Daww, It’s all Grow-ed Up…

As you can probably see, there have been a few changes around here lately. I’ve finally broken down and changed the Titles here as well as the Theme. It is a highly modified version of a free theme you can find at WordPress.com. You’ll also notice, I OWN this bitch now (Dreamsilver2112.com, that is). No more sharing the space with a web server who’s themes I felt I needed to keep. You know how it goes. My craving to branch out and take control of something in my life, especially when everything’s up in the air. (Another subject for another time, trust me) I needed more inspiration to keep posting and to keep things going. You know, the age-old Writer’s reasoning for imparting some drastic change in how they do things…

So, Speaking of posts, you’ll be happy to know that I FINALLY got to post #100 (as in, the one you’re reading…) after all this time. I wanted to do something a little different than just writing about my week. For the life of me, though, I had NO clear idea what I was thinking I wanted to do. I think I should write a bit of this and that. That’s been what the past few weeks of my life have been. I’ve been thinking pretty long and hard about what I wanted to put in this post. It’s the moment where you can’t help but think “Go Big, or Go Home!” I hope to go big, in this case. Let’s see if you can follow me to the end without getting REALLY bored…

The last post, I mentioned a dream I had. I realized that morning, that I hadn’t mentioned anything dream-like in a bit. It was very ironic, as this blog started out as a dream. A dream to reach out to potential readers and to inspire me to keep up with my writing. The realization that I hadn’t mentioned a dream here in awhile, also made me realize that I hadn’t really had a dream worth remembering in awhile. Been too tired, so some such shit to do. You know the excuses… I just think that all this worrying crap has made all of my creative juices go out the window (and out the doors, down the drain, and well, you get the picture).

I further realized that there have been many ideas that I’ve had since this blog’s inception that I have never really gotten around to. I started awhile back of doing odd reviews, marking differences between books and the movies that Hollywood has made from popular books. That was fun while it lasted. Some I gave up on, some I quite frankly grew bored of. I think I’ve decided that I want to try to keep up with some of those. I’ve been concocting a list of those that I want to do next, so you have something to look forward to over the next few months or so…

Book Reviews
Books VS Movies Series
State Of The Silver, Week Ending 3/16
To those looking for my knitting projects, you have to click the link and scroll down past the first little bit. You’ll see pictures, and then you can stop, if you don’t want to read the rest of this section…

I could always do reviews of the books I’ve been reading. Trust me, there have been a few (and by a few books, I mean a SHITLOAD) I’ve been reading over the past few months. I’m just not sure I’m willing to share that much information about how my mind works (or, by extension, my reading preferences 🙂 ). I’ve got a Kindle Fire, so it’s easier to download free books. I do that a lot. Trust me. I like to read. Have been doing so since before 1st grade…

Okay, okay…. I read a lot of romance novels. There. I said it. I’ve been reading a lot of Sci-fi based romance reading over the past little while. Like Laurell K. Hamilton’s books, for example. I love her Anita Blake series. I’m on book 18, titled “Flirt.” I literally just started this book. Her strong-willed major character who happens to collect men as she kicks ass and raises the dead is probably one of my favorites of all time.
Anita Blake is sarcastic and says what’s on her mind. Maybe that’s why I can relate so well with who she is. The character may be strong, but Laurell does a good job of writing about all of Anita’s little quirks, fears, and hang-ups. I can always see her as a real character, who just happens to get herself into the occasional bout of trouble. Not only do you have Anita, but you also have all of her “sexy boy-toys,” if you will. They all have their parts to play in the stories, and you don’t feel that the sex scenes Laurell writes in are just “Insert part A into Part B.” The scenes play a part in the main storyline as well. You get to know each of the men in turn. How they tick, as well as how they relate to Anita and all of the others in Anita’s Entourage.
I can go on and on about each character as well, but reading really is believing. Start with the beginning (Book 1: “Guilty Pleasures”) and work your way through it if you have some time. You’ll find out what I mean as you go along. Don’t let the names of the books throw you off the scent of the series. Each book can stand-alone, but once you start, why would you want to skip around? I know I didn’t ;).

I’ve also been reading Janet Evanovich’s numbers series staring Stephanie Plum, Bounty Hunter. I’m currently on Number 4, “Four to Score.” The first book titled “One For The Money” was recently adapted into a movie staring Katherine Heigel. I’ll be doing a VS in a moment. However, I want to mention why I find the series so fascinating first. The character of Stephanie Plum is another strong character, from New Jersey this time, who’s not afraid to speak her mind for the most part. In the first book, you meet her as she starts on her journey to becoming a Bounty Hunter. She’s still learning the job, even as far down the line as the book I’m in. The scrapes she finds herself in are pretty funny. Even to someone who doesn’t really watch Crime Dramas, or who doesn’t have any experience in Detective Work.
The occasional appearance of Joe Morelli (her Cop, sometimes-lover) is usually the catalyst for her rage. I can totally see myself being pissed off by his character at times. He can be sweet to her, but a lot of the time, he gets all “male chauvinist” when it comes to her lack of skills as a Bounty Hunter. Or maybe that’s what I see, not what Janet meant to portray the character as. I’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out, after all. I just practically started it. Maybe Janet has bigger plans for the couple. I only just recently found this series, so I don’t want anyone to give anything away. I’ll get there, don’t you worry :)!

