Re-SOUND-ing The Gate

Stargate Pic for Blog 12.12

Last time we discussed the effect of lighting in the movie Stargate.  This week, I want to discuss the effect that sound has on the movie as a whole.  We do not always realize how much we rely on sound to help us piece together a story.  In fact, there are three basic categories of sound in every movie we’ve ever gone to.


The first category is that of the movie’s Dialogue track.  Put simply, this category is the words that the actor spoke while the movie was being shot.  The dialogue is considered to be diegetic, or part of the world of the film.  In the case of Stargate, the dialogue track plays an important part in telling the story and shows us the emotion that we are meant to feel throughout the course of the movie.  The writers and actors mesh their talents together in such an awesome way that the viewers believe in the world that has been created.  Tell me what you think about the dialogue in this clip.  It’s the perfect example of how the character of Jack O’Neil is portrayed from this point in the series on.


The second category is that of the movie’s Sound Effects track.  Put simply, this category is the sounds you would normally have if you were in that particular situation.  The sound effects are considered to also be diegetic to the environment that has been created for this movie.  Some sound effects that are included are completely natural to the real world.  However, since Stargate is part of the Science Fiction genre, there are some foreign sounds that had to be created.  The three biggest that the Sound Creators had to worry about, is the sound of the gate’s inner track moving, the chevrons locking, and the whooshing sound the gate makes as it connects to another gate.  When the sound editors put the natural and alien together, that’s when the Sound Effects magic happens.  Each sound effect meshes so well together that you can’t always tell the difference between the natural an the alien, if you will.  But don’t just take my word for it.  See for yourself!


The third category is that of the movie’s Music track (or Soundtrack, as it has become affectionately known).  Put simply, this category is the sounds you hear that are not natural to the world that has been created when they are shooting a movie.  It is completely non-diegetic, if you will.  In this case, the music is added after the whole movie is mixed together.  with Stargate, the Sound Editors thought they needed to flush out the movie with what ended up being a killer opening theme that carried through the three series and two full-length films that followed it.  The theme set the tone and helped create a brand that was easily recognizable from Movie to Series and back.  You knew that you were watching a Stargate show (or movie) when you heard this theme.  You expected to be taken on an action-packed adventure, just by listening to the original Stargate Movie’s main theme.  Just listen for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean!


It is my belief that if any of these three categories were changed at all, that the whole franchise would not have been as popular as it was.  If the movie’s creators had not had the foresight to not take themselves too seriously and put in dialogue that wasn’t as entertaining, then the series Stargate SG-1 wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did.  Nevermind the two spin-offs or two following movies.  If the sound effects didn’t mesh as well as they did, the audience wouldn’t have believed in the world that was created.  The same  goes for the main theme song that was created.  By meshing all three of these categories as well as they did, the Sound Editors certainly did their best to help create the expectation of an adventure-packed and very entertaining experience!

Well done Sirs, Well Done!



The Entire Sound Crew:

Bill Baldwin first assistant sound editor
Noah Blough sound editor
Terry Burke foley artist
Jeff Courtie adr mixer
Shelley Croft foley assistant
Patrick Cyccone Jr. re-recording mixer
Michael Dandy sound editor
Terrance Emerson boom operator
John P. Fasal special processed sound effects (as John Paul Fasal)
Roger Fearing sound apprentice
Tammy Fearing sound assistant
Ann Fisher sound assistant
Cameron Frankley sound editor
Sandy Gendler supervising sound editor
Mike Goodman sound editor
James A. Gore foley assistant
Scott G.G. Haller sound assistant (as ‘Krispy’ G.G.)
Harry Harris sound editor
Kevin Hearst sound editor (as ‘Raoul’)
Evelyn Hokanson adr recordist
Ethan Holzman sound apprentice (as Ethan R. Holzman)
Andrea Horta sound editor
Alan Howarth processed sound effects
Lenny Jennings sound editor (as Lenny Jenning)
Jon Johnson processed sound effects
Ken J. Johnson processed sound effects (as Ken Johnson)
Tim Song Jones sound intern (as Tim Jones)
Richard Kelly sound assistant
James Ketcham consultant: DTS
Val Kuklowsky supervising sound editor
Mark R. La Pointe sound editor (as Mark La Pointe)
Jeff Levison consultant: DTS
Andy Malcolm foley artist
Barbara McCart adr recordist
Peggy Names cable person
Scott Purdy additional re-recording mixer
Gary Raymond cable person
David M. Ronne production sound mixer (as David Ronne)
Greg P. Russell re-recording mixer
Lou Solakofski foley recordist
Mike Szakmeister sound editor
Cherie Tamai sound assistant
Chrys Theodorou sound assistant
Bill Van Daalen sound editor
Tony Van den Akker foley recordist (as Tony Van Den Akker)
Robert S. Warren stereo sound consultant: Dolby
Don White additional re-recording mixer
Ben Wilkins sound editor
Chris Winter sound assistant
Daniel Yale sound editor


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