FO #3, Here We Go!!!

Like I mentioned, I’m a few FO’s behind. But at least this one was only finished last night…

I was over-due for a hat that fit my melon right. Since I’ve been big in #craftivism recently, I decided I need to make myself a  KitKat Hat by Andre Sue.

With the introduction of the 13th Doctor as a Female, I wanted to honor Ms. Jodie Whittaker and welcome her to the Doctor Who family, so to speak.

I had this awesome “Police Box” colorway from Lorna’s Laces on their Shephard Worsted base that I’ve been meaning to turn into a hat since I bought it months ago. It occurred to me that  the yarn and the KitKat Hat pattern were the PURRRRRfect match for each other, and MUST go together. So, here we are…

I called this project “13 is Here! Get ‘er Queen!” I started this hat January 8th, and it stalled after the cast-on until the Knit Night that Nice & Knit hosted Tuesday the 9th. Then I’ve been working on it ALOT over the past few days after I finished the last FO…


Alright. I’m all caught up on FO’s. Now to go finish some more!!!  I hope you have a great day and an awesome weekend.  Happy Crafting!!!


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