I have all of the above-mentioned books on my Kindle for my reading pleasure at my leisure. I love both series, and am tending to read one ‘n’ one. Everyone once in awhile, I do feel the need to read something completely different, and not part of a Series. Interspersed in there on my Kindle, are books that you don’t normally acknowledge to your mother, grandmother, etc. Some that you’re not really embarrassed to read, but you still don’t want to be caught in the break room reading (just on the off-chance that one of your bosses walks into the room). You know the ones, right?

Anyway, I’ve been reading so many titles that are considered to be “short copies” of the real books. These are the portions of the books that the Authors are willing to let go for free download. I don’t blame them. Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t want all my hard work to be leaked out for free, but what they do let go isn’t really enough of a book to review. Amazon has this thing where you can click how many stars you give the book, and where you can review the book. I dunno if that’s fair. People sometimes write scalding reviews based on the “free books” portion, and say that they won’t pay for more of the book. I give it a try and see if I would be willing to pay for the rest of the book the Author has spent time on. That’s my piece about that, though. You all be free to disagree…

So, reviews of those books may be out for that reason. I haven’t really bought/borrowed any books recently TO review, though. I can always take care of that in a NY minute, when I want to.

I also thought of continuing the Book VS Movie Series I started back awhile ago. I’m not sure if I even have the reader-base for that, though. Meh, who knows. I was pretty fun to do. I’m always doing little things like that whenever I go to movies. It’s something about the dis-connect between the vision I’ve had in my head as a reader, and the (oftentimes) let down in the movie that was created. All the Special Effects in the world cannot make up for a mis-adaptation of an author’s well-thought-out novel. I’m just saying…
I’ll have to see what’s out there and what Hollywood is deciding to make movies out of which books. That’s a bit of research for another time I suppose. I DO want to keep up with it, though. You may yet see more of that. That’s all I can promise you at this point…

I wanted to share with you a bit of my week in review. We can call this section “State of the Silver” if you will… This week has been a mixed bag of everything. It’s had it’s up and does, like most weeks. Forgive me, but I’m actually going to lump the past several weeks together, as some part of my week started the week before. Let’s start off with my pet projects. They are definatly the high point in my week, after all.

This week, I managed to red through 3 short books, at least. I always seem to loose count. I really go through the short ones really quickly. I also managed to read through several chapters of “Four To Score.” So far, so good. No too much to say there, for the most part. I actually started that on a few days ago, so don’t give it away, okay. I want to find out what happens for myself. I don’t often carve out enough time to read nowadays. Just before bed, which is actually a pity. I used to spend hours upon hours reading and living within the worlds created by my favorite authors. Ahh, the days where I didn’t have any commitments. It was a good life before the realization that jobs awaits us in the morning…

Oh wow, here I am getting sentimental and stuck in my own past. It’s no wonder I’ve been having trouble concentrating! Let’s see, besides doing some reading, I’ve also finished the needlepoint I mentioned a few entries ago. I still can’t post a picture, sorry. I still haven’t given it to the person I made it for. I’ve also started another pretty needlepoint. That one I can’t show quite yet either. I’ll post photos when I can. Sorry, another present.

Let’s see, I also did a lot of knitting this week. I managed to help someone at work learn how to start one of her projects this week. She’s been trying to figure out how to start it for awhile. She knows how to knit, but was never able to figure out how to cast-on. So, there’s that. That alone is pretty good of me. See, I DO teach ;)!!!

