Rock On Chica!!! Get On With Your Bad Self!!!

Hello everyone! As you probably can’t tell, I’ve been better about balancing my reading time with my knitting time recently. What you didn’t know, however, is that I’ve been in ABSOLUTE Love with finding great new authors to read.  I think I may have found another author to follow.  No…. I don’t just think I have… I KNOW I have. Let me be the first to introduce you to Michelle Mankin’s work.  It all started with the book “Rock F*ck Club.”

Two things you need to remember before following down my rabbit hole. 1) I love romance books. Of all kinds. 2) Rock Stars, quite frankly ROCK!!!  Anyone who can tame them in my eyes is someone I want to read or learn about.

So, with those two things in mind and I haven’t scared you off, let’s continue with my review of “Rock F*ck Club!” So, grab your drink of choice, your knitting, and away we go!!!


SO, most of the time, the description of the book catches my eye. Sometimes, it’s the picture on the front. Sometimes it’s the title itself. This one has all three, so I thought I’d share this with you right quick.  I read this book within 36 hours of getting this (mostly due to a work weekend).


The description I grabbed for you is from Goodreads:

10 cities in two weeks 10 famous rockstars. On my knees. Against the wall. On my tits
I don’t care. As long as I get the evidence to prove it. Why? Because I caught my former prick of a boyfriend from Heavy Metal Enthusiasts doing a groupie doggie style backstage on the night we were supposed to be celebrating our 1 year anniversary.

 He told me I was too uptight. Too vanilla. Too boring. So I got drunk with my bestie, Marsha West, the aspiring videographer. I ranted. I raved. I came up with a crazy idea. What I didn’t know was that my best friend recorded me. Marsha put the video up on YouTube. It went viral with 10 million hits. Now I’ve got fans and sponsors offering me big bucks.

Rockstars are volunteering to be my f*ck buddy.
Hollywood is calling.
I get to choose which rockstars I want.
The stakes are high.
This sh*t just got real.
What could go wrong?”


Catchy, huh? I’m going to be honest. I was approached by Michelle’s PA directly, with the chance to read this as an Advance Reader Copy (ARC). This, however, won’t color what I have to say about the book, in either way. You know how I roll… lol

But honestly, I can’t say anything overly negative about this book. I have spent today (the date it goes on sale, if you were wondering) trying to think of something. I honestly cannot.


I have several stickynotes with things I was thinking about as I read the book, so I suppose I should share those pearls of wisdom. Well, now that I think about it, there was only one.  But it’s a doozy! 😉

  1.  You know it’s a good book when…
    1. …You consider calling out of work to finish it.


Okay, some notes about the book. The premise of this book is that a woman catches her man cheating with another. She and her friend decide to go on a 10 day tour of sleeping around with Rock Stars of their choosing and recording the whole journey. Along the way, Raven learns about herself, and others around her. Situations she thought were so straightforward are not what they first appeared to be. Within the first 20% of the book, I realized that Raven has had some issues in her past that make her not trust her instincts. This annoyed the F’ out of me. I even said to Emptyeye at one point that I liked the “Bad-Boy” rocker Lucky SOOOOO much better. Even with him acting all douche-y at the beginning. But that should teach me to judge… The beauty of this book, is that Ms. Mankin has this genius way of bringing you along on this personal journey of Raven’s, even if it was kicking and screaming at first. What you thought would be a “Bang-fest” turns into a way for Raven to grow and learn. All with Lucky’s help, BTW…


WELL DONE!!!  I’m buying a copy for myself, and you should too!!! I’m going to link to Amazon where you can find it, as well as where it is on Goodreads! You never know, you may find further reviews out of me when it comes to this author. She’s one to watch! 🙂 I’ve marked all of her books “To-Read” on Goodreads, in case you were wondering… lol.


You can find the book On:




Thanks for stopping by, and for giving this author a shot.


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