More Movie Madness

I realize that this may seem a repeat, but I’ve just recently started a new class starring films and their impacts on society.  We are charged with writing on a blog every week during it.  Don’t be alarmed if you see this mixed in with my usual knitting chatter and #stashdash2015 posts.  Don’t worry, I haven’t been taken over my aliens (no matter what the Boov may want me to do…lol).  You’ll see a new tag popping up for these such posts.

Tag/Category for this new class: Eng225: June->July ’15. {images}cover

I will understand if you want to give this series of my posts a skip, as I love talking about movies from time to time.  My glee at being able to do analyses of movies I watch during the weeks of this class may translate into LONG A$$ entries.  Having to do it for an assignment will be the highlight of my week…  Anyway, off I go.  Till later!

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