2016 Knitting In Review

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season! I wanted to break down my knitting year in review for everyone. It’s been a busy year…

Total Projects: 53

Total Yardage: 23,703 Yards

And Here are the FOs:
KitKat Hat #1       90 yards
Cora (L) Lives Upstairs   dsc09143   424 yards
T’s Washcloth       95 yards
T’s Heart’s In New England   dsc09139  1,618 yards
A Fiery New England   dsc09134   1,680 yards
Hitching A Ride On the Grey Train  dsc09113   383 yards
Mermaid Tail in A Half-Shell dsc09115  2,448 yards
Sookie’s Squash Blossoms   dsc09066  424 yards
Judy’s Wrapped Up In Purple  dsc09051   270 yards
Pink Weave ❤    dsc09029   1,086 yards
I’ll Get You My Pretty!  dsc09013    280 yards
Everyone LOVES A KitKat!   dsc09006   110 yards
Tait This Purple Grand?   dsc08924   300 yards
My Kelley    dsc08999    424 yards
Franken-Peach Shawl   dsc08948  464 yards
Progressive Progression Shawl   dsc08910  778 yards
Chocobo-Coffee Addict  dsc08787  371 yards
Hollow By The Sea  dsc08773   600 yards
Crazy Is As Crazy Does    dsc08709 560 yards
All Dolled Up In Teal  dsc08707  1,716 yards
Socks For Marc N’  dsc08697    332 yards
Steam Run Amok!   dsc08690   350 yards
Weighing Drunken Watermelons dsc08683   560 yards
Milo #2   sandy-wanted-to-walk-away-with-it    300 yards
2 Washcloths For Mary  dsc08520   120 yards
Green Steam   dsc08674   225 yards
Redemption Mother’s Day KALdsc08659  630 yards
Blanket For Mary  dsc08505    400 yards
Mad As A Progressive Hare  dsc08656  560 yards
Salan Loves All The Patterning  dsc08632   383 yards
Carrie Loves The Blues   dsc08628  310 yards
Milo #1     sandy-wanted-to-walk-away-with-it   185 yards
Lia Loves The Rainbow  dsc08572    300 yards
My BFF ❤   dsc08555    560 yards
Singing, 22.5 Times  dsc08527    498 yards
My Magrathea    dsc08501   657 yards
Girl of the 80’s Socks  dsc08497    349 yards
Thoughtful Silver Ringing   dsc08494  645 yards
Doctor Bella  dsc08479     500 yards
The Doctor Is In  dsc08473   560 yards
My “Rainbow Hitchiker” dsc08471  495 yards
Hermoine <3’s Ron  dsc08378 345 Yards
Jaime’s Antler – 200 Yards
Washcloth Palooza – 110 yards
Lil’ Baby Hats  2. 90 Yards Each.
Baby Booties – 2 pairs.  90 Yards Each.
My First Baby Sweater – 278.3 Yards
Fractally Perfect In Every Way – 492 Yards
Watermelon Socks – 345 Yards
Simply Cascasdes Off The Needles – 498 Yards
As You Wish – 650 yards
Hitchin’ A Ride – 498 Yards

"Sookie!" on my Rav Page, as it's out of Friday Studios' "Vampire Bill" colorway.

“Sookie!” on my Rav Page, as it’s out of Friday Studios’ “Vampire Bill” colorway.

464 yards


Sorry that there are so many that I don’t have pictures of. The Last batch that you see were mostly finished before I started documenting everything for Stash Dash and for my podcast. I have since given a few away, so….


Anyway, I hope to be better about this in 2017!


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