Coffee Makes My Heart Soar!

Hello everyone!  Besides reviewing books, I think I’ll do a review on a recent batch of acquisitions I’ve made to my flavored coffee stash.  I recently heard about a company called San Marco, who specializes in it.  I have gotten the following flavors to try:

Apple Strudel Fresh Cups Bourbon Streusel Cake Fresh Cups Chocolate Irish Cream Fresh Cups Chocolate Orange Fresh Cups Chocolate Truffles Fresh Cups Death by Chocolate Fresh Cups Orange Creamsicle Fresh Cups Peaches & Cream Fresh Cups Root Beer Float Fresh Cups White Chocolate Brownie Fresh Cups Vanilla Latte Fresh Cups Watermelon Fresh Cups Bubblegum Fresh Cups


Now, to have a good review, I cannot base my full analysis on the one of each type that I’ve tried already.  However, in that batch, only one really screams out at me.  The Bubblegum Fresh Cups .  Mostly because the flavor of it brings you back to my softball “gum-chewing” days.  It tastes EXACTLY like a wad of bubblegum in coffee format.  I absolutely LOVE it.  I think this will be the one I’ll order first before all.

The others may need more review and study, as they were simply more subtle.  I loved the orange ones for that reason.  Death By Chocolate was pretty good, and the root beer was pretty good too.

Will Let you know when I’ve had more of each one.  There was one that wasn’t as good as I would think it would be, but like I said, more study and tasting is what is up.  I’ll update you when I have had more!


Thanks to Carin from the  RoundTheTwist Podcast for the recommendations!  Your love of the product made me jump in with both feet!


Update: 2/19: Have since finished the Bubblegum Fresh Cups, the Watermelon Fresh Cups,  and the Chocolate Truffles Fresh Cups.  Mmm!  Had a few comments from people I work with over the past couple of weeks of work.  The smells of each cup brewed was enough to get them to order.  Well, at least they begged me to let them try some.  I had to say “Nope!  This is mine!”  Can’t wait to try the next couple I’ve selected to try.


Update: 2/25: Since the last time, I have tried Bourbon Streusel Cake Fresh Cups, and Chocolate Irish Cream Fresh Cups.  They are both amazing.  My husband decided that he wanted to try them as well.  I THINK he liked them.  He didn’t stop drinking his cup of both, so I’ll call that a win!  😉


Update: 3/7:  Since the 25th, I have gotten halfway through the Apple Strudel Fresh Cups.  They are pretty good!  🙂  If it seems as if I’m slowing down on the flavor re-testing, I kind of am.  I’ve bee wanting to finish each type before going on to the next.  I’m trying to be good and only drink one cup on my days off, as I tend to drink the coffee at work on the weekends.  After a new cup every 2 hours, I’m wired enough….  Thank you very much!  🙂  Till Next Time! 🙂

Update 4/4: Since the last time, I’ve finished the Apple Strudel and started Peaches & Cream Fresh Cups.  Both pretty good.  My husband approves of the one that’s on deck the Orange Creamsicle Fresh Cups.  I’ll get there eventually. Can’t wait to drink them all up!  🙂

Update 4/18: I just did a Stash Analysis today.  I’m down to Death by Chocolate Fresh Cups, Root Beer Float Fresh Cups, and White Chocolate Brownie Fresh Cups.  I’m planning on drinking them in this order.  I’m already half done with the Death By Chocolate.  OMG.  So good.  Needed a straight shot of coffee and chocolate this weekend, let me tell you.  Still haven’t had any of the others, but I’m already salivating over trying the others!  They sound good!  😉  Till next time!

Update 4/25: Death by Chocolate Fresh Cups are all done.  They were pretty yummy.  My hubby approves my doctoring the  White Chocolate Brownie Fresh Cups with some sugar.  So I guess that’s a start.  I like it without, so yeah…  4 more to go on the last.  Am debating ordering a new bunch.  We’ll see.  Won’t do more than mention it, if I do, though.  I think constantly updating a post as I drink the large amount of cups was getting too boring for you, my lovely readers.  So, I suppose one last update when I get through the last of my coffee stash and with the decision…

Update 5/17: I think I finished the last of the San Marcos Coffee on Mother’s Day.  Can’t remember for sure.  I think I’ve decided to order some more, but yeah…  Thanks for listening to my rambling as I tried them all!  🙂

Till Next time!  -Silver-

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