Videos I Recommend

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been to recently, you’ll have noticed that a section on our front page titled “Videos We Recommend” is now missing from it.  My business partners and I have come to realize that it is taking up space that we could put to better use, especially during the End-Of-Year rush.  Instead of it taking up space there, I have decided to start a new Series here.  Just in case you were missing  it!  🙂



Just a bit of context.  This first video was created by a wonderful individual who summed up many knitter’s attitudes toward our craft.  Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

P.S. Check out the podcasts that are featured.  These ladies and gents are really entertaining and wonderful people.


Here is a list of the Podcasters Mentioned:

Mel – Formally of Single-Handed Knits.  She is With Mel now.

Aimee & Darren – KnittingInCircles

Heather – Fiberista Files

Fiona – A Down Under Yarn


These are a few videos of the fastest knitters & crocheters I’ve ever seen:



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