A New Year = More Resolutions & Crazy Talk

Hope everyone’s had a Happy New Year so far!  I’ve been slowly working on limiting my goals for this year.  I want to keep them semi-doable…  You know how I’ve been in the past.  I promise myself (and others) to do one thing, and end up doing another.  I want this to stop.  So it’s been part of my Resolutions for this year.  So, without further ado, here they are:


1) Posting here every first Monday/Tuesday of the month.  This post WILL include updates on all the books I’ve read in the course of the month.  I read so much last year, that it felt kinda tedious to come by as soon as I finished each book.  So if I post once a month, it will seem easier.  Since I take copious notes anyway, it will make it easier.  Trust me on that…


2) Participating in Stash Dash again this year.  I’m wanting to hit 10K this year, but I have to still come up with a list I want to complete in that timeframe.  I had some crazypants idea to make a bunch of socks and leave off the heel/toes until the first month of StashDash, but it’s not going well so far…  But I’ll start with the list, and I’ll update you once I have it…


3) Teach myself how to Crochet.  This may not seem a big deal to you, but I’ve wanted another craft to keep my hands busy for a long time now.  I refuse to learn to spin (not enough time, or money to buy the roving & wheel, etc), so this will be it.  Plus, the one night I tried, I was struggling.  So it’s kind of a vendetta for me at this point.  I have a bunch of acrylic yarn that I want a reason to use, and I’ve heard that you can eat up yardage when you’re crocheting.  I want to experience this for myself.  😉


4) Make several large garments for myself.  I haven’t made a sweater in my long knitting career, so that’s going to be one of them.  I’ve also wanted to make myself a dress, a skirt, and a Hush Hush.  I’ve already started the latter, so I’m on my way…  Also want to try out a few items that have been popular in the knitting culture recently.  Both several versions of a Hitchiker, as well as an Evenstar (one of the laciest & Largest shawls out there).

The Hush Hush:

"All Dolled Up In Blue" On my Rav Page, if you want to follow my progress with it

“All Dolled Up In Blue” On my Rav Page, if you want to follow my progress with it



My First Hitchiker (not a true one, as there is only 38 points on mine):

"Sookie!" on my Rav Page, as it's out of Friday Studios' "Vampire Bill" colorway.

“Sookie!” on my Rav Page, as it’s out of Friday Studios’ “Vampire Bill” colorway.

"Sookie!" on my Rav Page, as it's out of Friday Studios' "Vampire Bill" colorway.

“Sookie!” on my Rav Page, as it’s out of Friday Studios’ “Vampire Bill” colorway.











Here’s Version 2:


A True Hitchhiker! 42 Points! Went to a co-worker who was leaving. This is the color of the scrubs she has to wear at her new job!


This is what it loooks when it was stretched out.









5) I intend on reading at least 60 books this year.  Like I alluded to in my last post, I made myself a spreadsheet with all of the books I have on my Kindle and in my Audible Queue.  I’ve been good so far, and have already finished 3 books.  Goodreads is VERY good for tracking this for me.

What I’ve Read So Far:

A) The Princess Bride – Abridged version that was eventually made into the movie.  I squeed when I realized HOW much was put in there.  Also, William Goldman did an awesome job of explaining EXACTLY what he took out of S. Morgenstern’s original version and why.  What you see in the movie is pretty much how the abridging story came about.  I’ll recommend that fans of the movie also read the book too.  But, movie first.  It makes the descriptions of the abridging parts easier to swallow.

B) Bomb Shell –  By: Catherine Coulter.  Part of that series.  So I’m still going.  I promised you I was still reading it!  See the formal post on this series if you want more of an analysis.  I’ll update that later on…

C) The Librarian Principle – Just some fluff reading I found on Audible.  I needed a break from the FBI series I’ve been listening to on Audible, so I found some fluff.  I honestly found myself blushing for how much fun the reader seemed to be having with the book at times….  That’s all I have to say about that….


6) This is business related.  I want to grow it a bit this year, and be better about using Social Mediums to keep touch with people.  The last part in my personal life as well…  But in regards to my business, I want to learn more about how to finally get me out of the red and how to better promote my business and build on what I’ve already done.  To this end, I have queued up at least 6 Books that I want to finish in the month of January, while several other big changes will be happening on the back end of my business.  It may seem to ya’ll that we’re going to be quiet, but there will be a lot of plotting and scheming going on in the background.  Be patient, there are big things afoot.


Anyway, now that you know all that, I’m headed off to continue work on getting some of these goals done!  -Silver-