Knitting in the Audio Blooms

Now that you are aware of my recent obsession with Audible (and by association, audiobooks), I thought it time to mention some of the lovely stories I have been enjoying while knitting my a$$ off.

1) “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe” by Douglas Adams.  Hitchiker   I heard about this book from Laura and LaLa.  If any one asks, the answer is 42.   😉 It’s read by Stephen Fry, which made me even happier to read it.  He’s one of the best English comedians.  He even had a show with Hugh Laurie (House) at one time.  I’ve loved him ever since I found that out and started watching some of his other works.

2) The “Cafferty and Quinn” Series by Heather Graham.  These books tell the tale of a couple who deal with crazy Supernatural objects that have weird powers.  It’s funny how fast I listened to them.  The characters are dynamic and the inanimate objects Graham chooses are pretty awesome.  Sometimes the power of the object is only in the antagonist’s mind, but that makes the stories that much better!  So far, there are three books in this series.  I can’t wait for more!

          A) “Let the Dead Sleep”   sleep

          B) “Waking the Dead”   waking

         C) “The Dead Play On”   play

3) “Popular Economics: What the Rolling Stones, Downton Abbey, and LeBron James Can Teach You About Economics” by John Tamny.    econ   This one is actually a Business studies-related get, actually.  This book is pretty awesome.  The author introduces Pop Culture and relates it to the world of Economics.  It sounds dry, but it isn’t.

4) “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler.  yes   You know, the funny lady from SNL…  🙂  She’s even funny when writing about herself and her experiences.

5) Are two books written by Ellen DeGeneres.  She’s just funny as all get-out.  I absolutely love her show, so getting her books on audio was a must!

         A) “Seriously…I’m Kidding”   kidding

         B) “The Funny Thing Is…”   funny

6) “The Blossom Street” Series by Debbie Macomber.  I’m currently in the process of reading through this series.  If you see random updates, it will be this section that you will need to come to first.  Just so you know…  I’ll probably just update the series as I go.  The whole series revolves around the women (and some men) living on Blossom Street in Seattle, WA.  The author has her own yarn shop and does a lot of pattern creating to go around these books!  I don’t know she can run that, write often on a blog, and write books with such vivid characters that one can’t help loving and wanting to get to know better.  If you want to know the author better, here is her website.  The following are the books in that series, and a brief synopsis of each:

A) “The Shop on Blossom Street”  1is about Lydia, who is the shop owner.  We learn about her knitting shop, and her relationships with three other women who come into the shop for knitting lessons.  Friendships start to form and each of Macomber’s characters are introduced and show off their full potentials for love.

B) In “A Good Yarn,”  2we learn more about Lydia and her relationship with her sister and her sister’s family.  Lydia faces some heartache in love and life.  Her second knitting class also become her friends and confidantes.

This is definitely a good YARN of a tale…    😉     (Sorry, I had to do it…)

C) “Susannah’s Garden”   3  tells the tale of Susannah, who learns many secrets of her past while dealing with her mother’s illness.  There is a lot of drama when her daughter comes to visit, but that’s what makes this story so special.  We see the story of a woman who is recently part of the ‘sandwich’ generation.  She must care for a daughter who is just into her college years, as well as her Mother who started showing signs of Alzheimer’s upon the death of her husband.  We see the decisions she must make, even when they are not the most popular of decision for any of the parties involved.  I have to admit, I cried a few times.  Trust me, that’s a testament to how wonderfully this book is written!

D) “Back on Blossom Street”  4   tells the tale of Susannah’s employee Colette who recently finds herself pregnant by her ex-boss.  We see the trials and tribulations she must deal with.  We are also brought on the whirlwind journey that is created by the wedding by one of our first group of characters (Alix).  A shawl knitting class creates another group of friends for Lydia, shop owner.

Edited 7/22:

E) “Twenty Wishes”  5   premiers a group of widows who got together for a party.  This party resulted in wine drinking, bubble popping, and the women making a list of 20 things that they want to get out of their lives.  There are stories of each of these widows finding a little something in their daily lives that they find exciting or that will bring them back to life.  This includes a young girl needing a new mother, and new loves of a mother-daughter team of widows.

