SilverBro’s Ironman Canada

I’m SOOOOO proud of my brother.  Today he took on the Ironman race in Whistler, BC!!!  He’s a BEAST!  I know I couldn’t have done any of this!  Hurt leg and all!

Some of My Favorite Pictures:

Look!  It's SilverBro's cheering squad, before the race.

Look! It’s SilverBro’s cheering squad, before the race.

The Ironman T-Shirt.  Notice his name is almost in the middle, like my parents did that on purpose... ;)

The Ironman T-Shirt. Notice his name is almost in the middle, like my parents did that on purpose… 😉

SilverBro after the race was over!

SilverBro after the race was over!

SilverBro on the Bike part!  :)

SilverBro on the Bike part! 🙂

SilverBro half-way through his run!

SilverBro half-way through his run!

SWIM DETAILS | Division Rank: 47

Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Division Rank Gender Rank Overall Rank
Total 3.8 km 1:15:11 1:15:11 1:58/100m 47 497 672

BIKE DETAILS | Division Rank: 46

Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Division Rank Gender Rank Overall Rank
34.7 km 34.7 km 1:19:15 2:46:49 26.27 km/h
93.1 km 58.4 km 1:53:58 4:40:47 30.75 km/h
120.2 km 27.1 km 51:05 5:31:52 31.83 km/h
147.3 km 27.1 km 56:51 6:28:43 28.60 km/h
180 km 32.7 km 1:52:21 8:21:04 17.46 km/h
Total 180 km 6:53:30 8:21:04 26.12 km/h 46 567 729

RUN DETAILS | Division Rank: 41

Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Division Rank Gender Rank Overall Rank
2.2 km 2.2 km 13:34 8:40:45 6:09/km
8.2 km 6 km 34:48 9:15:33 5:48/km
13 km 4.8 km 30:10 9:45:43 6:17/km
17.2 km 4.2 km 31:06 10:16:49 7:24/km
22.3 km 5.1 km 32:00 10:48:49 6:16/km
28.1 km 5.8 km 37:42 11:26:31 6:29/km
33 km 4.9 km 32:20 11:58:51 6:35/km
37.2 km 4.2 km 31:29 12:30:20 7:29/km
42.2 km 5 km 31:19 13:01:39 6:15/km
Total 42.2 km 4:34:28 13:01:39 6:30/km 41 476 634

Transition Details

T1: Swim-to-bike 12:23
T2: Bike-to-run 6:07

It’s Not Just A Distraction…

Hi all!  I was told recently that I haven’t been talking much about anything other than knitting recently.  So I wrote a lot about soccer during the Women’s World Cup in order to prove her wrong.  But I suppose she brings up a valid point.  This blog was originally supposed to be about the written words that are (sometimes) floating around in my head.  To be fair, though…  I haven’t really written a story in quite a bit.  I’ve been caught up in the stories others have written.  They have caught my attention just as much as my knitting projects have.

The past couple of weeks (4 to be exact), I have been doing a lot of reading fluff or Sci-fi books.  Just today, I finished the second Betrayedbook in the Transformed series by Stacy Claflin.  She is a new-to-me author that I recently discovered.  I actually found out about this series from an anthology of 13 Paranormal books P13 (Titled “The Paranormal 13”) that I downloaded for free.  I’m still not too sure I want to continue with the series, as I have enough on my Kindle to read.  I also realize that there’s not much that held my interest until the last couple of chapters.  However, that may have been my own fault, as I didn’t sit down to read more than one chapter at a time.  Usually that doesn’t bother me, but the storyline was actually pretty good.  It’s about a new Vampire girl who finds that her royal parents have been keeping her in the dark about more than just her Vampire heritage.  The first followed her transformation from a human to a Vampire, and the silly love triangle she finds herself in…  The second continues the second theme, as she finds out that her Royal parents have been lying to her, and she ends up rebelling in a very interesting way.  I think I may want to continue with the story, to see if that rebellion is leading where I think it is.  Who knows, right?  I may end up enjoying it more than I think I will…

