Some New Toys For Silver! :)

Hello Everyone!

Since it’s been awhile since I posted anything directly, I wanted to take some time to come by and say hi.


There. Now that that’s over, I wanted to tell you a bit about the new items I got in the mail Monday. I mean, my getting packages in the mail should not surprise ANYONE! Let me just give a little background on why this particular purchase is important.

I’ve been promising myself that I would invest in a really good pair of interchangeable needles for a long time. After working crazy long hours at the job that pays for my knitting obsession (and much of the fees for SKT) over the course of the last month (AKA: Valentine’s Hell Week and The Valentine’s Aftermath), I decided it was time to leap into this high-end investment. I decided that I was going to go with KnitPicks for my needle needs this time, as the Boye interchangeable needles get unscrewed when I use them a lot. For this reason, I have been using my fixed cable needles, which don’t allow for a lot of flexibility as I’m knitting. I had heard from other knitting friends, that KnitPicks has a variety of needle types, and the joins are so much more steady as you knit, and they are more flexible. This was pretty much what I was looking for in a needle set of this magnitude.

I decided during the early part of February, to try the Rainbow Wood Options Interchangeable needles. Rainbow Wood NeedlesPay week came this past Thursday, and I had some extra money after paying bills for the month to finally purchase both the Rainbow Wood Interchangeable needles, as well as the Sock Size DPNs (Double-point needles)Rainbow Wood DPNs to match.

My experience with the company so far has been wonderful. Their website is very easy to use and to order from. My friend Mercury had made me aware of a security breach on the they had a few years ago, but they seem to have fixed that. They have made it easier to use the PayPal option, which was pretty awesome, by my standard. The shipping was free over a certain price point, which is pretty much the price of their Interchangeable set. That’s always a plus.

They shipped the needles out within an hour of my placing the order, and sent me a receipt with a delivery date of Tuesday (the 3rd). They, through the magic that is FedEx, had this delivered a day early. This made me SUPER happy as I was already having a crummy day with my schoolwork, so I needed some happy. This is about 10 points in their favor right there.

Knitting addict that I am, I decided I wanted to start knitting with the IMMEDIATELY! They are super smooth to knit with. The stitches slide across them very fast. I just wish I had remembered to check the length of the cables, as I knit a lot of hats, and need a 16 inch cable at the most. With the shaft of the needles, they are WAY too long to make hats comfortably for the way I knit. All this means, is that I would have to find larger things to knit on them. Luckily for me, I knit a lot of blankets and other items as well!

Anyone have any ideas for me?  Is there an awesome new client out there that wants a blanket?  I have some new toys to play with now, that I can’t wait to try out.  🙂

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