F) “Summer on Blossom Street” 6   is the story of 3 individuals who “Knit to Quit” in another of Lydia’s classes.  We see the first couple of male knitters, which shows the world that men DO knit as well.  There is Candyman Hutch, Phoebe, and Alix is back for her 3rd class.  Not to give much else away, here we see another adoption, new love interest, and another new baby…

Edited 8/10:

G) “Hannah’s List” 7   is the story of a widower (Michael who receives a letter from his wife Hannah, one year posthumous.  She insists that he start dating again, and even gave him a list of 3 names to try out (Winter Adams – her cousin, Leanne Lancaster – Her Oncology nurse, and Macy Roth – A model and free spirit Hannah had met and liked).  Although he believed it too soon to date after her death, he does his best to honor Hannah’s last request.  This book centers on the relationships he forms with all three on the way to a more romantic one with Macy.  As long as you’re not a robot, you will find yourself going “Aww!”  MANY times through the course of this book.  If you get in to the characters and story as much as I do, I suggest a handful of tissues to be placed near you.  A good read!  I highly recommend it!

H) “A Turn in the Road” 8   is the story of 3 women who head out on a road trip together.  Bethanne, Ruth, and Annie Hamlin leave Seattle driving cross-country to Ruth’s 50 year Reunion in Florida.  They do get in a bit of trouble with their car, in Vegas, and a few other places.  They meet Max, Rooster, and a few other Bikers along the way.  Max and Bethanne end up falling in love, to her ex-husband, and ex-mother-in-law’s belief to the contrary.  Ruth re-unites with a high school sweetheart, which is pretty cool!  I’m all about being in love with your High School sweetheart, even years later.  I mean, come on.  EE is my high school sweetheart!

I) “Starting Now” 9   is the story of Libby Morgan’s journey from lawyer without a home life, to a woman who can balance both a home life and her career.  She meets a wonderful Doctor who works his way into her heart, and shows her that her career cannot be the end-all that it was at the beginning of her story.  We groan when she gets kicked down at the beginning of the story and had to re-adjust her life.  We smile when she starts to fall in love.  We cheer when she finally gets the job she wants, and cry when that job almost causes her the love of her life.  It’s a rollercoaster of a novel, that I enjoyed riding!  I think you will too!  🙂

Edited: 8/17

J) “Blossom Street Brides”  10   is the story of Lauren and John “Rooster” Wayne, and their loving journey.  In this book, we are re-acquainted with many of the characters we have met over the course of this series.  We learn more about Bethanne and Max’s relationship, as they deal with more of her ex’s shenanigans.  We learn about the depth of Lydia and Brad’s love for their son and daughter as they deal with their adopted daughter’s nightmares.  There is also a mysterious person leaving baskets of yarn, needles, and a message for people to “knit me.”  The kicker?  That the yarn had come from Lydia’s shop, and Lydia has no idea who was doing it!  🙂  I do, but you’ll have to read the book to find out who done it…

Others: “Christmas Letters” 2.5   is technically part of this series, yet most lists do not have it on it.  I’ll include it here, where it belongs!  🙂  I’ll tell you more once I finish reading through it!  🙂

Edited: 8/27

This book included many of the characters from Blossom Street, but I believe it was meant to standalone.  But I’m not sure I’m really the best judge of what is and what isn’t constituted as part of a series.  We’ll just go with it…  Either way, this book tells us the story of a young lady who finds love with a man she starts off despising.  The best relationships seem to start that way, huh?


Hope I gave you some ideas!  Till I come back, Happy Knitting, and Happy Reading!  -Silver-

No Shit, Sherlock!

