Darkly-Lit Immortals.

I have another series I want to listen to.  The “Immortals After Dark” series by Kresley Cole.  I’ve read a lot of her stuff before, and always loved the stories.  I’ve been wanting to read the rest of this series, after I found a few of them in the Wal-mart in my town.  I have to warn you, it’s Paranormal Romance.  If you’re not into that kind of stuff, then you may not want to read through the series as much as I did.  However, try not to reserve judgment until you have read through the titles below.  As with series’ past, I will put in links so you can click to the next one, as I’m sure I’ll be updating this as I finish one book or the other…  So grab your coffee & crafts, and AWAY WE GO!!!!!  🙂


“Immortals After Dark” Series:

  1. The Warlord Wants Forever
  2. A Hunger Like No Other
  3. No Rest For The Wicked
  4. Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night
  5. Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
  6. Dark Desires After Dusk
  7. Kiss of a Demon King
  8. Untouchable
  9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince
  10. Demon From the Dark
  11. Dreams of a Dark Warrior
  12. Lothaire
  13. Shadow’s Claim
  14. MacRieve
  15. Dark Skye
  16. Sweet Ruin
  17. Shadow’s Seduction (not on Audible, so I may wait a bit for this one)
  18. Wicked Abyss (won’t be released until 2017, but I’m counting it as part of the series)


Book 1: “The Warlord Wants Forever”


I read this book between 3/10->3/11.  My review from Goodreads: “This book lays down the groundwork for the rest of the Series. I had, when reading later books, wondered about this mysterious Myst and Nikolai’s stories. Glad I finally know!!! 🙂 Dual-team readers made this even better!!! 🙂 ”  It was a very good storyline, and made me want to start the next book right away.


Book 2:  “A Hunger Like No Other”


I read this from 3/11->3/14.  I’ve previously read this book, so I knew what happens.  However, listening to  Robert Petkoff read the book made it even better.  Let’s just say that I knew what I was getting into, but the reader delighted in specific parts of the book.  His delight in what he was reading made me blush…  And I don’t blush easily…


Book 3: “No Rest For The Wicked”


I started this book 3/14 and finished it shortly after 6PM on 3/15.  I have read Katarine and Sebastian’s story before, but I’m enjoying listening to Robert Petkoff’s interpretation of this book.  Again, blush-worthy moments during several moments.  I couldn’t help but laugh at times at how ‘husky’ voice and ‘guttural’ growls take on new meanings as the reader acts stuff out…  Very good read.


Book 4: “Wicked Deeds on a Winter’s Night”


I read this book between 3/15->3/16.  This is the story of Bowen (a Lykae) and Mariketa (a young witch) who are a mated couple who must overcome quite a bit to get together, including a fight with many types of creatures in the Lore.  It’s a fun story to read, and made even better by  Robert Petkoff’s interpretation of it.  Well Done!  I think I’m obsessed with Robert’s individual take on the books, because I decided to listen to the next RIGHT away, instead of waiting a bit.


Book 5: “Dark Needs at Night’s Edge”


Update 3/17:  3/16->3/17.  So far, Naomi Laress (a ghost) and Conrad Wroth (a Vampire) have considered a future together.  Love it so far.  I’ll get back to you once I have finished it.

Update 4/4: From Goodreads: “Aww! Even a ghost and a crazy vampire can find love! With a little help from Nucking Futz Nix, Mari, and Bowen! 🙂 Reader did some heavy accent work, which made the story better! Well done!”


Book 6: “Dark Desires After Dusk”


18->22nd: This is the story of Holly and Cade.  It’s a wonderful story helped along by a wonderful Reader who audibly enjoyed the story.  Very well done!  It’s an awesome story and an even better performance.  Well done!  🙂


Book 7: “Kiss of a Demon King”


21->24: This is the story of an “Evil” Sorceress Sabine and her Demon King Rydstrom.  It’s a wonderful story helped along by a wonderful Reader who audibly enjoyed the story.  Very well done!  It’s an awesome story and an even better performance.  Well done!  🙂  Only a few moments that made me blush, so all-in-all, it was a win!  🙂


Book 8: “Untouchable”


25->28: Murdoch and Danii learn of a way to be together, even though she cannot be touched by any other than an ice being.  Since he’s a vamp and can take on a bit of her power with her memories, they finally learn how they can be together.  In this story, there was also a mix of a few other previous time-lines, which was good to see that the author admits that all her wonderful books are inter-connected.  The reader seems to love the stories as well.  Well Done!


