Chaos! It’s in the Air Tonight!

As many of you may have guessed by my podcast recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to read and review an advance copy of another book. This time, I was able to read “Chaos” By  Patricia Cornwell. I have never read one of her novels before, and thought it would be a good second Review option for me. So, here goes!


From The Back Of the Book:
“When twenty-six-year-old Elisa Vandersteel is killed riding her bicycle by the Charles River on a hot autumn day, Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the Cambridge Forensic Center’s director and chief, arrives to the crime scene to investigate. Elisa’s injuries are puzzling and it appears that she was struck by lightning. There’s one problem with that assessment–there are no clouds in sight in the clear sky.
pcimage3While Kay quickly attempts to piece together the cause of death, an anonymous cyberbully calling himself Tailend Charlie continues to bombard her with cryptic poems and messages. Tailend Charlie’s threats escalate with each new message, leading Kay and her niece Lucy to work together to track down the mysterious cyberbully. As Kay races against time to piece together Elisa’s strange death and Tailend Charlie’s threats, more mind-blowing events happen outside of the crime scene, all leading up to a shocking conclusion.”

My Review:

Just a note.  All that I talk about here should not deter you from reading this book.  My opinions are just that. This book leaves you in the middle of the drama going on with the main character and someone who’s been bugging her LONG before this book starts (ie: It’s part of a longer series, of which I haven’t read a single book other than this one). Since I was thrown into the mix a bit late to the party, so to speak, there were things I felt I missed out on.  But maybe that’s just my impression of it.

In fact, I was loath to finish the book before the book was officially released. Maybe because I missed out on the “how Kay became Kay,” I didn’t appreciate her character as much as I may have if I had started the Saga from the beginning.  However, she appears to be a cold fish who whines her way through her job.  There seemed to be parts that dragged on.

An example?  When Kay is waiting on her co-workers to finish setting up the crime scene before she can do her job. She repeats how bored she is at having to wait, and even goes so far as texting everyone multiple times, and whining about how their reactions may bite them in the ass down the line.  (Ie: When Marino texts back “It’s a clusterfuck.” in response to her asking how everything is going.)

Other examples include the manner to how both she and Marino (her cop friend) are brought to the scene by a “young-en” and how that individual seems to be making assumptions about the scene without her “Magical Science” background to back it up.



Okay. She annoyed me to no end. My annoyance of her character pretty much overshadowed the story itself. I have admitted to my husband several times over the past few weeks that if a book had annoyed me this much, I would have put it down or stopped reading and thrown it across the room.  Then I would have sold/gave it away the first chance I got.

But for the sake of the review, I would have.  In fact, as of this date, I have not finished the book.  I’ll continue to read in the hopes that I can put aside my personal dislike of the character and get to the meat of the book.  I really do want to be fair to the author, who’s story sounds intriguing, according to what is written at the back of the book.


Please stay tuned… I’ll update this as soon as I finish, just so you know.

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Nope. It’s Here!  Released Tuesday, November 15th!


Funny Monday…

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