As my title suggests, that’s my favorite line of this new audiobook series I’ve been reading… so far.    I’m sure there will be other lines that apply to my sense of humor over the course of it.  But then, I get ahead of myself.  A bit more explanation is in order, I think…

I’ve been listening to Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thriller Series on audiobook while knitting all of the things!!!  There are 19 total.  I’ll be posting a bit about each as I finish it.  It may be a bit, as I’m waiting on credits for audible/paydays to get more.  I believe I have enough to get this series begun, at the very least…

As before, with the Anita Blake Series, if you click the links below, you will be brought right to that book’s analysis.  So, grab your project, sit back, and relax…  In the words of Vince Fontaine in Grease “Away we go!!!”  🙂


The FBI Series:

  1. The Cove
  2. The Maze
  3. The Target
  4. The Edge
  5. Riptide
  6. Hemlock Bay
  7. Eleventh Hour
  8. Blind Side
  9. Blow Out
  10. Point Blank
  11. Double Take
  12. Tail Spin
  13. Knock Out
  14. Whiplash
  15. Split Second
  16. Backfire
  17. Bombshell
  18. Power Play
  19. Nemesis
  20. Insidious (New, August 2016)


Book 1: “The Cove”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

As with every book in a series, it begins with a great mystery.  We hear about a woman named Sally (her last name is not that important, the further into the book we go, as she hates it as much as one could possibly hate their last name.  It’s Brainard, if you must know…), who is on the run from something.  It is not easily apparent as to what she’s running from.  We learn this shortly after reading the first few sentences.  Sally has to adjust a wig, which would tell readers that she is on the run…  It pulls you in, right from the beginning.  We learn that Sally believes she is running from the law after murdering her Stepfather, and then the men trying to bring her back to a Sanitarium.

She arrives in a small little town (The Cove) where her Aunt Amabel lives with her older friends.  It’s a mystery as to HOW the “World’s Greatest Ice Cream Shop” can singlehandedly bring The Cove back from the brink of decay and extinction.  All without the help of young people to do the work.  This fact doesn’t really bother Sally at first.  Her main concern is weither or not she’s been followed.  She believes that the only one who would be following her, is the doctor and his minions are the only ones who could be following her.  When in fact, FBI Special Agent James Quinlan has been following her.  He wants to know the truth of what happened to her Stepfather.

I won’t give away the mystery.  You’ll have to read it for yourself…  I’ll just leave this little tidbit.  Sally and James end up solving both issues together, along with the help from Special Agent Dillon Savich (a computer wizard) .  Their relationship started off with a rocky start (she ends up getting injured on her motorcycle trying to get away from him), but it grows from there.  So much, that we see them further down the road.


Book 2: “The Maze”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

If you were wondering, THIS is where I got the title of this entry from…  One of the cops said it at the very end of this book.  He, apparently, had been waiting the entire course of the book to say it.  To be honest, I had a feeling it was coming.  It would have been the first joke out of my mouth, given the main character’s name…  The author showed her restraint in making that joke at the very end of the book!  🙂  LOL.

This is another mystery.  It revolves around the growing relationship between Special Agents Dillon Savich & Lacey Sherlock.  Savich’s department at the FBI revolves around catching Serial Killers by using his computer programming skills.  The Maze (or String) Killer is the Guy that Sherlock has been chasing since she was 19, and is the reason she wanted to join the FBI.  Together, she and Dillon catch him twice.  He escapes from the mental institution where the judge had him committed due to how the trial ended up working out.  We learn at the same time that Sherlock does, HOW she knows about the kind of man that this Serial Killer actually is as we read on.

It was a REALLY good read.  Trust me, it’s worth a listen.  The reader does a great job as well.  There is a lot of subtle jokes/nuances to the story that may be overlooked if not read properly.  She does a great job, and I was engulfed in the story as I was listening.


Book 3: “The Target”

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter's website

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website

Just started this today (9/22), and can’t wait to see what happens next!  It starts off with some great action!  🙂


Book 4: “The Edge”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 5: “Riptide”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 6: “Hemlock Bay”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 7: “Eleventh Hour”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 8: “Blind Side”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 9: “Blow Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 10: “Point Blank”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 11: “Double Take”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 12: “Tail Spin”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 13: “Knock Out”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 14: “Whiplash”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 15: “Split Second”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 16: “Backfire”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 17: “Bombshell”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 18: “Power Play”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 19: “Nemesis”


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Coulter’s website


Book 20: “Insidious”


Photo Courtesy of Goodreads. As the book isn’t out yet, I expect the cover art will change.