Book 9: “Pleasure of a Dark Prince”


3/28->4/2: This is the story of Lucia (Archer Valkarie) and Garreth (Lycae).  From the second book, I had an inkling that Garreth had mated with Lucia, but we don’t see their story until now.  There’s SOO much in this book that they go through that brings itself into the next book.  Let’s just put it this way, once you’ve escaped from La Dorada, all else is gravy, right?  As always, the Reader seems to be enjoying himself with the story, and attempting to distinguishing the voices as he goes.  Lots of mis-attempts, but that’s what makes his reading style worth it in the end!  Very entertaining!  🙂


Book 10: “Demon From the Dark”


4/2-> 4/5:  Loving this story.  There’s a few “AWWW!” moments when listening to this story.  There’s something cringe-worthy about the way that Malkom (demon/vampire mix) and Carrow (partying witch) go about the early part of their relationship.  Betrayal is the name of the things throughout the story.  The betrayal that happens throughout makes the story ending between them that much sweeter.  That’s my prediction….    I still have 4 1/2 hours left to listen, and I can’t wait to get back to it!  🙂   Can’t wait to see what happens.  Loving the Reader’s interpretation of the story, as usual…

Update 4/25: I absolutely loved this book.  My prediction came true.  I’m not always one to say “I told you so,” but I TOTALLY told you so!  😉  Enjoyed the reader’s vocal “Oh!  It all worked out!” moment the most.  You know the one.  The one where you don’t think everything will get tied up at the end, and it is.  It makes you VERY glad!  Even someone who was able to predict that it will happen had that same moment that the reader did!  LOVED this book and couldn’t wait to get started on the next!  🙂


Book 11: “Dreams of a Dark Warrior”


4/5->4/8: This is the story of Regin the Radiant, warlord Aidan the Fierce, & Declan Chase (a brutal Celtic soldier).  I say that this is the love story of the three, mostly because it is.  Aidan was killed by vampires before marrying Regin when she was young.  He was then cursed to re-incarnate.  Every reincarnation, he would find Regin and perish once he regains his memories of their first relationship.  This time around, Aidan comes to Regin as Declan Chase.  Declan is essentially a mixture of all of Aidan’s past-lives rolled into one.  He helps her break that curse and they fall in love, even though this re-incarnation starts off with him kidnapping her and imprisoning her on the same island where we first meet La Dorada.  This wonderful story mixed with the reader’s accents and other vocals make this an AWESOME read!  🙂


Book 12: “Lothaire”


4/8->4/11: OMG the character of Lothaire is pretty bad ass.  We learn that he’s the Enemy of Old, and that there are multiple sides to this guy.  However, he’s mostly a bad ass!!!  You see, being mated with mortal Ellie Peirce has it’s upsides and downsides for LEO (Lothaire, the Enemy of Old: LEO is her nickname for him, which is pretty cute…).  I’m not about to give away the plot on this one, as it’s one you need to read and see for yourself.  La Dorada, the BITCH of a Witch is back once again!  🙂

From Goodreads: “:)  I’ve come to the realization that Robert LOVES his work!  Russian accents seem to be his forte….You’ll have to experience the genius of it for yourself!  :)”


Book 13: “Shadow’s Claim”


4/11->4/14: This is the story of Trehan Daciano (A cousin of Lothaire, known as the Prince of Shadows) & Bettina (a half Sorceress & half Demon Princess).  Trehan comes to her Kingdom hunting down her best friend.  He realizes that she is his Mate pretty quickly and gives up his quest to kill the other male, enters a Tournament for her hand, and ends up winning in the long run.  I had a few moments where the reader’s voicing of the story made me blush…  I think this is the part in the series, where I stopped listening to this whenever the hubster was home…  lol…  That aside, I REALLY liked the story, and practically ate up the story!  🙂


Book 14: “MacRieve”


