large arrangement for us Runners to eat out of. If you ever are in that area and find yourself in need of an arrangement for a special occasion (and maybe just for a snack), stop in to see them. They were absolutely AWESOME!!! Thank you ladies and gents again. We appreciated your donation! We especially liked the nice card you included with it.

Other vendors. Well Subway was big this year. As well as a few other pizza places that kept us going. Those that delivered to us in our hours of need, thank you!

As for my individual Shout-outs, here I go:
Qubit: I’m glad I could meet you this year. Wish I could say more than that. I actually blushed when I read what you had to say about me, as I don’t normally think of myself as particularly kind. But thank you. You actually made my day! πŸ˜‰

Mike 89: Dude. I’m glad you were able to come this year. You’re just a cool dude, all around. BTW, I never said I didn’t have a Devil inside of me. I’m just usually better behaved… Thanks for the Anniversary wishes, as well… Glad you liked the run, even though I haven’t touched the game much since AGDQ…

Cool Matty: Dude! Playing maid (and mother) to you guys was fine. It was actually the least I could do. I didn’t really have much in the way of a speedrun or other special job description, so it actually made me feel like I had something to do that was productive while we were all there. The New York Room mess was partly my fault, too. Remember, I was the Caffeine addict who couldn’t live without her Kuerig for the week or so that we would be there. There were a few people who pitched in to help, yes. Don’t feel bad at all. It was a pleasure, really.

To those that drove people around to places so I could continue working on hats. Specifically Valiuse. Thank you so much man! I’m only sorry you didn’t take enough time to yourself to enjoy the festivities more. It was a real pleasure to help you out toward the end. We all needed to get around to places this year. On a selfish note, thanks for those that did a majority of the driving. As I said to Valiuse, it made me not have to take too many trips. That way, I could use the time to make hats. I just wish I got to hang out with you all more…

Kari: Hey Girl! MagFest isn’t really my scene, but yeah. It would have been nice to hang out there. Really wish I had had more time to teach you how to knit without the loom, but I guess that’s something else to look forward to when we get together again. I’m glad that we got to hang out together in the NY Room as well. I’m just glad I got over my own shyness around everyone to come down and knit there. It meant so much to me to know that you were there to keep me company. I’m shy, but once you get me to open up, I don’t stop talking, like ever… πŸ˜‰

Dragondarch: It was a pleasure keeping you company. In fact, I probably should thank you for keeping me company as well. I was definatly trying to stay out in the open as much as I could, even though I still feel like an outsider when I come to these Marathons. Keeping to the NY room was as close to out in the open as I got, and I’m sorry to those who never came down to the NY room much… I never got to meet you.

TJP: DUDE! No you’re awesome! If you’re nerdy, then I am too. When we all get together, it’s like the freaking Nerd UN. You guys may have the Game side, but I’ve got the movies, books, and music side of nerd-dom. Like I said before, I’m actually just glad there was something I could do to help you guys. You were doing all the work with your games and stuff. I just felt a little out to see when we all get together. I have to say, thank you for letting me play mom a bit. It gave me something to do, besides mess up a perfectly good SMB Wii run… πŸ˜‰

Puwexil: I’m humbled that you count me on your list of great SDA friends, and that you looked forward to seeing me. I don’t pretend to know or understand everything going on in your games, but it was cool to be roomies this year. I’m just sorry if EE and My snoring kept either you or UA awake… I’m also sorry that I didn’t try to warn you… You’re a cool dude, and I’m glad we got to know each other better this year.

UA: Roomie #2! See my previous apology about the snoring thing. You did awesome with your runs, even if the games totally wanted to troll you. I’m glad we got to know each other better, and that you were able to get more sleep this time around. I had to say, I was kinda worried that you wouldn’t, given your track record for not sleeping during Marathons. πŸ˜‰

Josh: Glad to hang out with you again this year! Thanks again for the help in the NY room!

Withhelde: Glad that you felt more comfortable with yourself this year. Don’t think that if EE and I come next year, that I won’t still try to teach you how to speed-knit like me… πŸ˜‰ Also, sorry about the Wiggler thing… EE has his playful side that leads to stuffed toys being held for ransom. What can I say, he’s EE! πŸ˜‰

PJ: Release your Shout-outs now!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re officially the last one to do so, man! Even I did some shout-outs this year.

Mecha Ricter: Dude. Awesome job! Also, Mecha Flex!!!!

EE, Mecha, and Puexil: 4 words about how we should live our lives? Here they are: “Get outta Bed? Flex!”

Tompa: 3 words: Why no peppers?

Hannah: Thank you for coming in to help me take care of the boys. We all appreciated the food and Company you brought with you. You actually saved a part of the Bonus Stream as well. I’m glad you are a fellow knitter too. Even more glad, that you were able to share your story with our viewers. Like I told you then, I knit as much as I do, because I made a Deathbed promise to my grandmother to use my skill to make hats for Cancer patients. So that they would never want for comfort while battling for their lives. I hope to see you next year!

Breakdown: Ever the king of the pile of chairs… Thanks for all your hard work to make AGDQ happen.

Mike: DUDE! It’s troll-ey Subterrania! And Garbology. On a more serious note, thank you for letting me help out when it comes to the Marathon. You put so much time and effort into making AGDQ happen, that I feel like I can never do enough to help you out. Don’t work so hard that you come up with some trendy heart problem, K? You’re an awesome dude, no matter how many times we call you our Fearless Dictator. We only tease you about that because we love you! You are who you are. You can’t help that you want things to go right for all of us. Again, sorry the Trip Coordinator thing didn’t happen this year. I’m bad, I know. I just, I dunno. Dropped the ball, I guess. I’m just glad that RANE was able to do it again this past year.

