300 Bite The Dust

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that while I haven’t been blogging about the projects I’ve been working on, or even stuff going on in my neck of the woods, that I haven’t been thinking of ya’ll and what I should talk about next.

I’ve been on the hunt for my 300th project on Ravelry.  If you don’t know, it’s basically a place where I log all of my projects and yarn-ey goodness.  You can also describe Ravelry, as a place to buy/sell yarn, and a place for knitters & crocheters like myself and my business partners to get together and share all of our wonderful projects.  As I needed to show you proof that I’m finally there, I have included a screenshot of what is called my Project Page there on Ravelry.  I’m sorry for the quality of the picture.  It is the best I can do, without having to export the entirety of my Project Page, which I thought would be boring to ya’ll.

300th Project

If you are either a knitter/crocheter, and would like to connect with me, I am Silverluna2112.  I love getting new friend requests and I like to think I’m a good at getting back to you quickly.  Seeing as I’m on Ravelry most days for hours, just looking at the pretty patterns and yarn people have been using for them, there’s a pretty fair bet that I’ll be there.  Come on by, send me a message.  I promise, I don’t bite…..  Hard….   (JK) 🙂

You won’t be able to see it from my project page, but I’m working on a hat made out of one of the yarns I bought from Friday Studios.  It’s called Vampire Bill.  Vampire Bill For BlogYou may or not be able to see some of the witty titles I try to use in my project names, depending on the yarn colorway or even the pattern name I was using to create each project.  This 300th project is called “My Vampriss Hat.”  Cool, huh?

I was just searching through some of my projects, and I thought I would list a few of my favorite project names.  See if you can guess what kind of pattern each one is based on those names!  If you give up and need the answers, I will be posting the answers in a future post.  Post your guesses in the comments below, if you want to play along.  There might be something in it for the person who guess all 10 correctly…    I’ll post my answers on the 31st of March, so you have plenty of time to post a response.  Good Luck to those who will be giving it a try!  – Silver-



My 10 Favorite Project Titles of all Time:

  1. The Power of Three Times Three – Bacon Style
  2. It’s ALL about that Treble!
  3. I’ve killed it. Oh! Everything I touch gets ruined”
  4. I want Candy
  5. Meow
  6. I always wanted to make a mudpie!
  7. Chicka Cherry Cola Hat
  8. Smooth Criminal (and now, you can’t stop singing it in your head, huh?)
  9. Be The Cure
  10. Fangs For The Introduction!

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