Silver, Ever The Reading Geek! ;)

Hello everyone! I have spent the past month clocking all of the time I spend reading. Quite literally, actually. As you have probably already seen, a list of all the books I finished in January have already been added. That’s pretty usual.

However, what has been unusual this month, is that now I’m entering all of the time I’ve spent reading over the past month into a RAL (Read-A-Long) that the Geeky Girls Knit Podcast has been hosting and will continue to do so throughout the next couple of months. It’s been a lot of fun. However, I wasn’t happy with just tracking things in minutes. Oh no…

I have a spreadsheet that breaks down each minute I spent, and reading which books. In my case, I also tracked the time I was at work too all in one handy spreadsheet. Here, I’ll show you what it looks like now.      I think I’ll keep this the way it is and continue to log all of my Daily Reading.


So, now you know I love excel spreadsheets. Let me further blow your Geeky little minds to say that I further geeked out at the possibility of having a chart so I can see how much time I spent reading on a monthly basis. Because I’m such a sucker for pie charts and I’m a visual being, I have now created this   little bit of awesomeness to show off for the Month of January.  I’m also going to be entering this chart directly onto their Ravelry Board in a bit…


Update 2/28: So, I REALLY love making these spreadsheets!!! 😉 

As You can see from the Pie chart,         I practically LIVED at work this month. But with the Valentine’s Day crazy, that’s not really surprising. Let’s hope that next month will have more colors…. Here’s hoping! 😉


I’ll keep you updated on March’s charts in the beginning of April so you can see the difference as we go…

Wish me luck!!! Until Next Time,



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