Queen of the Nerd-dom

That’s ONE way of dealing with it…

Okay, on FB this morning, someone had put the following video up. I thought you’d like to know, that’s ONE way of dealing with being bullied for being a nerd. I’ve always said “Thank You!” and moved on. People need to know that being a nerd is a GOOD thing. How many people who have been called nerds in this world, have gone on to create inventions that we use every day? How many of us have managed to grow up to be well-adjusted individuals who give back to society using our “geekiness.” (I know. I think I just made up that word…)

Will suggests pitying the other person. That’s all well and good. However, I’ve always been able to stop those individuals by saying simply “Thank you!” Then I smile as if I know something they do not.

Geeks and nerds are simply sexy in a way that most titled “Jocks” are not. You need to know that I have always been proud to be titled a “Nerd” or a “Geek.” I know I’m not that smart, but it feels good to hear others say that. We all have our hang-ups about given that title when we’re young, but if you can get past that and simply use the brains given to you, then you’re better off than those that let their brawn get the better of them.

On the flip-side of that coin, don’t my fellow geekers get up in the faces of those that have brawn. Yes, they may have muscles. However, remember, like Will said they may have things that THEY get excited about. Case in point this Guy, Frank from Opposite Worlds, is excited about being a NYC Firefighter and his family. He is also “REALLY jacked” as Emptyeye put it. Everyone on the show was trying to count him out and trying to push him out because of how crazy muscle he is. He’s actually a pretty smart individual. I have to admit, I thought he was just a “Dumb Jock” when I was first watching the show. Nope. He went up against some other “Smart Individuals” and came out the victor. He called it “Beast Mode,” but I just call it playing a smart game, and getting physical when he needed to. See at the beginning, the creators of the show didn’t want to let us know what people did for a living unless the person mentioned it many times. After awhile, they stopped caring. I think this kind of hurt Frank’s rep. People across America didn’t know he was a Fireman (which would have explained his ‘being jacked’ REALLY quickly), and jumped on the “he’s just a dumb jock” bandwagon. Stupid, stupid prejudiced Americans! Tricks are for Kids!

I pulled out Frank’s Exit Interview, as that was probably a good example. See what you see when you first look at the guy. Then move on to the next video. This is how Frank got to be the winner. By being smart about the last puzzle given him. If you don’t want to watch the whole 40+ minutes, you can always skip to 35:53. That is where the final challenge actually starts. The rest, is almost “Filler.” However, if you weren’t watching the series, picking up from the beginning will show you what the show was all about, and how both Frank and JR (the skinny brat that represented “the brains” in this equation, if you will) got to this point.

Frank’s Final Interview
Opposite Worlds Finale

Frank’s Bio on SYFY.com: Frank is a former NYC police officer who was on the force during 9/11, and is a current firefighter. Gregarious and good-natured, Frank is a family man. He plays stay-at-home dad on his off days while his wife works. He grew up in Brooklyn, in a cash-strapped, traditional Italian Catholic family. Frank is extremely competitive, keeping a seven-day-a-week workout regimen.

So, my point with all this, is don’t be afraid to be who you are. People who are stupid enough to call your names don’t know you for the great person you are. Make sure you prove them wrong with the way you live your life!!!


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