Drumming A Scandal

Hello everyone!!! I’ve been a busy bee recently. Sorry I haven’t been around. But luckily for you, I’ve been off reading books for review. This time around, I was given a chance to review “Scandalous Beat” by Michelle Mankin.



A Bit of A Teaser: (So, here’s the description from the back of the book/on Goodreads.

“From NYT Bestselling Author Michelle Mankin comes the last bad boy rocker in the Tempest rock star series.


Juaquin Acenado.

A drummer. A rapper. A rock king.

My brother’s best friend.

Arrogant. Forbidden. Do-not-go-there-trouble.

The sexy Latino was too old for me when we first met and I was in high school. But he was my first love. I’ve never gotten over him.


Miriam Jackson.

Stripper. Exotic dancer. Her stage name is Queen.

My bandmate’s little sister.

Spicy and sweet. The spark that fires my inspiration. The rhythm to my beat.

She’s the one I imagine when I settle for the others. My ultimate fantasy. Only I can never have her.

Until I arrive in Vegas to record my solo rap album, visit a strip club, and there she is. Miriam was supposed to be in college, but she’s not. She is so not.

Sin city, a place where anything can happen, and I’m the only one in the band who knows her secret.

So why resist anymore?

Who could possibly stop me?”


My Review:

So, before I get on with my review, there are several things I need to mention. The first, I must note that I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) to review. I’d like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. That said, there were defiantly highs and lows that I feel the need to share with you.


Let me start on a few Down Beats, if you don’t mind.

Down Beat #1: Because this was an ARC, there were a few grammar issues. Some that were cute and added character to Ms. Mankin’s Opus. There were a few that distracted me at points, which made things a bit sharp and out of key to me…

Down Beat #2: The character’s personalities irked me at some points. Some examples?

Juaquin “King” Acenado. There are moments of absolute frustration with him and how he refuses to see Miriam “Queen” Jackson for who she is at first. He’s an arrogant ass who lives up to his Rockstar personality. How it takes watching her dance to REALLY see her. I mean, what’s up with that? Then when he finally realizes his feelings for her, he becomes a controlling asswhole who refuses to give her credit for knowing her mind.

And, it’s not just Juaquin. It’s her too… There are moments where her utter lack of smarts about the world around her, considering how worldly she wants to be. How fast she lets Juaquin into her life and her bed after the large number of times he has rejected her over the years. Lastly, the number of times she lets her feelings for him put her in trouble. That was ABSOLUTELY crazy to me.


Alright. Let’s have a bit of a rest and a breath before we slip into a different Key and move on to the Allegro portion of this Movement. Sorry. I couldn’t resist the music puns. It’s the Band Geek in me…


All of what I just discussed aside, I really DID enjoy this story. As with each of Ms. Mankin’s Rock Star stories, you have two main characters who believe themselves too messed up by their past experiences for love. They believe that they are undeserving of the woman/man they have been lusting after/been in love with for years. This book was no different. I would not be so frustrated with the character’s flaws, had I not been as invested in their growth over the course of this book. This alone made me completely ignore the Down Beats.

Well done, Ms. Mankin! Can’t wait for the next one!


My Dear Readers, don’t let this awesome story pass you by! You’ll regret it, I promise you!

Till Next Time,



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