The Soccer Gods Are Smiling – 16 Teams Left

Hi Everyone!  As most of you know, I’m still following the World Cup 2015 passionately.  Before we start the Round of 16, I thought I’d give you a piece of my past when it comes to the sport.  I found the love of the game when I was 5 years old.  The only reason I gave up on team play, was because I sprained both of my ankles in High School while slide tackling in the mud.  I’ve done everything I can since then to keep up with the game.  I was a Ref, a Coach, then I even sat on the Soccer Board in my hometown for awhile while being their Referee Assignor.  Since then, I mostly sit on the couch and watch the games while yelling at the TV like the players can hear me.  It amuses and scares both my husband Emptyeye, and my Tuxedo cat Mario….


Now, on to a bit of explanation of what the Round of 16 is.  It is that…  16 teams trying to knock the other out of this grand tournament.  Below is a chart of when each game is.  The number in the left-most column will be the match #.  It will help  you follow along on FIFA’s tournament flow chart.  Each time is based on US EDT time, so you will have to translate it to your own timezone…

  Game Date Team 1 Team 2 Time
37 06/20/15 China Cameroon 07:30 PM
38 06/22/15 USA Columbia 08:00 PM
39 06/20/15 Germany Sweden 04:00 PM
40 06/21/15 France Korea Republic 04:00 PM
41 06/21/15 Brazil Australia 01:00 PM
42 06/23/15 Japan Netherlands 10:00 PM
43 06/22/15 Norway England 05:00 PM
44 06/21/15 Canada Switzerland 07:30 PM

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