So, the contest has officially come to a close as of this moment.  Here are the real answers.  I’ll be announcing the winner as soon as I have gotten in touch with the individuals.  Hope everyone did well!  🙂

My 10 Favorite Project Titles of all Time:

  1. The Power of Three Times Three – Bacon Style
    1. This was actually a cowl that I created using multiples of 3. 3 of a ribbed pattern on each edge, and multiples of three for the middle stockinette section. DSC07185
  2. It’s ALL about that Treble!
    1. This was actually 1 of 2 washcloths that I made for my brother this past Christmas. It features a very prominent part of both of our music careers, the Treble Clef. I happened to be listening to Meghan Trainor ‘s “All About that Base” and there was a line in there (“no treble”) that got my attention while I was thinking of names for this project. The pattern is called “Treble Clef Knit Dishcloth” by Lisa Millan. Here’s what it ended up looking like:DSC06970
  3. I’ve killed it. Oh! Everything I touch gets ruined”
    1. Plain and simple. Charlie Brown and his infamous tree from the Christmas special that airs every year. I wanted to grab a quote from that classic cartoon to represent this Project Title. What do you think? Did it come out awesome, or what?  DSC06868
  4. I want Candy
    1. This one got it’s name simply from the colorway I used on this hat. It was Candy Print. Isn’t it… sweet?DSC05047
  5. Meow
    1. A cat hat I made for myself for Halloween on year. I’ve since made several others to give to children’s charities. For my first dabbling in something other than a simple hat, I think it came out pretty awesome!DSC03971
  6. I always wanted to make a mudpie!
    1. This one was also is based on the colorway I chose for this hat. It is the Mud Pie colorway.DSC05745
  7. Chicka Cherry Cola Hat
    1. The colorway I chose was “Cherry Cola Print.” This project title was based on that, as well as the song “Cherry Cola” by Savage Garden.DSC05329
  8. Smooth Criminal
    1. This one was another hybrid of song title (you know the one I’m talking about…) and the Smoothie colorway I used for the hat. It is a song that you can’t help singing, right?DSC05747
  9. Be The Cure
    1. This simple washcloth created by Lisa Millan has the words “Be The Cure” on it. This particular example, I made with a gradient pink yarn that when I purchased the skeins, some of the money went to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.Be The CureA - Pink
  10. Fangs For The Introduction!
    1. This is another pattern written by the talented Lisa Millan called “Fangs Knit Dishcloth.” I made this in the Pumpkin colorway, around the time we were rolling out our first Halloween Line for Silver’s Knitted Treats.Fangs - Orange


I hoped you liked these projects as much as I liked working on them.  I’ll be back soon with the winners’ announcement!  🙂 -Silver-

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