I also did 20 rows on a shawl that I’ve been making for myself. It’s starting to look great. See, I actually have pictures of the project as it is. See? Shawl 3/17A

Shawl 3/17B

Shawl Frill

My Pattern

I’m going to include my pattern as well. It is a modified pattern of the one I found on the Lion’s Brand website. I wanted to adapt the pattern to fit both my intended yarn type, as well as my gauge. If you don’t know what that mean, it can be summed up by “the number of stitches I can get into an inch of my work.“ It usually changes by the type of yarn I use, as well as the type of pattern I’m trying to create. Most of the time, however, it may vary with the size of needles I’m using in a particular project. Below the fold here is the pattern I made. I’m started using size 7 round needles on the largest cable in my kit. Now, I’ve down-sized to the second largest cable. Basically, I ran out of loops to stretch around it… Just a hint if you want to try it…

Note: This will have to be part of a secondary post, as this one is WAY too long as it is…

This week, I was also working on several hats as well. I have pictures of the one I completely finished. The other one that I’m currently working on as well. I keep talking about the “Knitting To Quit Cancer” project, but I don’t think I’ve ever showed you the hats I’ve been working on. It’s about time, I think. Finished Green Hat

Completed Hat 3/17

Garden OF Even A

Garden of Eden D

Garden Of Eden B

Garden Of Eden C

Let’s see, I haven’t been watching a lot of live TV over the past week. Mostly movies I have imported to my laptop. I also re-watched Seasons 1-4 of Supernatural on my laptop. I really enjoy the storyline. The past few seasons, I haven’t gotten the opportunity to watch a majority of the episodes live. Some, I was even bored with. This past week, however, has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve actually fallen back in love with the characters and storyline.

I try to make it a point to watch TV on the day the episodes premier. However, my DVR is pretty full right now with all of the episodes I missed. I watch a lot of shows, and missed a fair amount of them during Valentine’s Rush when I was working pretty much constantly (That topic, I may get to later…)
I did, however, manage to finish watching all the episodes I had recorded over the past couple of months on a few of the shows I usually watch. When I list them all, try not to be impressed. Just remember, I’m catching you up from over the last several weeks, not just this week… Let’s see, there was at least 2 weeks of Jeopardy that I had to catch up on. Then I was catching up on “Once Upon A Time,” an episode or two of “Grimm,” then the entire season so far of “The Dead Files.” To be honest, I’m not even sure what else is even left on my DVR to watch. I’ll have to check that out this week. So, the TV category was boring, huh? Perhaps, I kinda meant it to be so…

That’s okay though…In other news, I think I have Lego Lord of the Rings just about done. Emptyeye and I played the game together while streaming this past Wednesday. We made my percentage of the game grow from 89% to 93%. We had some fun until the last half hour, when we both got really frustrated with one of the dumbest levels (and this is according to both Emptyeye and I) in the game. It’s the level in The Dead Marshes where we have to follow Gollum and hide from the damn flying bad-dude who’s out to get us. Quite frankly, the mechanics of the “hiding” part of the level just SUCK!!! You can’t just walk, you have to duck and crawl your way through it. Which is just plain dumb!

So, besides lots of Knitting, TV and Gaming this week, there’s some good & bad news, as well as some REALLY crappy news in my world this week. Yeah. Let’s go with the mixed bags after we talk about what my boys have been up to this week. That’s a much more fun topic. Let’s start with Emptyeye.

This past week, Emptyeye did a lot of streaming. He seemed to enjoy his time off, which is good, as his other bit of news may be a bit of a hindrance to him streaming all the damn time… Sorry to all constant EE Viewers… To those that weren’t paying attention when he said it (at least 5 times, I believe), Emptyeye now has a job that will pay him more money. Yes, that’s right folks. Emptyeye got himself more money to go back to work for the same company. This means less stress on our financial stuff, as well as less stress on yours truly. Seriously, I’m going to make his good news about me, I guess??? Wow, Am I conceited and self-centered… For the rest of what’s going on in his neck of the world, be sure to check out HIS site. He’ll be able to explain it all that much better.

My baby and the Trolliest of Cats, Mario. He has been a busy little boy this week. He always continues to amaze me at how much he can wreck just ONE corner of our couch, even though he has TOO MANY scratching posts. This includes one right UNDER his favorite corner. Somewhere, Homer Simpson is hitting himself and yelling “Doh!…”

Let’s see, he got a round toy over the Holidays, where he enjoys chasing the ball round and around. Sometimes he even tries to lay on top of it. Silly Mario! You’re doing it wrong…. 😉

This week, he was especially playful, and kept jumping up on the high ledge in the Condo. Made mommy nervous EVERY time he did! In his most recent bought of playfulness, Mario has taken to hiding behind things. When we go looking for him, he jumps out with a loud “MEOW!” It’s too cute! In fact, he almost scared mommy when he did that this morning… He saw m get up and closed our bedroom door behind me. When I turned back around after putting my clothes on the ledge, he had disappeared. I looked over the ledge, no Mario. I go into the bathroom to start the shower and he jumps out at me as soon as I opened up the curtain to do so. I think he learned that from me. He’s seen mommy do that to daddy from time-to-time and now thinks it’s okay. You know what, I can’t stay mad at the little guy!