4/14->4/18: Uilleam (pronounced William in the reader’s voice) MacRieve & Chloe Todd (a “human” daughter of Webb, the dude that captured everyone on the island from a few books past) have some mis-adventures in this story.  Uilleaum was once raped by a succubus at an early age, lost his mother and unborn younger sister, and his father committing suicide days later.  So being pared with Chloe (who is actually a Succubus just before being frozen into immortality) is like a slap in the face to the readers (as we get a glimpse into the scene from long ago from his point of view)…  Very cringe worthy for awhile.  We know they will get together and all will be right with their world, but yeah…  Webb makes an appearance in this book, but the bastard turned himself into a mongrel of all types of immortals and expects Chloe not to take her Mate’s side after hearing about what Webb did to him in the island….  My only notes I wrote down while listening to this book are  as follows: “Scottish accents are good.  Russian more-so.  Valley Gal = funny @ least.  Valley-girl Louisiana witches.  Hmm.  Interesting thought…  Some interesting and funny parts.  Hmm…”  Dunno what I was trying to say with the hmm’s…  But whatever!  I REALLY liked the little cliffhanger ending that Ms. Cole wrote into the end.  It gets you thinking that the MacRieve clan will be coming back in a later book, in the form of Uilleaum’s twin… Can’t wait until that one comes out.  hope it’s soon…


Book 15: “Dark Skye”


4/18->4/19: As a boy, Thronos (prince of Skye Hall, who’s brother was the King who had injured Bettina) met and fell in love with Lanthe (a Sorceri, and Sabine’s sister).  Her sister killed his father (who had killed their parents), and she made him fall from the tallest tower in their home.  She thinks that he had betrayed her and her family to his father.  A comedy of errors that lead to them being separated for centuries.  Nix fixes them up, but they do not realize that their love is still strong until halfway through.  We are sitting on the edge of our seats when another the Bitch Queen Sorceress comes to Skye Hall to take Lanthe back and to take retribution to the kingdom for Bettina’s injuries.  She be-spells him to forget their relationship and her.  It’s finally turn for Lanthe to chase after him.  Which I happen to like!  🙂  I honestly love that all these stories are inter-connected, and couldn’t wait to read the next one!  🙂  Heck, I practically ate this story up with a spoon.  It was THAT good!  🙂  Voices are pretty good too, but it was mostly the story that got me (and kept me) hooked!  🙂  Well done Ms. Cole!  🙂


Book 16: “Sweet Ruin”


4/19-Today: This story is of Josephine (a Ghoul/Vampire mix) and Rune The Baneblood (A demon/Dark Fae Archer mix).  I…Uh…blushed a bit with some of the parts.  Another I didn’t want to listen to when the hubster was around, but I was still VERY much hooked on the story.

We start the story with Jo fighting to stay in Thaddeus’s (her baby brother) life.  You remember, we met Thaddeus in an earlier book (even if I didn’t mention him in this post at that time.)  She’s a pretty BAD ASS character.  Very strong female lead who refuses to take any crap from her male.  We learn that the two have a lot of the same fears of belonging/commitment, despite their differences.  She is pretty snarky and it shows in how she reacts with his issues.  OMG.  I totally love that “Ruin” is her nickname for Rune!  I love that he hates that she uses the nickname as a dig into him once he starts an argument with her.  Well played!  🙂  The two are an even match in temperament, and we see this pretty early on, even if neither of them do.  There’s something about “bad boy meets bad girl” that makes this an awesome read!

I like this tagline on Goodreads: “A boundless passion that will lead to sweet ruin… ”  It’s actually a double meaning, and I LOVE it! 🙂  The damn red feather.  Wow!  I didn’t know that just a small part of the cover art could play so much in the story.  Well done!  🙂  You’ll have to read the book on your own to know WHY my mind is blown so much!  🙂  And the epic battle of sibling vs sibling?  WICKED!   🙂  The sweet little kid we met at the beginning of the series seems to have grown some cahones!  It makes me wonder who he is going to be mated with…

The sub-plot with Nix as an evil Valkyrie who wants the Ascension to come faster seems to be bull-shite that the mysterious Møriør have been telling Rune to get him to do their evil.  He seems to be a pawn in the Møriør’s battle with the good characters we have met so far in this series…  But, it being the reason that Rune comes to Jo’s attention is pretty cool!

I almost want the next one to be rushed to see what happens with the Ascension.  But, I think can wait.  The wait is going to be worth it.  I can tell…


Book 17: “Shadow’s Seduction”

Book 18: “Wicked Abyss”


Until 17 & 18 come out, I’ll have to call this analysis ado!  Till the next one folks!