Fourteen’s Keen!

Here is another FO I needed to finish before Stash Dash. The co-worker I was making this from deserved to get this sooner rather than later. Her daughter is going through Dialysis and deserves to have something to cuddle with.

I called this project  “Spiked Punch Basket Blanket.” You’ll see why in a bit. I promise. I tried to be cute with this project name. We’ll see if you appreciate this as much as I did.

The pattern I used was one of my own. I based a baby blanket pattern on the weaving of a basket. It’s a simple pattern that I’ve used multiple times. If you are looking for the pattern, you can find it on Ravelry. I worked on this from February 16th until May 15th.

My co-worker’s daughter REALLY loves Purple. Which is a pretty good thing. I LOVE purple too. 😉 (like duh, if you’ve been reading  my blog for awhile…) So, I used 2 and a half skeins of Miss Babs Yowza skein in the colorway “Spiked Punch.” A total of 1,400 yards.

This was knit on a US 9 (5.5mm) Marblz circs needles.


LOVE how this came out, and the Co-worker REALLY liked that I finished this last Wednesday, and was able to get it to her so fast. 🙂

Until Next Time, Happy Crafting!



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