The Soccer Gods Are Smiling – Finals Edition

Hello Everyone!  I’m sad to see the Cup ending, but I’m also excited to see what comes of this tournament.  Soccer at it’s finest.  Well, technically “Futbol” to the rest of the world but in the US, where I happen to be from, if you hadn’t already noticed!

Anyway, this post will cover two different rounds.  The “Losers Round” and the “Finals.”  Don’t worry.  “Losers Round” is really just a stupid way of saying that those two teams are vying for 3rd place in the tournament…  I think I made that last part up while I was half asleep…  I dunno…


(Here is how these games looked before the start of the Semi-Finals  I will be updating as we go).

Update 7/1: OMG.  Just finished watching the rest of the Germany/USA game (due to cable issues, we had to wait until the recording finished… Don’t get me started on that…).  Well played on both team’s parts!  Now things should be updated until tomorrow evening.  GL to both Japan and England!  🙂

Later Update 7/1:  My only reactions to that Game is “Wow that sucks! I’m sorry!  ;(”    The other thought I had was “Love that the team-mates were willing to shield her.!”  The camera people can be jerks! I’m devastated for them…  Anyway, I guess we’re on to the next…

  Game Date Team 1 Team 2 Time
3rd Place 07/04/15 Germany England 04:00 PM
Final 07/05/15 USA Japan 07:00 PM

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