Mario still continues to dial up ChattyCat.EXE when it’s time for mommy and daddy to go to sleep, but he makes it up to us in the morning. He will stick to our feet like glue and when we are finally still again, he will lay down on his back and practically BEG for belly rubs. Being the suckers we are, both mommy and daddy can’t resist that cuteness. After that, though, he’s a Daddy’s Cat. When I get home from work, he will start hopping on Daddy’s computer. Emptyeye’s pretty good at just pulling Mario into his lap and just petting him. When Mario jumps on the computer when Emptyeye’s streaming, he doesn’t always find it so funny and will. That’s fine with me, however. After that, Mario will come and cuddle with me! 🙂

See, I can talk about Mario and his escapades all day long! Before I leave the subject, though, I wanted to impart several pieces of knowledge. Mario turned 2 last Friday. Bad mommy and daddy almost forgot to get him a cake to celebrate that he’s another year older. Gave him PLENTY of hugs and belly rubs/pets to make up for it, don’t you worry! 🙂 And #2, Mario is on Twitter. MarioTheCat2112. Follow him if you use Twitter too. He tweets about what he’s been up to, from time to time.

Okay. So let’s start off with a bad-news situation. Since it has Mario in it, here’s the perfect place to tell this particular story… In typical “Klutzy-Silver” fashion, I took a bit of a slide down our stairs again. Well, on Saturday I did, at any rate. For the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing that the pain in my ankle has been slowly getting worse. On Saturday, my toes kinda felt numb. Dumb ass me had Mario following almost as close as he normally does, and decided to go downstairs when my toes were so numb. Mario stopped at the top landing and I didn’t realize it until I slipped down to the bottom landing. It was only 3 or 4 stairs, but it still scared me and helped re-injure my already hurting foot.

Mario did a cute little “Meow” and ran to get daddy. He was scratching at the door to get in. However, when I finally got up and laughed it all off as I continued down the stairs, Mario gave up and came downstairs to sit in my lap. He’s good that way… After that, I ended up having to wrap my foot up and go into work in flip-flops, which is against dress code (Even in the Spring)… When I got home from work, I spent a lot of time with my foot up and ice on it. Same for Sunday as well. It’s getting better, but it still hurts a bunch…

Speaking of work, we’ve gotten new hours. No one is completely happy that we are all working part-time hours (under 30 hours). We all have bills to pay, and even 40 hours a week wasn’t helping… Our greatest hope, is that now that we’ve been signing up for Full-Time hours, we get Full-Time Benefits. That would be great, actually. Definatly a change to all the half-illegal crap that was going on before. We’ll see… As Emptyeye would say, “Changes Are Hard, Let’s Go Shopping!!!”

Okay. So onto the biggest pile of crap that both Emptyeye and I had to take care of this past week. My freaking car. I have a Green 2002 Mazda 626 that just decided to give out. Emptyeye tried to take it to go get food for us a few Mondays back. 10 seconds later, I get a panicked call from him saying “Your car won’t go forward.” Let me tell you, I was pissed. I thought it was just Emptyeye (who doesn’t really know ANYTHING about my car) was just pulling my leg. That it was just having trouble going between the gears. We ended up having to get the Piece of Crap towed to the Car Doctor.
The prognosis, RIP car. RIP. Yeah. A transmission for my car is FUCKING expensive as hell. So much so, that the estimate was well over $2,000 for a “Used” one. Meh, no thanks. “Used” means another crappy version of a crappy transmission. A “New” one was over $3,000. Well, not new, as Mazda stopped making my transmission years ago. It would have to be a “re-manned” one. Apparently, there’s been a lot of an issue with the transmission from that year… It’s just a known thing.
So pretty much, it’s suck the profits on the old car, or look forward to getting a new car. Guess which one Emptyeye picked. I’m actually surprised he was wanting to go that route. But to be honest, My car was just getting to that ripe old age of “So old that it’s not worth fixing all that’s wrong with it.” You know how that goes… Still not happy about it, even though I know that. My car has been mine for so long, that I know every inch of the space under her hood. I know her ins and outs. I had everything just the way I wanted her to be, for a car that old. Call me sentimental. I’m mad that she finally gave out, but I’m gonna miss her…

In amongst My Car Drama, Emptyeye’s car decided to start leaking something weird. We haven’t quite figured out what. Also, his car got a huge crack in it. I took care of that Monday, though, thanks to Safelight Tech Mike. So, there’s that…

Okay. Onto the final thing I want to talk about. I wanted to talk to you about the lack of writing I’ve been doing this week. I did a bit of journaling this week. Discussed where I want my current story to go. Didn’t really do any writing in the chapters themselves, though. That’s pretty bad. I’ll have to do that later. The only triumph in that failure, is that I got a kick-ass blog post, if I don’t say so myself… 🙂

Anyway, I’ve got to go back to my projects now. See you soon!


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