Why Snow Makes Me Go Crazy…

That should be the title on everyone’s mind.  If you haven’t heard, we here in New England (and I’m including Connecticut here, even though technically, Connecticut wants no part in the New England inclusion….Dunno why…) are supposed to be getting a BUTT LOAD of snow known as BLIZZARDAGGEDON!  All I have to say in response to that can be summed up with this video…

Cause if you’re like me, you’re sitting here mocking all of the people that had to run out for “supplies” because the weather people say they should stock up.   🙂  So, there you go.  My rant for the day!  I’ll have a better post later, but I wanted to share that little pearl of wisdom…

The good news, is that I get a few days off from work.   This means I can knit ALL THE THINGS!!!  I’ll have an update on all the stuff I’ve been working on in just a little bit.  Have homework I need to do first.  Be back!  Later Ya’all!  😉

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