Holy Hell! Over 1 Million??!!??

So, if you weren’t watching the end of AGDQ this year, you were certainly missing a lot. The end came too quick, but it was worth being up until the very late hours of the night to see. The donators seem to want to race Obdajr (Playing through Chrono Trigger, a VERY long game, even to speedrun) to the Million Dollar Mark. Everyone watching the tracker that night, especially yours truly, was blown away by the generosity of others. Would have been a better sight if I was on-site to see it all… (But that’s another subject for another post…)

The Following Are The Final Stats For AGDQ 2014:
Donation Total: $1,031,098.00 Donator Total: 28088 Max/Avg Donation: $10,000.00/$36.71

I’ll let that soak in for a bit. There’s not really much to say about that… When I get over the shock of that, I’ll let you know…
In the meantime, if I don’t post for a bit, I’m just on the busy side with a project I can’t (and won’t) disclose right now. Not until it’s a fully formed idea, and not just a grandiose idea in my head. When I know I’m ready, you all will be the first ones to know. Trust me on that! šŸ™‚


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