When I saw that this one wasn’t due out until this July, I was excited to go and pre-order it.  I’ll do my review of it once I have finished it.  Until then, you’ll have to wait on baited breath with me!  Until then, CHEERS!  😉

Update 8/12: I got contacted by the Publishers to review this one, even before it was out…  You’ll have to wait a bit for this review, as I’m JUST about done with it!  But, it will be worth the wait, I promise you!  🙂



Hope you enjoyed my review of this series as I loved listening to them!  Till next time!  – Silver –

The Month Of Kirby

Good Morning everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that everyone at Silver’s Knitted Treats is excited to announce a new Charity Event.  If you don’t know Satoru Iwata, don’t feel bad.  Unless you’re big into the Kirby series.  If you are and still don’t know, then shame on you!  😉  JK. For the entire month of August, Mercury will be knitting Kirby plushies in memory of Satoru Iwata – the CEO and President of Nintendo, who passed away from bile duct cancer on July 11th.  $19 from every $20 plushie will go directly to the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation in Mr. Iwata’s honor.  For more details, including how to order your own, check out our new page: Trust me!  These little guys are SUPER cute.  You’ll want one for your own.  While you’re on a Kirby-get, you will be giving to charity.  So it’s a win-win!   🙂

Now You’re Just Talking CRAZY PANTS! – Maybe not… 5K it is!

Hello everyone!  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had an update here.  Suffice to say, I’ve been busy.  I have to apologize to those that want to see the progress on the Tetris Blanket.  I have none other than a few more pieces sewn together.  That’s fine, for RIGHT NOW…  I have plans for you yet, blanket.  Believe you, me!

If you aren’t a member of The KnitGirllls Army, why aren’t you?  Since I’ve started to watch those ladies, I find myself wanting to try more and more new things.  I’ve tried lace weights, extra-sparkly yarns, lace designs, and many many more firsts for me with my knitting.

Starting today (May 22nd, as of 12:01AM EDT) and going until 11:59PM on August 14th, yours truly will be participating in my first KnitGirllls Stash Dash.  I have a goal of 5K.  When I was making my plans last night, I kept thinking that I was talking crazy.  My plans allow for up to 8,091 meters of yarn to be knit in that time frame.  I hope to get every one of those meters done, but I know myself.  There will be times where I don’t hit my goals with this thing…   If I get 5K, I’ll be happy.  If you want to follow my progress, I’ll be posting updates and pictures here.  I’ll also be using #stashdash2015 on Twitter and Instagram.  The good news, is as long as you complete or bind off the project during this time frame, the yardage counts.  This makes it a bit easier for me, as I have a few new blankets to make for a few clients.  If I counted everything I’m REALLY want to finish, then I WILL be talking “CRAZY PANTS.”

Here are my goals:

1) Purple Hogwarts Express Shawl – 570 yards

Done: As of 8PM 5/22.

DSC07472 DSC07474

2) Tetris Blanket – 3,094 yards

3) Yellow Brick Road Shawl – 510 yards

Done: As of 3:25 AM 6/3

DSC07478 DSC07475 DSC07476 DSC07477

4) Basketweave Baby Blanket For Baby Girl – 1,275 yards

Done: As of 3:34AM EDT 7/6.

DSC07502 DSC07500

5) Basketweave Baby Blanket For Baby Boy – 1,275 yards

Done: As of 10:45PM EDT 7/20.

DSC07528 DSC07529

6) Stripy Scarf – 364 yards

Done: 3AM EDT 7/24.

DSC07545 DSC07547

7) Crayon Baby Blanket – 1,199 yards

Done: 7/29 11:00PM EDT.

DSC07562 DSC07559 DSC07560

8) Blue Blanket (for a friend) – 1,622.5 yards


Items I didn’t plan for, but am counting toward Stash Dash, either way:

1) A headband in TNT Purple

Done: Started and Finished by 5:30PM EDT 6/4

DSC07480 DSC07479

A Quick 100 yards.






2) A Fall-colored Hat for my site.

Done: Started before Stashdash sometime.  Finished 6/9.  REALLY early, while I was working on my paper for a class.

DSC07488 DSC07489

A Quick 118 yards.












3) Baby Pink Swirl Hat

Done: 7/6 9:16PM.  112 Yards.