RANE: Thanks for being a boss and picking up my slack this year when it came to Coordinating rides this year. I would have done it, but you said you wanted it back. So, there you go… πŸ˜‰ It was nice to hang out with you again, though. Yay for Google Docs! Thanks for being patient enough to explain how to share them, though…

A shout-out to Die Hard! Definatly the game that wouldn’t die. Imagine that! To more Die Hard for AGDQ2014… Hell, the game should be President! It got a lot of donations during AGDQ!!!

“Fucking Hacking Bitches!” – Thank you! I now know what Speed Running really is. Breaking the game into a million freaking pieces. Well done sir! You’ve put that feeling I have into words. To the rest of you, You’re all a bunch of Fucking Hacking Bitches, and I loved hanging out with every one of you! Don’t change who you are, as you are great. Just the way you are. Remember that.

To the rest of the world, I suggest you don’t mess with my SDA Family. If you do, you’ll be messing with Mamma Eye. These individuals all have hearts of gold and can pack a mean punch to Cancer’s Gonads. We are, in fact, Goal Makers. Have been for years, and will be for a long time to come. Don’t forget that… We WILL be back!

We all need things to remember…

We all need things to remember I was just sitting here thinking of all of the times I’ve ranted and raved here about my grandmother and her insensitiveness to my feelings, and how the rest of her family thought of her actions. As always, there will always be something that I’ll say or that I’ll read that will remind me of something she said to me. For example, there was a picture posted of FB today (and if you aren’t my friend on FB, then I’ve posted the pic here for you as well) that reminded me of the best of times with that woman. It’s times like these that made me realize she wasn’t all that bad. She definatly loved us all. I’m almost sure of it. I wouldn’t be so mad at her sometimes, if I didn’t think she REALLY did love us all. The reason I would always seem to get at mad at her for one thing or other, was I was disappointed in her apparent in-ability to love all of her Kids and Grandkids at once. She definatly played her current favorites against the rest when it served her purpose. It seemed like the older we all got, the more she played us against one another. Which saddens me to this day, is the part I played in all that. Even a year or so since she passed, I’m still dumb-founded out how mad you can get at someone who you love.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love her. I was disappointed in her issues, but I still love her. It’s all the good things I remember about her that keep me sane. I remember the times she sang to me until I stopped crying (and I WAS a stubborn person, even when I was younger) when I just wouldn’t stop. I remember our times we played together while my parents went out {to keep from killing me, I’m sure… JK ;)}. All the times she told me to be strong and to hold my head up high. The times I felt more comfortable talking to her about stuff than my own parents. She could be so kind sometimes, and then so cruel in others. I’m not going to bore you with the details, actually. As they’re not important to why I’m actually bringing this all up.

I think I’ve decided recently to start forgiving her for all the shit she put me through in the years before her death. It’s time. It really is… I think I choose to carry on with the good things she taught me, and try to forget about the bad. All that hate and regret has been slowly making me nuts! I don’t want to hate her. In fact, I never STARTED out that way. I just couldn’t stop where my disappointment in her was leading me. It was clearly leading me down a path I don’t want to visit on a permanent basis…

What brought you down this line of thinking, you say? Well, besides the picture I mentioned on FB, I’ve been just doing some thinking recently about all the hate and ugliness I’ve been holding on to in my life. In the wake of the bombings in Boston, I’ve been thinking about what kind of person had to have held on to all the pain and hatred in their lives for those around them, and to take it out on SOOOO many people. People that were celebrating the good in life. The Joy of helping each other make it across a finish line to raise money for different charities.

I know I have anger issues. That’s been a “DUH!!!!” moment for those that knew me during my teenage (and before) years… I just don’t want to be controlled by my anger and disappointment anymore. I choose to try to let it go. I know I’ll be happier if I can… When people expressed their anger at the bombings in Boston, I can’t help wonder at human nature and what makes people turn all of their inner bullshit onto others. We all have our issues to deal with? Yes, yes we do. You all clearly know about mine, now…

In my effort to change who I am inside, I’ve decided to help MTI in his quest to help out the Rize Up Gaming community ( in every endeavor they undertake. Their mantra has always been “Hate Leads To Anger – Anger Leads To The Dark Side.” Believe me, I’m a testament to that statement… Rize Up Gaming has been the fore-front community when it comes to guarding against Cyber Bullying. They find it easier to not hate somebody for being different. Rather, they would prefer to celebrate it.

So, in that vein, I should tell you about their most recent “Project” if you will. They are currently hosting a Marathon for Team Ethan ( Ethan was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in February of 2010. Team Ethan centers around treatments and seemingly Random Acts of Kindness. Which is why the Rev (Rize Up Gaming’s fearless leader) felt the need to help them out. Please stop by to donate. They’ll be running the Marathon into the early parts of this week. Please go by and help out, if you can. The message is love. Forget your hate and love your family and neighbors this week. Hugs are good too. πŸ˜‰

Just remember, I’m not perfect. I just know that hating someone who needs your love instead is almost counter-productive. It’s hurtful to them, and to yourself as well. ❀ you guys for listening! Now, back to your regularly-scheduled Monday! I know, I know. Groan! πŸ˜‰