Whoa, Cool Dream!

Morning everyone!
Just wanted to tell you a little about the dream I had last night. ‘Cause this one I want to share. It’s too cool NOT to share. EE and I were at Compounce, and there was this new wooden rollercoaster that stretched out over the Lake. There was actually this ramp that made us jump over a break in the tracks, so that the Ferry could still go across. And the Rides people had everything timed out so that it could work where no one was using the tracks while the Ferry was scheduled to be under it. Then I realized that the Lake was open for swimming again… Hmm.

I told EE about it, and he says “That sounds pretty cool.”
Highly unlikely that it’ll be a thing, but “Dream Logic” as EE would say.

So, Compounce, get on that. I’ll be your first test subject, don’t you worry… 😉

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