4) Baby Pink Hat

Done: 7/7 1AM.  112 Yards.



5) Baby Purple Hat

Done: 7/7 1:15PM.  120 yards.



6) Baby Rib in Purple

Done: 7/8 1AM.  120 yards.



7) My second attempt @ the TNT Headbands.  112 sts.

Done: 7/10.  60 yards.

DSC07518 DSC07515

8) Baby Blue Swirl Hat

Done: 7/21.   2:50PM.  112 yards.


9) Baby Green Swirl Hat

Done: 7/22.   1:20AM.  112 yards.


10) Baby Green Hat

Done: 7/22.  2PM.  12 yards.


11) Baby Blue Hat

Done: 7/23.  1:10 AM.  120 yards


12) My Last version of the headbands for #TeamTim #IronmanCanada2015!  Pictures will follow, once I get them from the Recipient.  Like a dunce, I forgot to take my own photos.  (update:  I got them!  🙂 )

Done: 7/21.  60 yards.

Team Tim

13) The Creamsicle Yellow Brick Road that I made for myself.  It’s right that the shawl I make for myself comes up to a 765 yards.  Forgive the shadows…  Our chandelier gets in our way every time I try to take decent pictures…

Done: 10PM EDT 7/28

 DSC07555DSC07556 DSC07552


New note, 7/20:  I had hoped to have a total of 8,949.50 total yards (or 8183.42 meters), before any hats that I would make in this timeframe as well.  Currently, I’m shy 1,094.1 off my 5K.  🙂  Getting there…

Note 7/22:  Strike through for my planning session was something I changed today, based on the fact that I have more than enough yardage for my 5K without them, besides the fact that I realize I will NEVER get them done before the end of #stashdash2015.

Note 728: With this last 765 yards, I have completed my 5K!  YAY!  Now to keep finishing things, because I have THAT MUCH on the needles right now…

Post StashDash2015 goal Items:  I have a few, just because I’ve been in a “Finish It” kind of mood…

Here are the items I finished that won’t really be counting toward my StashDash2015 totals (as I only set the goal at 5K…), but I still finished during that time:

A oversized washcloth that is meant to be a matching towel to go in the rest of the washcloths in my co-worker's baby basket.  In Purple, to match the Mother's décor for her new daughter...

A oversized washcloth that is meant to be a matching towel to go in the rest of the washcloths in my co-worker’s baby basket. In Purple, to match the Mother’s décor for her new daughter…

Purple and pink washcloths for a baby girl!  Pink cause it's traditional, and purple to match the mother's décor for her baby... 4 in all.

Purple and pink washcloths for a baby girl! Pink cause it’s traditional, and purple to match the mother’s décor for her baby… 4 in all.

Had do get you a close up of the outside border.  It's SOOOO fancy!  ;)  This is the purple one, if you can't see it...

Had do get you a close up of the outside border. It’s SOOOO fancy! 😉 This is the purple one, if you can’t see it…

Had do get you a close up of the outside border.  It's SOOOO fancy!  ;)  This is the blue one, if you can't see the color right...

Had do get you a close up of the outside border. It’s SOOOO fancy! 😉 This is the blue one, if you can’t see the color right…

A oversized washcloth that is meant to be a matching towel to go in the rest of the washcloths in my co-worker's baby basket.  Blue, to match the mother's décor for her new baby boy...

A oversized washcloth that is meant to be a matching towel to go in the rest of the washcloths in my co-worker’s baby basket. Blue, to match the mother’s décor for her new baby boy…

Green and Blue washcloths for a baby boy!  Blue cause it's traditional, and green as a coordinated color... 4 in all.

Green and Blue washcloths for a baby boy! Blue cause it’s traditional, and green as a coordinated color… 4 in all.

Okay!  Uncle!  I’m calling it.  I may have until Friday, but I think I’ve gone enough over my goal for one year.  I’ll have to up it to 10K, as I think I knit enough…  LOL…

Here is my final totals for StashDash2015 everyone!  Hope all my fellow knitters had as much fun with it as I did!  Happy Knitting All!

– Silver –


Here is where you’ll see my #stashdash2015 totals!