Also in this category, I have been reading many more titles.  But the ones I mentioned above are the ones that have stood out.  I have SOO many loaded on my Kindle right now, that I don’t even know if I remember when I downloaded them.  I’m something of a Bibliophile (a collector of books and the written word), if you will!  I wanted ya’ll to know that…

I’ve also been reading many books that cannot be described as fluff or Sci-fi…  They are books that have been instrumental in the day-to-day of my craft and Silver’s Knitted Treats.   Business Planning CO BO Plan as You Go  If you can’t read the titles, they are “Business Plans for Dummies” by Paul Tiffany, Steven D. Peterson,  “Cast On, Bind Off: 54 Step-by-Step Methods: Find the best start and finish for every knitting project”  by Leslie Ann Bestor and “The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan” by Tim Berry.  I have only just begun to read these three, but I do believe that I will learn more about my art, and I cannot wait!  🙂


I’ve also been listening to a quite a few books through Audible.  If you haven’t heard, Audible is Amazon’s audiobook website.  I’m freaking obsessed with listening to great stories on my kindle while I’ve been working on the many projects I’ve been working on for Stash Dash.  I’ll actually be discussing this topic in a future post, so please stay tuned!  🙂 I want to do a better revue for these wonderful books, where they won’t get stuck in a large body of text and bore you…  😉


Also to keep with the theme of doing something else while I’m working on projects, I have also been watching a lot of TV Series repeats and movies that I have in my Amazon Library.  Mostly because it’s easier to use one machine for everything.  The other, is because I’ve been on a buying spree of these wonderful gems over the past few years and thought it time I re-visited them while I knit my ass off…  Let’s see, besides catching up with the KnitGirllls, knittingincircles, and in a sKnit podcasts, I have also been watching

1) Seasons 1-7 of Gilmore Girls.  Oy with the Poodles already!  Babette Ate Oatmeal!

2) Season 1 of Supernatural.  I will watch more, but that’s how far I’ve gotten.

3) Magic Mike again, in anticipation of the new movie release.

4) Abduction with Taylor Lautner.  Need I say more?

5) One For the Money.  I love the books.  Only the second time I’ve seen the movie!

6) Kate and Leopold.  For the 6th time, at least.   Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. 

7) Wolverine.  I have a thing for Hugh Jackman, as you can see…  🙂

8) Rock of Ages (for the 3rd time)

9) and Stargate (for at least the 10th time.  6th time this year, actually…)


Till next time, dear reader!  -Silver-

The Soccer Gods Are Smiling!!!!

Well, there goes the 2015 Fifa World Cup!  Congratulations to all the teams that came to play in this wonderful tournament!  You all played your asses off!  I have one word to say in response to tonight’s game… 

This was most definitely my favorite moment of the night:

Empteye and I celebrated with wine, and Cat-raising of our own…  🙂  Mario was a bit nervous…  LOL.

The Soccer Gods Are Smiling – Finals Edition

Hello Everyone!  I’m sad to see the Cup ending, but I’m also excited to see what comes of this tournament.  Soccer at it’s finest.  Well, technically “Futbol” to the rest of the world but in the US, where I happen to be from, if you hadn’t already noticed!

Anyway, this post will cover two different rounds.  The “Losers Round” and the “Finals.”  Don’t worry.  “Losers Round” is really just a stupid way of saying that those two teams are vying for 3rd place in the tournament…  I think I made that last part up while I was half asleep…  I dunno…


(Here is how these games looked before the start of the Semi-Finals  I will be updating as we go).

Update 7/1: OMG.  Just finished watching the rest of the Germany/USA game (due to cable issues, we had to wait until the recording finished… Don’t get me started on that…).  Well played on both team’s parts!  Now things should be updated until tomorrow evening.  GL to both Japan and England!  🙂

Later Update 7/1:  My only reactions to that Game is “Wow that sucks! I’m sorry!  ;(”    The other thought I had was “Love that the team-mates were willing to shield her.!”  The camera people can be jerks! I’m devastated for them…  Anyway, I guess we’re on to the next…

  Game Date Team 1 Team 2 Time
3rd Place 07/04/15 Germany England 04:00 PM
Final 07/05/15 USA Japan 07:00 PM